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Taking it to the Polls

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[Guest post by DRJ]

My Chinese neighbors are celebrating the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger. Even in my little corner of West Texas, America really is a land of diversity.

I’d also like to see more diversity in Congress — not based on race or religion, but with new faces and new ideas — which is why I agree with Glenn Reynolds in his WSJ article on the Tea Party Movement:

“If 2009 was the year of taking it to the streets, 2010 is the year of taking it to the polls. With ordinary Americans setting out to reclaim the political process, it’s likely to be a bumpy ride for incumbents of both parties. I suspect the Founding Fathers would approve.”

It’s a good article that makes me hopeful for America.


4 Responses to “Taking it to the Polls”

  1. I suspect the Founding Fathers would be surprised that it took the near destruction of this country to get ordinary Americans “setting out to reclaim the political process”

    …better late than never I guess.

    DaveinPhoenix (91be24)

  2. Where are you at in west Texas, DRJ? I am in the panhandle.

    Teetop (1f1551)

  3. It’s not just another plain ol’ Year of the Tiger. No, no. We have ourselves…

    The Year of the Metal Tiger!

    The article doesn’t say it, but I read somewhere today that this is also the day that Mao formed the Communist Party. Couldn’t locate the source, so just pretend it was so. C’mon, get in the holiday spirit.

    political agnostic (586618)

  4. what are regularly presented as new ideas are not new at all but practices that have been tried many tines throughout history and dicarded for failing.often they fell by the wayside with the fall the regimes.history is replete with instructive examples of things to avoid yet new generations seem impelled to repeat the mistakes of the past.

    clyde (b9834b)

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