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Iran’s Big Punch

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently promised to stun the West on February 11:

“Iranian president Mahmoud Amadinejad has issued a mysterious threat against the West, promising to strike a “telling blow” on February 11, the 31st anniversary of the country’s Islamic Revolution. Iran’s supreme leader and commander-in-chief Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated the threat on Monday, declaring that Iran will “punch” Western powers on that day “in a way that will leave them stunned.”

Is this Iran’s surprise?

“Iran has developed a new system to distract ballistic missiles, a military official said. The new system can prevent missiles from hitting their targets, said Deputy Commander of Iran’s Air Force General Seyyed Mohammad Alavi.”

Is it a radar-evading drone?

“The new breakthrough was announced by the Iranian Air Force after the country’s military conducted a successful test of its first domestically-built radar-evading drone model Sunday.

“The drone, due to its physical attributes and the material used in its body, cannot be detected by any radar,” Air Force Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh said.”

Or something else? We’ll see.


22 Responses to “Iran’s Big Punch”

  1. They have nukes. Let’s worry about who is writing what on which hand.

    Corwin (ea9428)

  2. I think it was for domestic consumption, to rally the faithful, in anticipatory reaction to today’s protests by the opposition. In a country where the mullahs mostly control the media, either of the stories DRJ mentioned, or that they have achieved 20% enrichment of uranium (you need 90% for a weapon, 20% is not even good enough for fuel rods), can be sold as a “punch to the west”.

    nk (db4a41)

  3. Distract ballistic missiles? Wait… if the missile is ballistic, what’s to distract?
    Methinks there’s either a mistranslation or a sanity malfunction here.
    And the radarproof drone, hm, let me guess. Balsa, with a rubber band?

    Eric Wilner (3936fd)

  4. I agree with a comment made to a post at The Jury…

    I think they’ll be testing a nuke today.

    Scott Jacobs (46e187)

  5. Purhaps it will be tat they will smash all their Iranian heads together and come up with a complete brain. I’d be stunned.

    PatriotRider (103218)

  6. We’ll see. They faked/fabricated missile testing before, correct? I would think they would want to just do it, and then say, “See”.

    But trying to predict what the irrational will do is out of my expertise.

    MD in Philly (d4668b)

  7. In a country where the mullahs mostly control the media

    Mostly is the operative word here – they couldn’t jam all of the Twitter posts during last Summer’s protests, and they’re having limited success leading up to the plans for this protest as well. Rumors abound about the regime hiring tens of thousands of poor rural workers from the countryside to beat the protesters, and this is due to the many defections recently among the Iranian military. I know we’ve said this many times in the past, but I do believe we’re finally reaching the tipping point here – tens of millions will be in the streets during that day, and the regime cannot control all of them, although much carnage will probably result.

    There are also indications that the ruling Mullahs are looking for an exit strategy if this doesn’t go their way – one suggestion that’s been making the rounds is for some country to offer them political asylum in exchange for their agreement to leave without further bloodshed. We can only hope.

    Dmac (799abd)

  8. Sources for that long – winded post:

    Iran the Model is another excellent blog, but his recent posts have been censored, since he lives in Tehran.

    Dmac (799abd)

  9. The surprise will be when we hear, “Wonder Twin Power, ACTIVATE!!” from Iran.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  10. Well, here we go – I certainly wish these guys all the luck in the world:

    Dmac (799abd)

  11. How, praytell, does one distract a ballistic missile?

    Jeez, it’s not rocket sci… oh. Right.

    jdub (ba3489)

  12. MD in Philly, yes Iran has faked missile testing. A recent humorous example was a crudely photoshopped photograph of a multiple missile launch. But probably the most hilarious was when they released video purporting to be an Iranian anti-ship missile test that was actually a decade old exercise firing of an anti-ship missile by the Australian military.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  13. It is the anniversary of their revolution. Today we all should celebrate revolting Iranians.

    One drink for each.

    Huey (efe02b)

  14. I think they have these flying carpet thingys that don’t show on radar. They catch the warhead with it.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  15. Iran has announced they have nuclear capability, and whether or not it’s true, they want to see how the West will react.

    Official Internet Data Office (dc2fe1)

  16. During the campaign, Obama and the Democrats campaigned on an explicit lie, that the Bush administration had not been engaging in diplomacy with Iran. And Obama campaigned on the claim that he was such a brilliant talker that his vapid rhetoric would be all it took to make Iran come to its senses, and embrace the Obama-led America with open and loving arms.

    Well, a year later, we see that Obama’s campaign rhetoric about Iran was as full of crap as the rest of his vapid campaign. Iran is as hostile as ever, and getting closer and closer to being a nuclear armed pack of lunatics.

    The power of The Empty Suit(tm).

    SPQR (8475fc)

  17. Note to Ahmadinejad: “Stunning blows” tend to be self evident. If the infidels are left scratching their heads as to what the hell you’re talking about, you’ve got an Epic Fail on your hands.

    Ming the Merciless Siamese Cat (12f3d4)

  18. “Oh crap, today is the 11th.. Ummm we stun you with curse or so. Yea curse on all infidels.. Curse on you.. oh, yea we have 20% urinals now.. We are a urinal state.”

    “wheeew that was close why didnt anyone remind me today was the 11th.. Once again I look like a idiot..”


    Ahmadinejad (8baef8)

  19. The only thing that will truly shock the world is when we view the Mullah’s heads on sticks.

    Dmac (799abd)

  20. Comment by Dmac — 2/11/2010 @ 12:13 pm

    That would be the sign for a celebration.

    AD - RtR/OS! (011035)

  21. They have also announced the release of an Iranian ‘Google’ – do they expect it to control the ‘Net?

    Robert N. (9d45d1)

  22. So the hired thugs just beat up the leading opposition leader’s wife when she tried to attend a public protest. Desperate much?

    Dmac (799abd)

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