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Some Like It Hot: The Texas Gubernatorial Primary

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[Guest post by DRJ]

If you like Texas politics or you’re a fan of political showdowns, G.M. Roper looks at the Heavyweight Showdown in Texas GOP Primary for Governor.


8 Responses to “Some Like It Hot: The Texas Gubernatorial Primary”

  1. I just don’t see Kay’s value proposition.

    My friend T in Austin said that the secession stuff was hurting Governor Perry.

    I said oh. I kind of liked that part.

    She said me too I don’t get it.

    Then we talked about how we haven’t seen Avatar.

    We’re out of step I guess.

    happyfeet (713679)

  2. As opposed to standing out in the cold at Fenway Park?

    Vatar (3899d0)

  3. From an article about Perry in today’s Houston Chronicle:

    [Perry] also volunteered his life’s major regret. He was unloading horses as a 16-year-old when one gave him a hard kick, causing a “very traumatic compound fracture of my left arm, and when they re-attached it, it was attached not back in line.”

    He was unable to continue playing the piano.

    “It’s still something that I think about often ,” he said. “… Had I not been unloading those horses in 1966, I’d probably be a concert pianist now,” he said, with a chuckle. “Or playing in a bar. One of the two.”

    Then: “I think I may have been stretching it a little bit — concert pianist.”

    “Not that I would ever stretch anything.”

    This is an example of the mock humble wit that most people hate about Texans (they really hated it in Bush), but I think it’s funny.

    DRJ (84a0c3)

  4. He’s taken good care of my people while I been gone.

    happyfeet (713679)

  5. Perry is still way ahead in the polls despite the tenacity ofr the newspapers and the bloggers

    Medina was asked by Ron Paul to run…

    This is going to be exposed next week by KBH’s and PArry’s campaign

    Given that Ron doesent believe in the war on terror and is a die hard Jew hater – its not going to go over well for her – she’s also for legalizing drugs, porostitution and no hand gun registrations or restrictions

    she’s also against no knock warrants and a bunch of restrictions on law enforcement

    When we asked her if she would consider running as the “people’s candidate” for Governor, she was shocked and a bit overcome. She stammered, “I have never thought about anything like this.” We assured her that was part of her appeal. We are all tired of people who have spent their life time positioning themselves and cutting deals, so one day they would be “anointed” to office. We are asking her to serve the people. Understandably she said she would need to give it some serious thought and discuss it with her family. She immediately acknowledged that her plate is very full. Her daughter getting married in April, as well as her commitments for the Campaign for Liberty and to the Republican Party. However she did not give us a definite “no.” Indeed, she said she had spent her life trying to walk through the doors that were opened “where she could be of service to other.”

    Kay – realizes that she cant beat Dewhurst – is trying to run against Perry – she never got closer than 10

    she’s losing points to Medina

    EricPWJohnson (7585b7)

  6. Given that Ron […] is a die hard Jew hater

    Huh? Where on earth does that come from?

    she’s also for legalizing drugs, porostitution and no hand gun registrations or restrictions… she’s also against no knock warrants and a bunch of restrictions on law enforcement

    Sounds great. What am I missing? When are you going to get to her faults?

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  7. Mihouse – Paul published a series of “newsletters” (IIRC) for private publication. They contained some fairly standard and vile rantings about “conspiracies”. Before the scandal he claimed to have eithered authored them or been very involved in their production. Afterwards he tried to imply that they were just some free lance thing some minor functionary on his staff had set in motion and he was barely aware of it.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  8. 1. As far as I know the Ron Paul Letter never contained anything antisemitic.

    2. Paul never claimed to be the author; it was pretty well known that most of it was the work of Lew Rockwell.

    3. If this is your basis for calling Paul “a die hard Jew hater” then you are a deliberate liar and a despicable troll.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

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