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Incumbent Trails in Ohio Governor’s Race

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[Guest post by DRJ]

It’s early yet but Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, a Democrat, trails former GOP Rep. John Kasich 51-45:

“A new poll out of Ohio, which is called the Buckeye State but is really a political keystone state in this year’s midterm election and beyond — waves a large flag about Democratic hopes to hold the governor’s office.

Ohio Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, like many incumbents across the country, is sliding into deep trouble when racked up against his Republican opponent, former Ohio congressman John Kasich.

According to the Ohio Newspaper Poll as published in the Dayton Daily News, Kasich currently leads Strickland 51-45.”

Strickland won the Governorship 4 years ago with about 61% of the vote, but the declining Ohio economy and 10% unemployment is taking a toll with voters. That’s likely why Governor Strickland vowed to “move heaven and earth” to heal the Ohio economy in Tuesday’s State of the State speech.


8 Responses to “Incumbent Trails in Ohio Governor’s Race”

  1. I have already endorsed John Kasich on my site and I have his blogsite in my sidebar. I wrote an article where I told a story about Congressman Kasich telling me no. That story was a lead-in to dealing with corporate taxes, and John Kasich is all over the tax thing. My article linked his and added the graph he added.

    It’s not pretty. In the 1970s, Ohio was the 5th-lowest taxed state in the Union. Today, Ohio is the 7th-highest, and the higher than all the other states bordering Ohio.

    Mr Kasich has a history of fighting for lower taxes and responsible spending. And this is part of the reason why I have endorsed him.

    John Hitchcock (e43351)

  2. Here’s Mr Kasich’s response to the state of the state address:

    John Hitchcock (e43351)

  3. Kasich was a hero in the lead up to the 1994 election. He has sort of gotten side tracked for a few years and deserves better.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  4. drj

    the real headline should be this. “Democrat Trails in Ohio’s Governor’s Race.” I am betting most incumbant republicans are not in much trouble, with the obvious exceptions of Ahnold in Cali and Sanford.

    A.W. (e7d72e)

  5. He was always one of my favorite congresscritters.

    JD (a553d9)

  6. Kasich has always been awesome – he equals the congressman from WI (Weber) in his economic breadth and knowledge. But I wish he’d wait to take a sitting Senator’s seat instead (you know who I mean).

    Dmac (539341)

  7. The Obama bumper stickers here have been disappearing, while the McCain/Palin are still around. Montgomery County (which went blue this past election) seems depressed. I don’t know that it has turned red though. (Dayton, OH)

    John Lynch (328cb9)

  8. Columbusite here – be prepared to hear Lehman Brothers ad nauseum in the run up to the election. I’m already hearing it from my lib boss. Yawn.

    tdpwells (6c977b)

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