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The Shove

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Democrats are reportedly worried that Republican Scott Brown is narrowing the gap in his Massachusetts’ Senate race with Democrat Martha Coakley. Allahpundit has this short and not-so-sweet summary of Martha Coakley’s latest problem:

“First, McCormack gets shoved — on video, with a photo showing Coakley standing right there. The Democrats’ Senate campaign arm then issues a statement calling it, surreally, some sort of Republican “dirty trick.” The AP duly answers the call of the home team by putting out a whitewashed account of what happened, insisting that McCormack merely stumbled before being helped to his feet by the kindly Democrat looming over him. Then it’s Coakley’s turn to insist that she’s “not privy to the facts” of what happened despite the photo showing her looking right at McCormack as he hit the ground.

Finally, inevitably, with all spin angles crushed by the documentary evidence, the obligatory apology is issued.”

As Massachusetts’ Attorney General, Coakley is also its top law enforcement officer. Her website says she is “committed to empowering crime victims and providing them with the tools and support they need to begin the healing process.” Apparently that doesn’t include investigating a shove that occurs in her presence.

Of course, none of this would be possible without an entitled majority political party and a media willing to do anything to keep it that way.


20 Responses to “The Shove”

  1. My favorite part of this is the “dirty trick” allegation by the DSCC spokesperson. Who is this guy? Ahmedinejad? Was the guy who pushed down McCormack a “foreign shover”?

    wt (796386)

  2. Saw a photo on that pointed out his purple shirt: “Look! SEIU thug!” LOL

    Whatta jerk.

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  3. Bad enough she’s got an SEIU thug to shove people around, but now an SEIU affiliate has endorsed the other guy.

    EW1(SG) (edc268)

  4. She’s exactly the type of person what John McCain enjoys reaching out to across the aisle. Cause of he’s so mavericky.

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  5. It was a dirty trick! The reporter asked pesky questions in order to force the dem operative into shoving him down. I really don’t understand how this scenario is confusing. Come on!

    Also, there are no terrorists in Afghanistan.

    Vivian Louise (643333)

  6. Felony assult with intent to do bodyly harm is a mild charge that could be proven by the photo evidence.

    Scrapiron (4e0dda)

  7. Coakley did not see anything? Makes sense when you consider the adminstration she wishes to be part of cannot see Voter Intimidation

    Dan Kauffman (3c9c17)

  8. Felony assult with intent to do bodyly harm is a mild charge that could be proven by the photo evidence.

    Remember what State this happened in? I mean vehiclular homicide gets you nothing if you are a part of the reigning political machine there

    Dan Kauffman (3c9c17)

  9. Since Coakley completely missed the events right in front of her, she is now the favorite to succeed Dingy Harry as Senate Majority Leader.

    She has shown the one skill for the position – the willingness to do what is needed to get between Chucky Schumer and a microphone.

    Schumer just sent a donation to the Brown campaign.

    MU789 (514c52)

  10. #8, Dan, the Coakley fund-raiser was held at the Sonoma restaurant in Washington, D.C. However, as we saw in the Patrick Kennedy incident last year, Massachusetts rules do have a long reach.

    ropelight (aea828)

  11. the iconic image of the campaign. Better than scott brown half naked anyway.

    chaos (7c068a)

  12. A new, much more detailed video of the roughing up of the Weekly Standard reporter has been released (conflict starts around 1:40). I believe you can clearly see the Coakley aide chase the Weekly Standard reporter from behind, throw him down, and then block him and try to frisk him afterwards.

    Hat tip Free Republic.

    Official Internet Data Office (c93f96)

  13. Just thought I’d add this to the discussion

    Assailant Was a Coakley Staffer on Loan from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee?

    A tipster tells me that the man who was pushing me outside of a Capitol Hill fundraiser Tuesday night for Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley is Michael Meehan.

    Meehan heads up a firm called Blue Line Strategic Communications along with his partner David DiMartino, who was outside the fundraiser with Coakley tonight and introduced himself to me there. The AP reported on Monday that Meehan is also working for Coakley: “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee also dispatched Michael Meehan, a media consultant with ties to Massachusetts , to assist the Coakley camp with messaging.”

    Though I can’t say with 100 percent certainty, I think that Meehan is the man who shoved me into a metal railing Tuesday night. You can get the best look at him at about the 30-second mark of this video, and in this AP photo:


    President Obama Announces More Key Admin istration Posts, 11/18/09

    WASHINGTON – Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to the Broadcasting Board of Governors:

    Walter Isaacson, Chair, Broadcasting Board of Governors

    Michael Lynton, Member, Broadcasting Board of Governors

    Susan McCue, Member, Broadcasting Board of Governors

    Michael P. Meehan, Member, Broadcasting Board of Governors

    President Obama said, “I am grateful that these distinguished individuals will be a part of this vital agency that has done so much to promote freedom and democracy around the world. I look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead.”

    President Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individual today:


    Michael P. Meehan, Member, Broadcasting Board of Governors
    Michael P. Meehan currently serves as President of Blue Line Strategic Communications, Inc. and as Senior Vice President at Virilion, a digital media company. For over two decades, Meehan served in senior roles for U.S. Senators John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, two presidential campaigns, two U.S. House offices and congressional campaigns in 25 states. Mr. Meehan earned a B.A. in political science from Bates College .

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  14. Martha gave a press conference…

    Coakley presser

    mark (21722f)

  15. Oops, sorry. Here is the Coakley clip.
    Coakley presser

    mark (21722f)

  16. Jeez, one more time…

    mark (21722f)

  17. Copy the link location to your clipboard. Type a description of your link in the comment box. Highlight that description. Click the “link” button. Paste the link from your clipboard.

    Alternatively, just paste the link URL into the comment box.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  18. A

    Democratic Candidate for Senate


    My fellow Democrats, and the rest of you tea-bagging scum suckers who don’t deserve the vote.

    I am here to tell you that Massakussetz Maffabusebbs Mazz— The state with Boston in it, is in a very deep trouble. In fact, the entire state, if not the country is on the precipice of complete and total destruction.

    I’m saying that a Republican could win Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. ,,,

    TC (0b9ca4)

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