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Texas Tech Football News

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Texas Tech has named its new football coach: Tommy Tuberville.

In other news, Mike Leach has filed pleadings alleging claims for breach of contract, fraud in the inducement, defamation, a [Texas] Constitutional due course of law violation and taking, attorneys’ fees, and punitive damages. Leach has requested expedited discovery and a jury trial to commence by March 1.


12 Responses to “Texas Tech Football News”

  1. When Julius Caesar got too big for his britches, they had to bring him down. Of course, it didn’t change anything except who the next ruler would be.

    Alta Bob (e8af2b)

  2. Do they allow cutting in line in Texas courts? Oh, I get it. He’s deeming it an emergency because it’s football and the state will come to a halt. Back of the line, Coach. One more outburst and you’ll give me twenty. Two, and it’s gutbusters on the courthouse steps. Just be glad this isn’t Tennessee. I’d have you pulling weeds in my garden as public service time.

    political agnostic (b22424)

  3. There are two priorities in Texas:
    1-Matters before the Railroad Commission;
    Everything else is just beanbag.

    AD - RtR/OS! (946807)

  4. I believe Leach requested expedited discovery because he claims his firing makes it impossible for him to get a comparable college coaching position. He wants a chance to clear his name so he can get a new coaching job.

    DRJ (84a0c3)

  5. Plus, Leach has simply made the request. It’s up to the trial court judge to decide if there will be expedited discovery and to set the trial date.

    DRJ (84a0c3)

  6. I am waiting, with baited breath for this crap to play out……

    Teetop (1f1551)

  7. He ought to go look for another job. He’s dead meat at T Tech.

    Alta Bob (e8af2b)

  8. Another era of football mediocrity at Texas Tech begins…

    Mike LaRoche (8dcfe1)

  9. Y’all gonna need a 10 gallon Mouth to eat y’alls words LaRoche. The Riverboat Gambler is one of the true Genei of our time. Only reason he got fired at Auburn was for losin to Alabama after beatin em 6 straight times…We don’t tolerate losin’ in the SEC…You just watch, even Saban will get the Hook when the Tide goes out..Y’all play your cards right and get rid of pussies like that James kid and y’all might get to get y’alls Asses beat by the SEC again in the BCS…


    Frank Drackman (7ee2ca)


    Leach then used “profanely defiant” language in protest of the possible reprimand, Hance said.

    “I’ve never talked to an employer the way he was talking to me, and I’ve never had another employee do that,” Hance said. “I kept telling him, ‘Mike, settle down. Take a deep breath. Don’t call anyone. Wait until tomorrow. Talk to your lawyer. Let’s see what we can work out. Work with us.’ He was having no part of it. He was mad, very mad.”

    Hance said the conversation took place in a roughly 15-minute phone call.

    Then, Hance said, after the barrage of insults, he told Leach he was to work through Bailey and Myers from then on.

    “I thought I’d pass that pleasure around, maybe let them get cussed out,” Hance said.

    I’m sure any University would love to hire a coach like Leach for their football team…

    Teetop (1f1551)

  11. Regardless of whether his motions for expedited discovery and a quick trial are granted, Leach has a common-law duty to mitigate his damages by seeking a new coaching job. Whether he’s being diligent in that may become a disputed issue in his eventual trial.

    Were I the trial judge, I’d deny his motions. There’s no shortage of media willing to pay attention to and quote Leach and his lawyer as they give their version of events. Leach isn’t subject to any kind of gag order — something I might regret, were I his own lawyer — and he certainly can get his side of the story out. So there’s no reason why prospective employers can’t make up their own minds about Leach’s suitability for any particular new position even without a jury verdict or court judgment supposedly “clearing” Leach’s “good name.”

    Leach’s main problem in getting new employment, in my (non-legal) opinion, is not going to be that the Texas Tech administration concluded they had “good cause,” as defined by his written contract, to fire him. (Regardless of how creatively his lawyer may have pleaded his legal claims in the alternative, that’s the argument which is the core of Leach’s lawsuit.) Rather, Leach’s main problem is likely to be everything else about Mike Leach. In other words, even if a prospective employer concludes that the Tech administrators were wrong about having good cause to fire him based on this particular incident involving Adam James, there is a whole boatload of other controversies surrounding Leach, almost all of them of his own making (and some of them of his very deliberate making). “High maintenance” is about the most charitable way he could be viewed from the standpoint of any university administration.

    Even if he wins his lawsuit, Mike Leach is still the guy who — quite literally, amazingly — draped himself in a pirate’s flag to attend the first court hearing on his lawsuit. He thrives on being outrageous, so wherever he goes and whatever he does, he’s going to leave at least some people outraged.

    Those schools that are willing to take a chance on Leach will do so because — as Texas Tech did until this incident — they view the value of his potential contributions to their football programs as outweighing the controversy and occasional embarrassment he creates in route to the results he gets on the field. I would be very, very surprised if the number or quality of schools willing to make that bet will change much based on whether or not, or when, Leach wins his lawsuit.

    Beldar (cf4761)

  12. Texas Tech is screwed. Not by firing Leach which will bite them in the ass eventually but by hiring Tommy “I’m looking for my next job” Tubberville. He’ll have 1 or 2 good seasons and then start the rumors of him being courted by the next big football program. Oh, and he’s not that great of a coach.

    FWIW Leach is PO’d because he was set up by a punk spoiled brat.

    Roux (ea5e0e)

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