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Dude, It’s Take-Out

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[Guest post by DRJ]

After recently posting on an uptick in Denver medical marijuana dispensaries, I couldn’t pass up this December 17th Denver Post article “Dude, they’re putting pot in more than brownies:”

“Any slacker living over his parents’ garage can make pot brownies. Gourmet chefs are taking the art of cooking with marijuana to a higher level.

In Denver, a new medical-marijuana shop called Ganja Gourmet serves cannabis-infused specialties such as pizza, hummus and lasagna. Across town in the Mile-High City, a Caribbean restaurant plans to offer classes on how to make multi-course meals with pot in every dish.”

The entire article is interesting but the bolded portion is my favorite part:

Ganja Gourmet’s menu includes lasagna (“LaGanja”), “Panama Red Pizza” and an olive tapenade called “ganjanade,” along with sweets such as cheesecake, muffins and brownies. Employees wear tie-dyed T-shirts that proclaim, “Our food is so great, you need a license to eat it!!!”

All patrons at the Ganja Gourmet must show a medical marijuana card that proves they have a doctor’s permission to use pot for some kind of malady. The place opened last week, and so far, 90 percent of its business has been takeout.”

Who says slackers aren’t smart? Plus, this business is smart to have take-out since the Denver City Council is considering banning dispensaries from allowing marijuana to be smoked or eaten on site.


8 Responses to “Dude, It’s Take-Out”

  1. Sure, nothing better in life to do than get high. No big pressing issues to help solve, no problems. No real reason to get out of one’s self and help another human being, no volunteer work…in fact, why work at all ? Why not ? Why not go through life existing rather than living life ? Why not be entirely self absorbed ?

    The most spoiled rotten pampered generation(s) of Americans in world history…….

    DaveinPhoenix (2bd6c3)

  2. Best of all, if you do most of your business in takeout and demand cash instead of credit cards, you can hide quite a lot of income from Uncle Sam.

    JVW (8704f2)

  3. It may be the only affordable medicine available if the health care bill gets passed.
    Doctors can prescribe it for pain related to the 21st Century Misery Index malady.

    voiceofreason2 (c9795e)

  4. The “medical marijuana” thing is such a farce. I’d rather they just legal the stuff than engage in silly charades to justify its use. It’s obviously a joke anyway, so why bother? I’m not a stoner and I really don’t care personally whether it’s legal or not, but stories like this make me roll my eyes.

    radar (98f691)

  5. IZE….legalIZE….I knew that

    radar (98f691)

  6. Seems like if you are serving on-site or take-out, you’ll be subject to the same DRAM shop laws bars and restaurants are subject to if they intoxicate their customers to the point they go out and have a vehicular accident resulting in injuries and/or death of other persons. Of course, first the businesses serving up the marijuana-laced products will have to be making some sort of profit before the tort lawyers will start eying them as a potential source of income.

    John (620750)

  7. I think I heard this morning of a shooting at a Denver area dope shop.

    SPQR (8475fc)

  8. Probably an attempted robbery…
    Just a modern Willie Sutton.

    AD - RtR/OS! (b6fff3)

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