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Upset Saturday

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Arizona beat USC and Alabama has a big lead over Florida. UPDATE: Alabama beat Florida 32-13. We have a new #1.


16 Responses to “Upset Saturday”

  1. Alabama is #1

    ropelight (78a778)

  2. Boise State beat New Mexico. My dream match up would be Boise v Florida Gators. Impossible? But nevertheless, one heck of a test for Boise. I’d take the dog and the points.

    ropelight (78a778)

  3. ropelight,

    I like Boise State, too — except for that danged blue field — but the Horned Frogs earned that berth this year.

    DRJ (dee47d)

  4. Whew! my boss is a big Bama fan. Will be a good week next week!

    voiceofreason2 (325a22)

  5. ‘Bama piledrived the Gators. Texas off to a rough start. If TX somehow loses, the BCS selection will be a free-for-all. I would have a hard time not voting for Boise with the win over Oregon, but Cincy would be tough to not vote for, given their comeback over Pitt.

    JD (10aa18)

  6. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!

    bamagirl (5cc303)

  7. In Boise’s favor, this is twice in a row the Broncos go undefeated. Boise has earned the right to play a big time opponent in a top tier bowl game.

    The Broncos got short shrift last year, and they didn’t whine about it. And, they aren’t talkin’ themselves up this time either. Their record speaks for itself.

    I’m not sayin’ the Frogs don’t deserve their day in the sun, they do, and so does Cincy. And, don’t fret about Boise’s blue field, the bowl game won’t be at home.

    BTW, goin’ up against the Gators may not be such a privilege, given the tears running down Tebow’s cheeks tonight, and the way he reacted the last time Florida lost. Who ever lines up against the Gators is in for one hell of a rough time.

    ropelight (78a778)

  8. Who ever lines up against SC will have a not very tough time. Carroll is in trouble and needs to rebuild his coaching staff this winter.

    MIke K (2cf494)

  9. AND … we have a new #2 as well. Hook ‘Em!

    Beldar (8179a0)

  10. Nebraska kicked the ball out of bounds after they took the lead with 1:44 remaining. Consequently, Texas got the ball on the 40 yard line.

    Texas moved the ball on passes and penalties (19 yd pass + 15 more for a horse collar) and reached the point where they made a field goal at 1 second on the clock. Texas wins 13-12 on a 42 yard field goal, by the hair of their chinny chin chins.

    Texas is going to the Rose Bowl to play Alabama.

    ropelight (78a778)

  11. I’m getting too old for games like this.

    DRJ (dee47d)

  12. If Texas doesn’t show any better than they did tonight, they’ll be awarding them the BCS runner-up trophy at halftime come January.

    Dagwood (d37290)

  13. You may be right but that’s what they said in 2005-2006, too.

    DRJ (dee47d)

  14. Those stinking t-sips always win. They must be good or something.

    I do feel bad for TCU and Boise State, though. I would have liked to see the Frogs get a chance, as well as Cincinnati and the blue-field team.

    Ag80 (3d1543)

  15. I have my fingers crossed for a TCU vs Florida matchup.

    DRJ (dee47d)



    Dopey (a812c5)

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