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Having Fun for a Good Cause

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[Guest post by Jack Dunphy]

Check out the employees at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Ore., as they cut the rug on behalf of breast cancer awareness. My own sainted mother is a breast cancer survivor, so I found the video not only fun but affecting. Anyone so inclined (and who wouldn’t be?) can donate to Susan G. Komen for the Cure by clicking here. Every dollar helps.

Thanks for watching.

–Jack Dunphy

6 Responses to “Having Fun for a Good Cause”

  1. As a (lung)cancer survivor I want to thank you Jack for posting this. Beating that disease is always something I can endorse, regardless of the form of cancer. If we all work together, we can beat it. Join me at An Army of Bloggers and Fight For The Cure.

    GM Roper (6afe02)

  2. Jack:

    Thanks. Love you man. Keep doing your awsome job, both for the LAPD and other causes. I’ve been in a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, though I don’t know anybody with breast cancer but lost my best friend to colon cancer when she was only 37.
    The video is funny, endearing, exhilarating. I’m going to send a contribution tomorrow.

    Pansy (0ddf68)

  3. I support the fight to cure breast cancer but I won’t be supporting Susan G Komen. Foxfier explained the reasoning of many “in the know” people for refusing to support Susan G Komen while still supporting the fight.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  4. With tears in my eyes, I say thanks for this uplifting post. My mom succumbed to breast cancer in 1976, and I have a dear friend who is losing her breast cancer battle as we speak, but she is facing it with remarkable faith and courage. Prayers to all those who wage war daily against this disease which has taken so many from us.

    Beth in Texas (47ec7a)

  5. John Hitchcock:

    More power to you, sir. Follow your conscience. I wouldn’t do otherwise.
    I’m sending my contribution to the hospital featured in this clip. I doubt they are engaging in any embrionic stem-cell experiments. They seem to be happy to work for the women in their care afflicted with this dreadful and statistically huge disease.
    As Beth in Texas shows, that’s what matters when you’ve lived that kind of pain and loss.

    Grandma’s testimony at Foxfire (in the words of her granddaughter–refusing help from the Komen Foundation on account of their support for embrionic stem cell research–doesn’t sound real to me. There’s a lot of hyperbole and misinformation in that posting. The idea of praising a loved one for saintly enduring the unspeakble pain on account of the caretaker’s possible/unverfied religious transgressions (which didn’t seem to have anything to do with grandma’s treatment) is so absurd and barbaric that it can easely be shelved together with many other examples of lunacy/fanaticism.

    Pansy (24140d)

  6. Rather late, but I’d like to point out–
    the person who would be refusing aid from Komen is my mother. Probably myself, one day, as well.

    As an observant Catholic, she recognizes embryonic stem cell research as an utter evil–chopping up babies.

    My mom wouldn’t take a cure that required the ritual murder of a single toddler, or even a grown man– why would she suddenly be cool with taking help from those who pay for and promote the systematic slaughter of thousands?

    If that notion strikes you as “hyperbole” you may not realize that some folks honestly, really, truly believe the unborn are just as human as those you can see.

    Foxfier (eea336)

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