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Why SEK’s Defense Does Not Fly

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In comments, SEK takes a stab at explaining why he wasn’t accusing Ed Morrissey of race-baiting when SEK spoke of “the racist comments [Morrissey] knowingly baits from his audience.” SEK’s very lengthy defense is posted below the fold, but I think it is fairly summarized as follows (this is my paraphrase of SEK’s argument):

I didn’t mean that Ed intentionally baits racist comments, but merely that he knowingly baits racist comments.

There is a fascinating discussion to be had there concerning the impact that knowledge has on intent, but I don’t have time for it right now. Suffice it to say that SEK’s attempted distinction does not fly, in my view, because the word “baits” connotes intent. So when you say “knowingly baits,” the plain meaning of that terminology suggests “intentionally baits.” If you “bait” a response, you’re doing it intentionally.

If you don’t mean to suggest that someone is intentionally eliciting racist comments, don’t use the word “bait” to describe what they’re doing.

File this under “Words mean things.”

Oh, and SEK? Stop calling people racists so much, mkay?

SEK’s defense follows:


Dashcam Humor

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Via Orin Kerr, this is hilarious. The cops take the bank robber’s stick-em-up note from his pocket and put it in the car . . . right near his mouth. Before you know it, the evidence is gone:

As Kerr notes, the look on the guy’s face around :33 is priceless.

You’d think it’s made up, but it’s apparently quite real.

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