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Baldilocks Needs Your Help

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Baldilocks does not make a practice of asking for money — so when she does, I pay attention. She is a staunch conservative who doesn’t prove it by running others down; a member of a minority group who never claims victimhood; and a clear, honest writer. She’s asking for money, not as a handout, but for a tool she can use to work for a living.

That’s a fundraiser I can get behind.

Go help her out.

14 Responses to “Baldilocks Needs Your Help”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with proving you’re a staunch conservative by running others down. At least I hope not.

    I am a good person.

    happyfeet (0003d3)

  2. Knock it off, happyfeet. You’ve been kind of a kvetch lately. I can relate, BTW, my hemorhoids been bothering me something awful, lately.

    nk (df76d4)

  3. I’m sick for reals. Some awful fevery flu thing. But I will try and not be so kvetchy. I’ve gotten the whole Sarah Palin thing out of my system at least I think.

    happyfeet (0003d3)

  4. Get yourself a bottle of Jack Daniels. Drink until you feel like sleeping. When you wake up, drink until you feel like sleeping again. Repeat as necessary. Stay away from doctors. I read that one time California doctors went on strike and the death rate in California dropped to practically zero.

    nk (df76d4)

  5. no doctors … on the other side of it … all I have is a bottle of rompope with Santa Clara on it I got from the ghetto – it’s basically egg yolk and alcohol and sweet stuff … kind of gack

    happyfeet (0003d3)

  6. Do you have any chicken soup, lemon-honey tea, or any of their ingredients?

    DRJ (dee47d)

  7. I’m getting up to make the echinacea honey tea thing right now … for reals… and I can do chicken soup later for dinner… I hadn’t thought of that –

    happyfeet (0003d3)

  8. It’s no fun to have flu-like stuff. I hope you feel better soon, happyfeet.

    DRJ (dee47d)

  9. thank you – I’ll be way better by tomorrow but I was supposed to have been productive last few days. oops. I hope my voice is still rough tomorrow so the co-workers know I was for reals sick.

    happyfeet (0003d3)

  10. I’ve gotten the whole Sarah Palin thing out of my system at least I think.

    LOL, happyfeet – there did seem to be a system backup the other day…glad you’re relieved of it. Feel better. You too, nk.

    Dana (e9ba20)

  11. thanks… Darleen at PW did another SP thread yesterday and by the end of it there was definitely some kind of catharsis…

    happyfeet (0003d3)

  12. OK, I just got divorced, but kicked in $10, how about you?

    PCD (74f8a9)

  13. Thank to Patrick, PCD and to everyone else for the assist!

    I have the non h1n1 flu too, feets, but I think it’s breaking.

    baldilocks (05fc94)

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