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NCAA Football, Week 13

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[Guest post by DRJ]

NOTE: All rankings are from the BCS.

Week 13 started early with the traditional Thanksgiving Day matchup between the #3 Texas Longhorns and the Texas A&M Aggies. The Horns won 49-39.

In Friday’s games, the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide came from behind to beat Auburn 26-21; #5 Cincinnati beat Illinois 49-36; West Virginia upset #9 Pitt 19-16; and #6 Boise State leads Nevada 44-26 with 3 minutes left in the 4th Quarter. [UPDATE: Boise State won 44-33.]

Saturday’s games continue rivalry week with several regional matchups:

  • #1 Florida vs Florida State
  • #4 TCU vs New Mexico
  • #7 Georgia Tech vs Georgia
  • #12 Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma
  • #14 Virginia Tech vs Virginia
  • #15 LSU vs Arkansas
  • #17 Miami vs South Florida
  • #18 Clemson vs South Carolina
  • #19 BYU vs #21 Utah
  • #20 USC vs UCLA
  • #23 Houston vs Rice
  • #24 North Carolina vs NC State
  • #25 Mississippi vs Mississippi State
  • #10 Ohio State, #11 Iowa, and #13 Penn State have no more scheduled games while #8 Oregon, #16 Oregon State, and #22 California are idle this week.

    — DRJ

    6 Responses to “NCAA Football, Week 13”

    1. I keep searching for The Illini; I know they are in there somewhere!!!!

      BT (74cbec)

    2. The Illini covered against Cincinnati.

      JD (4249e2)

    3. Oh what a day!

      Late season college football, can’t be beat!

      Though this year almost the whole season has been some great football played.

      Texas got lucky or showed their actual talent. Probably a combination of both actually.

      Oh and go Utes!

      TC (0b9ca4)

    4. Lots of upsets during rivalry week: OU beat the Oklahoma State Cowboys, 27-0; South Carolina upset Clemson 34-17; NC State edged North Carolina 28-27; and Mississippi State beat Mississippi 41-27.

      DRJ (dee47d)

    5. TC, definitely a bit of both.

      I’m not sure how to interpret A&M. Either they completely screwed up the rest of the season, or they put their hearts and souls into their 116 year old rivalry with UT. Either way, Colt McCoy could win any election in the state (except College Station Mayor). What a great game.

      Dustin (cf255c)

    6. Oh daaum!

      My Utes suck!

      Yeah valid excuses exist, but WTH, they almost pulled it off. Played an excellent game even played through some pretty sad officiating, (big grumbles over such, rumors of using BYU faculty for such and such and such)… :)

      But reality is, they lost, and congrats to the zoo. Not the first time these two have traded the W L, doubt it will be the last either.

      GAWD do I miss Urban Myer!! (sob sob sob)!!

      There was again some most excellent foot played today, no matter the outcome of any single game, many top ranked teams got some real stuff throw at them and many of them pulled it out of the hat. Again, combination of luck and team talent.

      Congrats to all of them on this fine day!

      TC (0b9ca4)

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