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9/11 Pager Messages

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[Guest post by DRJ]

CBS reports that unconfirmed but apparently authentic 9/11 pager messages have been published that give another glimpse of what happened on 9/11:

“This unusual glimpse into the events of 9/11 comes from messages sent to alphanumeric pagers that were anonymously published on the Internet on Wednesday. The pager transcripts, which total about 573,000 lines and 6.4 million words, include numeric and text messages also sent to private sector and unclassified military pagers.

It’s impossible to tell whether the logs have been faithfully reproduced in their entirety. But there’s evidence they have been: I spoke to three journalists working on September 11, 2001 whose correspondence appeared in the logs or who were familiar with the messages circulated in their newsrooms that day. All three say the logs appear to be legitimate.”

9/ did not release the messages but is publishing them from Wikileaks. It’s a good place to start.


10 Responses to “9/11 Pager Messages”

  1. sadness. do not want.

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  2. I started to read them, I stopped. Need to be thankful.

    Vivian Louise (643333)

  3. In a way I wish they hadn’t released them because undoubtedly the truthers will blaspheme and try to use them to bolster their theories about 9/11, and it will start a new round of their special kind of hysteria.

    Dana (e9ba20)

  4. Dana, I saw some folks inserting ‘Operation Zion starts in 1 hour’ messages.

    Ridiculous to consider if the conspiracy was finally blown open by unencrypted pager usage.

    Everyone should read Hot Air’s email interview with Scott Fenstermaker (lawyer to a 9/11 terrorist). He ‘doesn’t know or care’ who committed the 9/11 attacks, despite his family being close to ground zero. He has never heard of ‘truthers’. Though saying ya don’t think 9/11 was committed by Al Qaida obviously makes one a truther.

    He also thinks the ACLU is conspiring with the DoD to help frame his poor client. For whatever reason. It’s an appropriate juxtaposition to the panic and love in these pager msgs.

    Dustin (cf255c)

  5. Fenstermaker is an odd duck. I saw him on O’Reilly. He has been expelled from the defense team so they don’t think his blather is helpful.

    I recommended a book on Amazon last year that adds a lot to the story of the day. There were more hijackers, almost certainly.

    Mike K (addb13)

  6. Mike, most certainly there were more hijackers. There’s a doc that runs on History channel that has the testimony of several flight attendants who noticed the wacky behavior of some ME types. Their luggage was found later and had the same crap in it as the successful hijackers.

    Vivian Louise (643333)

  7. Oh hai, If I had read your review, you already said that.

    Vivian Louise (643333)

  8. God bless the families that have been dealing with their loss and grief due to this horrible act – I also pray for the thousands of arabs that were victims of these monsters as well may everyone find the peace that we all enjoy

    EricPWJohnson (d5e36d)

  9. […] CBS News’ report regarding the recently released 9/11 pager messages (I posted on it here) confirms: There was a basis to believe Air Force One had been threatened on 9/11, and it caused […]

    Patterico's Pontifications » Air Force One and 9/11 (e4ab32)

  10. You can go to the bank on the fact that the end is very nigh for 911 liars, stalkers, slanderers.

    As for those who say that it’s not appropriate to release personal messages that were texted on 911…. People deserve the truth… What is not right [much less appropriate] is the continual lies and slander that has gone on for years.

    Karma can be a b!tch. Justice is coming and those who deserve their “just desserts” will be finally getting them.

    KSA crew (ce6b3c)

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