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“Seriously, Ma’am, I make Chuck look pink.”

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An amusing post by Claire Berlinski about writing for Penthouse. Thanks to Eric Blair.

UPDATE: And apparently, Eric got this from Instapundit.

8 Responses to ““Seriously, Ma’am, I make Chuck look pink.””

  1. claire Berlinski is a terrific writer and we are all better for having read her work.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  2. Berlinski is indeed a terrific writer, even in a short post about writing for Penthouse. Unfortunately some of us will miss this article unless it’s published elsewhere…someplace where the photographers aren’t quite so absolutely top-notch!

    Dana (e9ba20)

  3. I once used a Penthouse article in an English class at college as my main source on Machiavelli’s The Prince. I was sure to let the class and the prof see the distinctive logo (but no pics). I got an A+, the best grade handed out that semester.

    Ed from SFV (1333b1)

  4. I must confess to never having read anything by or heard anything about Claire, so I don’t have any way to judge her conservative bona fides. However, if you have to repeatedly declaim your ‘conservative’ credentials and then write a smarmy post about it, I would suggest she reevaluate her true political core-of-being.

    besides being known as conservative in Britain isn’t the same as BEING a conservative here.

    jakee308 (b70305)

  5. Re: #4:

    “…I must confess to never having read anything by or heard anything about Claire, so I don’t have any way to judge her conservative bona fides….”

    Um. So why did you then snark about it in the next sentence, unless this is a mild case of Mobyitis? CB wrote an approving biography of Margaret Thatcher, so she must be superliberal. What would be better, of course, would be to read a few of her essays (linked at the site).

    Patterico, I actually found the article elsewhere, but that may have been linked from Professor Reynolds. I follow the work of CB and her father. I certainly didn’t intend to not give a hat-tip to the Good Doctor.

    Eric Blair (711059)

  6. I like the way she writes. The martial arts style she writes about sounds philosophically similar to Krav Maga.

    JD (3b62be)

  7. I was curious what she thought about that.

    Her article was tongue in cheek. She has done some interviews (linked at her website) that show she is definitely her father’s daughter.

    Her father gets a lot of static for opposing what he calls “Darwinism,” but when you listen to him, he isn’t opposed to Darwinian ideas at all. He is opposed to sloppy thinking and hand waving—he is trained as a mathematician and precision is everything to him. Also, he could care less what other people think. He despises political fashion.

    His daughter has a lot of that attitude, and I respect it.

    Eric Blair (711059)

  8. She has a pleasantly irreverent sense of humor. Shocking that I would appreciate that, I know.

    JD (3b62be)

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