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Breaking: Muhammad Executed

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The news comes via Drudge:

The mastermind of the 2002 sniper attacks that killed 10 in the Washington, D.C., region has been executed.

A prison spokesman says John Allen Muhammad died by injection at 9:11 p.m. Tuesday at Greensville Correctional Center.

Good riddance.

P.S. His execution comes despite his argument that he didn’t have enough time to prepare an appeal. If he had a lot of time, they would argue that he had been kept on death row for too long. Is there a Goldilocks-style “just right” amount of time to be on death row?

P.P.S. DRJ reported this in an update to a post below, but I figured it merited its own post.

30 Responses to “Breaking: Muhammad Executed”

  1. To his victims: For all they were, and all they could have been!

    May Malvo remember this day for the rest of his (hopefully short) miserable life.

    AD - RtR/OS! (98a208)

  2. “His execution comes despite his argument that he didn’t have enough time to prepare an appeal.”

    Too late now.

    Life’s a bitch ain’t it?

    Dave Surls (68aa16)

  3. “he didn’t have enough time to prepare an appeal.”

    Even I could have come up with an appeal in 7 years and I’m not a lawyer.

    I second that “good riddance”.

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  4. That wasn’t terrorism either. It’s never terrorism. It’s like terrorists see us coming and put on their mentally disturbed mass murderer disguises real fast before you can be sure.

    happyfeet (b919e7)

  5. “That wasn’t terrorism either.”

    Heck, happyfeet, the powers that be can call it anything they want “terrorism”, “malicious mopery”…as long they kill the son of a bitch after they’re done defining it.

    Dave Surls (68aa16)

  6. “9:11 p.m.”?

    deliberately ironic timing?

    LYT (797c6c)

  7. As someone else said before, Tim McVeigh’s appeals time and relatively quick execution didn’t raise many eyebrows. Wait a minute, Muhammad is black….racists!! with apologies to JD

    aoibhneas (651187)

  8. Muhammad committed great evil. I hope this will help the families and survivors rest a little easier.

    DRJ (dff2ca)

  9. Is there a Goldilocks-style “just right” amount of time to be on death row?

    Maybe about two years. The death penalty should only be meted out where the guilt of the accused is rigorously proven, and the killing is clearly premeditated murder. Given that,the only arguments should involve the trial process, and a competent court should be able to handle that in two years.

    This case doesn’t seem to present any problems in any of the above. Good riddance.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  10. Good riddance indeed. It’s a shame that he was not subjected to impalement. Tom Kratman has an interesting science fiction book, A Desert Called Peace. In it, a nation on another planet is fighting Muslim terrorists. High level terrorist leaders are subjected to real torture, then given a sex change operation and executed. Way to go!

    John Cunningham (1cb7c8)

  11. May the families of his victims find peace and closure.

    MU789 (897b57)

  12. “That wasn’t terrorism either.”

    No, of course not. Why would anyone think that? Just look at the planned phases of their mission:

    1) Kill 6 white people a day for 30 days, the “top target” being a pregnant white woman.

    2) Shoot a policeman and then blow up explosives at his funeral. More explosives would target the ambulances that would then rush to the funeral.

    3) Kill three busloads of schoolchildren.

    4) Indoctrinate 140 young homeless men at a Canada compound who would “shut things down” in cities across America, unless they received £5 million.

    Yet I haven’t seen one report today mention this information, only vague descriptions of the crimes. The AP even described him as “fearless” going into the execution.

    Nothing to see here, just another “random act of violence”, move along.

    Pharos (54a7c1)

  13. We could have cleared a great bit of this country’s debt if they had put this on PPV…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  14. Good result.

    Mike H. (f0c264)

  15. Pharos, it’s sick to think how little of that story is in the heads of people who have formed an opinion on this subject.

    We’ve been fighting Islamist extortionists since Thomas Jefferson’s time. It’s amazing that we don’t recognize our truest enemies.

    Dustin (bb61e3)

  16. Murder someone? Get caught red-handed? The gallows is already built. You don’t have time for a “last meal.” Express lane, baby! (to borrow from a comedian and a b-ball analyst)

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  17. Here’s a little bit of twisted logic for you agnostics and atheists out there:

    Suppose I’m right and there is a Heaven and a Hell. And suppose I’m right that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. And suppose I’m right that Hell is far more torturous than any human-devised torture.

    Why wish to torture someone till he’s dead when he deserves to die? What will that really do to him?

    Just a thought.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  18. John, perhaps you could make a WWJD argument, if you are truly correct about hell. I respectfully disagree about that, though. I think God doesn’t have to play by any rules like that, and has not set up a one size fits all punishment for Hitler and Ghandi.

    But I don’t know one way or the other. I’m just glad Muhammad will never kill again.

    Dustin (bb61e3)

  19. Dustin, RE: Hitler and Ghandi: Might I suggest C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series of books? They may shed some insight on a few things. Might I also suggest my own layman’s article? That lays out things as I see them.

    Understand, there is a HUGE difference between rejecting something you’ve heard of and never hearing of the thing. And that is indeed taken into account, in my opinion.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  20. John, thanks for the suggestion. Believe it or not, but I have tons of CS Lewis from family. I probably should bump that to the top of my reading list.

    I don’t mean to demean God or Christianity when I say that I just don’t understand, and am resigned to not understanding, the concept of hell. I have morality hard wired in, just like most folks, and that’s an argument for God that I find convincing enough to take a leap of faith up to modern Christianity. But hell, at least any infinite version of it, is totally foreign to what’s hard wired in my head. Not sure what that means.

    To take your question more seriously, it is good that we do not leave justice to God alone. He’s programed some of that judgment into us, and we’ve been able to make some progress that I think he’d be proud of (albeit, we are decadent and stupid). It’s the choice: do we torture or not, do we punish and how, what do we do when it’s really hard to tell what’s right… that’s the whole point of this Earth.

    This Muhammad was such a smart man. He worked very hard to commit some seriously horrible crimes. He could have easily done something amazing for all those people he destroyed. I guess I should hope God grades on a curve.

    Dustin (bb61e3)

  21. I guess I should hope God grades on a curve.

    Heh. I covered that in my article:

    Wait a minute. You just said you weren’t saying good people were in hell and evil people were in heaven and then you showed an example of a good woman in hell and an evil man in heaven. What gives?

    I used man’s definition of good and evil. God’s definition of what is good is far different than man’s definition. In Major League Baseball, a lifetime .300 hitter has a very good shot at making the Hall of Fame. A lifetime .300 hitter is a very successful major-league ball player. But what does having a .300 batting average mean? It means you fail seven times out of ten. In school, if you get seven answers out of ten wrong, you get a failing grade. But in baseball if you get seven at-bats out of ten wrong, you’re a gleaming success. But, in actuality, it’s even worse than that. If you get a walk, you didn’t successfully get a hit. But that doesn’t count as an at-bat. If you are credited with a sacrifice, that means you hit the ball in such a way that you were counted “out” but the base-runners advanced. (Note the ironic terminology and its applicability to Jesus.) And a sacrifice is also not counted as an at-bat. So a major league ball player could fail to get a hit 75 times out of every 100 times at the plate and still be considered a smashing success. But by God’s standards, that man was a dismal failure.

    By God’s standards, not only do you have to get a hit in every plate appearance, but it has to be an out-of-the-park homerun. And you have to do it clean, not cheat, a la Barry Bonds. If you fail at that, since every plate appearance is an opportunity for a homer, you fail.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  22. But enough of that. Back to this Mohammad cat. He was a Jive Turkey. And he just covered his tab.

    Word up.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  23. I hope this brings some peace for his victims’ families.

    JEA (0ccd61)

  24. John Allen Mohammed may you rest in flames, you sonofabitch.

    A.W. (e7d72e)

  25. Not enough for me. There should be some suffering incurred at the hands of justice.


  26. > we only have one life to live

    and we live that life as the world turns, and sometimes that turns to passions among the bold and the beautiful, which can land them in the General Hospital.

    Yike, seriously, can you spare us the soap opera platitudes?

    > Let us make it a point to always choose life.

    If you mean by killing bad guys who take life to 1) deter others, 2) prevent that person from killing again and 3) to vindicate the value of the lives he took, i can agree with that.

    A.W. (e7d72e)

  27. He should be happy he got such a peaceful and planned death. Enough time to reflect on his actions and to make peace with God. Wish I could say the same for his victims whose lives he abruptly and violently ended, without a chance to say goodbye. Today justice is served and the victims’ families can now have closure on this. Long live the Death Penalty!

    The Emperor (82e13a)

  28. Is there a Goldilocks-style “just right” amount of time to be on death row?

    Yes, it should be 90 days. Plenty of time for any competent lawyer to mount an appeal. When 2nd trial re-affirms the death penalty, you get 5 mins to say bye-bye to Mommy then get marched outside, put up against the side of the building and shot by firing squad. No fuss, no muss, no wasting taxpayer funds for years and years while on “death row”.

    Bob in VA (a7a958)

  29. When caught/shot down in the act, as long as it takes to assemble a firing squad & draw weapons.

    Rick in Texas (0acd5c)

  30. A.W. That sounds like something I would write (and may have written) to add a bit of my very bad humor to a serious discourse. 😉 I don’t remember every dumb thing I write; there’s just too much of it. But I am definitely all for an express lane to the Death Penalty, and for more crimes. It serves as a perfect deterrent. No person who has finished a Death Penalty sentence has ever gone on to commit another crime.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

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