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What the Hell Is This All About??

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What is the reporter supposed to do? Break into Corzine’s home at midnight and ambush him in his bed?

I don’t get it.

Thanks to Hot Air.

32 Responses to “What the Hell Is This All About??”

  1. Smith has been auditioning for a head anchor job at the other networks for years now – his contract is up for renewal shortly.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  2. Ah, that might explain the knee pads and the PC [preemptive contrition]. Won’t do him any good. Everyone in the MSM biz knows the stench of Fox can never be washed off no matter how many mea culpas you put on a resume. Never will be a Wolf in Shep’s clothing.

    political agnostic (0b6fbc)

  3. Days before the votes in a down-to-the-wire race, you stake out both candidates. And if only one is doing media, you reveal that – without being prompted – before concluding the other one’s free air time.

    steve (05fb74)

  4. That whiny mangirl needs to go! He irritates the crap out of me.

    Gina (97eae3)

  5. #3 is right. She should have said that Corzine was unavailable despite their efforts BEFORE Shep’s prompt. But still, her comment is fair enough.

    No doubt Shep has a book coming out just after his contract is up.

    Viktor Nehring (b827c9)

  6. steve,

    So you think this was Smith’s way of saying “Here’s a Christie interview and Corzine wasn’t available”? I don’t think that’s what happened here.

    The reporter was covering a Christie event and it sounded to me like Smith didn’t realize she would also be interviewing Christie. I also got the impression that, had he known she was going to interview Christie, Smith wouldn’t have aired the interview because Fox hasn’t been able to interview Corzine. If that’s the case, it troubles me because Corzine can refuse to do interviews and effectively limit his opponent’s ability to get media coverage.

    Like you, I have no problem with Smith saying “Corzine was not available for comment” but I have a big problem with self-imposed gag rules.

    DRJ (dff2ca)

  7. Its not Smith’s call, its the producer’s call.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  8. When the “Shep” guy says “and the Democrat’s probably going to win” he’s already… well, see… that’s not a balanced statement. And look at the set of his “Shep” jaw. I think he knows the fat wannabe governor guy is standing right there and he’s being an ass and the blond hoochie is just not having it. So he was already pissed off I think is the point.

    He’s on tv a lot is my understanding which means he is neurotic and bitchy and just generally prone to…. what have you.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  9. Injecting Shep’s show with a ‘work-in-progress-just-coming-together” feel involves stagecraft. It’s possible he wants less detail about the assignments, feeds and story notes on purpose. People relate when he seems rushed, a bit surprised and off-script.

    steve (05fb74)

  10. Heh. Maybe so. If so, I bet he loved the balloon boy story.

    DRJ (dff2ca)

  11. Ol’ Shep always was wound a little too tight, as this classic clip shows (mildly NSFW)

    Gazzer (3bd236)

  12. Like you, I have no problem with Smith saying “Corzine was not available for comment” but I have a big problem with self-imposed gag rules.

    Precisely. It’s how some candidates love to jerk around the media, and it penalizes candidates who actually are responsive.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  13. I actually like Shep and I think it would be a blow to Fox if he left. But, he will at some point in his career.

    Ag80 (815bcd)

  14. He is just a populist and an unserious man. Move along. Nothing to see here.

    Ed from SFV (4b493e)

  15. Ag80, if you click the link at 11, you will enjoy the irony of your statement.

    Gazzer (3bd236)

  16. Gazzer:

    I’m well aware of the clip, I’m just sayin’ a guy has to roll no matter where it takes him. There’s always trouble in the ‘hood. Especially when that leg gets a’tinglin.

    Ag80 (815bcd)

  17. He’s bitching at his producers and/or director, he’s embarassed by his own “and the Democrat’s probably going to win” comment, and he’s being self-conscious about the WH accusations of slanted coverage. End of story.

    Of, and — as usual — he’s wearing far too much makeup.

    Icy Texan (f3a492)

  18. Didjaever stop to think that this was simply pure snark (unprofessional at the least) to show that pols with a (D) after their name are “boycotting” fox for whatever reason?

    Sounds plausible to me.

    Dr. K (eca563)

  19. So according to Shep’s rules, if all Democrats boycotted appearing on FOX news, then no Republican should be allowed to appear lest FOX be considered unbalanced.

    Patrick in Des Moines (3913e7)

  20. Shep has been the lefties favorite Fox reporter for a while now. I think he knows it.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  21. the blond hoochie is just not having it

    Ah, more of happyfeet’s gentle misogyny….what a way to enjoy the morning.

    By the way, Mike K, I’m unaware of any lefty who likes Shep Smith. Just because certain Fox fans don’t like him, doesn’t mean anyone on the left likes him. After all, being the least offensive anchor at Fox News is like winning the Ms. Universe pageant in the over 250 pound classification….it’s sort of relative.

    timb (449046)

  22. Of, and — as usual — he’s wearing far too much makeup.

    It’s that underline eye makeup that’s always creeped me out – way too girlie mannish for my tastes; although they all do that these days. Brian William’s hair looks like something out of a Vornado fan that’s been plastered with super glue.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  23. I think making mention that Corzine is refusing interviews is fair enough counterbalance. I say put one side on, and if the other side refuses invitations for “equal time”, too bad for them.

    Years ago, one radio station fired on air hosts because the hosts only interviewed the Democrat candidate, and REFUSED equal time to their election opponent.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  24. I think that Smith wants his show to be viewed as news rather than opinion, something that shows such as Hannity and Glen Beck’s don’t much worry about.

    An overreaction, yes, but I suspect that there are many at Fox who view Beck and Hannity with trepidation if not scorn. I agree with both of them a lot, but there is no attempt to present anything other than idiots and straw men from the other side. And both can get embarrassing at times in their lack of consideration for any other sound but their own voice.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  25. Shep Smith clearly ambushed Shannon Bream with that on-air cheap shot. She handled it well, but you can see it caught her unprepared.

    That’s the real issue here, questions of balanced coverage at FOX are not raised lightly, and certainly not live, and certainly not without advance warning to an on-air reporter conducting an interview with a political candidate.

    Shep’s question was designed to make Bream look bad. He’s trying to obstruct her career because she won’t sleep with him.

    He’s not the only one at FOX who’s playing patty-cake with the hot news babes. And, it isn’t only the men using their positions to get over on the young attractive women, some of the women are willingly working the same side of the street.

    Hanky-panky is the Achilles heal at FOXY NEWS.

    ropelight (fbbed1)

  26. Did Shep ever find those bodies at the SuperDome?

    AD - RtR/OS! (ce9c93)

  27. #26, AD, yes, the cadavers were found in North Carolina, they were on the faculty at Duke University.

    ropelight (fbbed1)

  28. Yes, but those are more correctly classified as Zombies!

    AD - RtR/OS! (ce9c93)

  29. By the way, Mike K, I’m unaware of any lefty who likes Shep Smith. Just because certain Fox fans don’t like him, doesn’t mean anyone on the left likes him.

    Tim, I’m too busy to spend the time finding it but you could do a search over at Wash Monthly and see his every on-screen hissy fit described in loving detail.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  30. If Shep wa a college freshman at Princeton,this would be called “Pimping for Ivy.”

    corwin (bcea5b)

  31. Equire thinks Shep “has the distinction of being the Left’s favorite Fox News personality.”

    DRJ (dff2ca)

  32. What part of “Shep’s an idiot” do you not get! Come on! The guy’s coverage in New Orleans during Katrina should have made that fact perfectly clear.

    Steve (e5c232)

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