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Angels-Yankees, Game 6

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Yankees lead the series 3-2 and can end it tonight with a win over the Angels. It’s scoreless in the bottom of the 2nd .

UPDATE: Yankees won 5-2.


19 Responses to “Angels-Yankees, Game 6”

  1. Given all of the blow-outs today, I hope this is a great game. Our field looks great 😉

    JD (579091)

  2. Pettitte looks solid.

    Bears got humped today.

    carlitos (572728)

  3. Did you guys do that hideous turf for Idaho state?

    carlitos (572728)

  4. Boise State?

    DRJ (dff2ca)

  5. Boise State – my bad. The blue field, that, when seen by idiots like me on a flatscreen from 30′ at a BW3, looks like the TV needs adjusting.

    carlitos (572728)

  6. No, that was not ours, though I would be happy to do their next one for them.

    JD (4fb388)

  7. I wish Boise State would change that field. I know they like it but it drives me crazy watching on TV and everything blends together.

    Yankees are up 4-2 and the Angels aren’t looking too good right now.

    DRJ (dff2ca)

  8. Another game that is killing us.

    Gina (d38bf6)

  9. Yankees win 5-2.

    DRJ (dff2ca)

  10. Nice to dismiss a CA team.

    Baseball is much more intense here in the NE.

    Yankees in 6.

    HeavenSent (01a566)

  11. The Phillies will put them down like a cheese steak at noon.

    Amphipolis (b120ce)

  12. This Yanks/Phillies series should be great. The rotations are right, so each team’s best will be able to go. Given those offenses, and the parks they will be playing in, there should be a lot of runs. Mother Nature might be the only real defense in this Series.

    JD (462660)

  13. Since I’ve hated the Yankees about forever, the Phillies in 6. Also nice to see the old guy (former Cub Moyer) still doing well – amazing.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  14. JD, the last World Series was the penultimate disgrace for MLB – the deciding game looked like Jai Lai in Rangoon. Their insistence on dragging the season into eternity has already cost them much of the younger generations, and they’re well on their way to losing everyone under 35 if this keeps up. Games lasting into the wee hours, umpires thinking that they’re the real stars of the game – is it any wonder why football has overtaken the game so quickly?

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  15. Late games and crap umpires are my biggest complaints with baseball, Dmac. You nailed that.

    JD (462660)

  16. Thirded. With both teams for this year’s series playing on the East Coast, I’m sure that they are going to have 9PM EDT games being played, so no kids in the east will be able to see them all the way through without staying up ’til midnight. As usual.

    carlitos (572728)

  17. My motto for the Phillies?

    REMEMBER 1950!!!!!!!

    N. O'Brain (5deb6d)

  18. Cubs motto – Remember 1908 !!!!!!!!!!!eleventy1

    JD (462660)

  19. Phillies in 5.

    SPC Jack Klompus (c1922b)

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