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Obama vs Raging Wildfire

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[Guest post by DRJ]

President Obama’s willingness to engage the leaders of countries like Iran and North Korea makes as much sense as Obama in Diplomatic Talks with Raging Wildfire:

“It’s gonna require all of the President’s diplomacy skills to make the fire see that putting itself out is what’s best for both parties.”

Heh. That Obama, he has a gift.

H/T Hot Air.


8 Responses to “Obama vs Raging Wildfire”

  1. That was beautiful. The picture of Hillary skydiving into the fire made me splurt on my screen….lol.

    Aunt Cranky (eb0d5c)

  2. Simple, pithy, accurate.

    This spoof works!

    NavyspyII (df615d)

  3. I especially like how, even in this skit, the press is shoulder deep up Obama’s ass.

    Dr. K (eca563)

  4. The mullahs and the dipwad in NK immediately began to shut down their nuclear programs as soon as it was announced Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Not that Obama is so great but because terrorist nations respect Alfred Nobel and the Norwegian government so much. Even the terrorists don’t want to get on the wrong side of those mad Scandinavians.

    MU789 (3f9d29)

  5. OK, I get it. Ya don’t have to hit me over the head with a friendly vegetable. Although some misguided folks think Mr Obama’s an obvious fraud and an ass, we all know he’s really extra special and has the double super-secret whammy going for him, and he’s the first 4th level Supervising Extraterrestrial Dream Maker to come among us, complete with a solar powered and CO2 enhanced mass media tool kit which includes the power to mold men’s minds just by smirking a lot and talking on TV. (Why, he can even spell hard words like “potato” and “manifesto.”)

    Not to mention his ability to get teachers and college students to believe in lunatic notions they know full well are so silly even John McCain, Lindsay Graham, or Olympia Snow couldn’t keep a straight face and pretend were good for America.

    But let’s get real here, this speculation isn’t going anywhere, Obama can’t do anything to stop the destruction, everybody knows wild fires only negotiate with flaming assholes.

    ropelight (f1323e)

  6. I doubt he’d ask the fire to put itself out, that’s global bullying and we’ve turned that page.

    He’ll try to persuade that fire to burn him last.

    spongeworthy (c2e8fe)

  7. Why can’t SNL do quality comedy like this?

    Darkmage (9fff7c)

  8. That historic gift for the fire was a much more thoughtful one one than Gordon Brown got. Or the Queen of England for that matter.

    Also Like the Glenn Beck-y mocking voice on that Wendell Mack. Great skit. hahahaha

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

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