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Give Me an “M”

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[Guest post by DRJ]

License plates that support favorite college teams are popular where I live and some people also get personalized vanity plates that are pretty creative.

Here’s a combination of the two Iowahawk posted before last Saturday’s Iowa-Michigan game. My apologies to Michigan — it’s one of my favorite schools — but even Wolverine fans have to laugh at this, although it won’t be easy since Iowa won the game 30-28.


19 Responses to “Give Me an “M””

  1. DRJ – I found out many years ago that the “N” on those Nebraska football helmets stands for “Nowledge” according to alumni of the university.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  2. Heh. I hereby grant Michigan, Nebraska, and Aggie fans (Ag80 — this is for you!) my blessing to share UT humor. Here’s my favorite:

    Q: How many Texas students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    A: One, but he gets 3 credits.

    DRJ (7fbae6)

  3. Muck Fichigan.

    JD (40d677)

  4. It’s either “the state up north” as coined by Woody Hayes, or Meatchicken. And the new Meatchicken coach has lots of crass when he’s out recruiting. And he was called on it by Coach Tressel.

    I’m glad the crassiest coach in the Big Ten is consistently going down in flames. Buckeye players will be getting another pair of gold pants (scroll down to “Buckeye football traditions”) this year.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  5. An Aggie and a T-sip are in the men’s room.

    After relieving themselves, the Aggie walks towards the door.

    The T-sip says: “At Texas, they teach us to wash our hands after urinating.”

    The Aggie says: “At A&M, they teach us not to piss on our hands.”

    Thank you, I’ll be here all night. Please tip the waitress and try the veal.

    Ag80 (2a7a2a)

  6. Sorry, T-sip? Good joke but I heard it as a Marines v Army joke. (Semper Fi!)

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  7. John:

    I can’t tell you exactly what a T-sip is, except they probably spent around four years in Austin. And he/she is probably working for you and doing a bad job while telling you everything about what you’re doing is wrong.

    Ag80 (2a7a2a)

  8. Ag80, you’re gonna have to break it down in real words for this Big Ten fan who lives 50 miles away from the ‘shoe. I don’t know Southwest Conference lingo. Except I do know if I go into a certain stadium (and I forget which) with a date, I had better know on which side to sit (and I forget that, too).

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  9. OK: A T-sip is a student or graduate of the University of Texas.

    I don’t know about the second part of your question, except that when A&M scores, we get to kiss our dates — my wife in my case. Perhaps, my favorite tradition.

    Also, Aggies stand for the entire game at Kyle Field. That’s another tradition, although former Aggies are excused due to age or other infirmities. I won’t bore you with the details.

    It’s something like that team that infests TV every weekend with their silly helmet stickers and the importance of which tuba player gets to dot a punctuation mark at halftime. And their graduates seem to think the word “the” is important, somehow.

    Ag80 (2a7a2a)

  10. Well, yeah, this site isn’t Pontifications, after all. It’s Patterico’s Pontifications. And The Ohio State University is the name, not Ohio State University.

    But the kissing thing, my understanding was one gender kisses the opposite gender to the left and the other gender kisses the opposite gender to the right. So sitting in the correct seat would be important.

    And how do you dot a punctuation mark? I mean, seriously, are all Texas universities dumb enough to declare the ninth letter in the alphabet a “punctuation mark”? Graze much? Moo!

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  11. Why do they call Michigan residents Stump Jumpers when maybe Slum Rats is more applicable.

    Smiling from Iowa where I finished 2nd at the semi-annual Super Coupe Club of Iowa vs. Iowa GTP club clash drag races.

    Oh, What’s the difference between the Texas Cheerleaders and a herd of Elephants?

    Answer: 800 pounds.

    Q: How do you even things up?

    A: Force feed the elephants.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  12. Oh, yes, for my vanity plate, I want “KAR 120C”.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  13. KAR 120C…Hmm, is that by chance a Lotus 7? I’d look for Prisoner footage but bandwidth is strictly limited out here on the Information Fire Road.

    I went to school in Urbana. The Frightening Fighting Illini were as bad in the 70s as they look right now.

    Red County Pete (843492)

  14. Pete, I think it is a Lotus 7 Kit car.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  15. John said:

    “But the kissing thing, my understanding was one gender kisses the opposite gender to the left and the other gender kisses the opposite gender to the right. So sitting in the correct seat would be important.”

    Hmm. Your understanding is incorrect, just as I was about “dotting” a punctuation mark rather than an “i.”

    Still don’t get the “The” thing though. The University of Texas tried it for a while, but finally gave up.

    Ag80 (2a7a2a)

  16. Yep, a Lotus 7, one of two cars I lusted after during the 70s. My feet were too big for the Europa (you had to have less than size 9 shoes to drive one), and the budget never allowed a 7, but it was a fun car. Now, my other car is a John Deere…

    Red County Pete (9c4362)

  17. Pete, I wear a 12, but found that driving the Europa was very doable in socks.
    Seven’s were another thing altogether.

    AD - RtR/OS! (48d3c8)

  18. I never lusted after a Lotus. Now a 1970 Plymouth Super Bird, then we’re talking!

    The connection between my car and the Prisoner is that I’ve built my car, too, a 1997 Ford Thunderbird Parts Bin Special.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  19. 1997 Ford Thunderbird Parts Bin Special

    Sounds like a ’73 super Beetle I wasted a lot of time and money on a decade ago, but the Ford sounds a whole lot better.

    Red County Pete (a1bfeb)

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