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Well, Well: Polanski Supporter Frederic Mitterand Is a Pedophile Too

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When Roman Polanski was arrested, none was more critical than French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand:

Mitterrand said, “To see him like that, thrown to the lions because of ancient history, really doesn’t make any sense.”

Mitterrand continued with a jab against the United States: “In the same way that there is a generous America that we like, there is also a scary America that has just shown its face.”

Now it’s clear why: Mitterand is also a pedophile:

France’s new culture minister, Frédéric Mitterrand, who has defended the filmmaker Roman Polanski against extradition charges for statutory rape, was attacked on Wednesday for his admission in a 2005 autobiography, “The Bad Life,” that he “got into the habit” of paying “young boys” for sex in Southeast Asia despite “the sordid details of this traffic.”

And enjoyed it tremendously:

All these rituals of the market for youths, the slave market excited me enormously … the abundance of very attractive and immediately available young boys put me in a state of desire.

There is a scary Mitterand that has just shown his face.

And you thought it was telling that Woody Allen supported Polanski.

With friends like these . . .

Thanks to R.R.*

UPDATE: Mitterand now says he only had sex with adults. (I guess he’s not denying the “slaves” part.)

71 Responses to “Well, Well: Polanski Supporter Frederic Mitterand Is a Pedophile Too”

  1. But you don’t understand – the French are so much more sophisticated than the barbarian Americans. After all, they even speak francois.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  2. And for extra despicability, notice he calls them slaves but apparently still had sex with them. Which means it probably even “rape-rape” by Whoopi Goldberg’s lights.

    Yeah, Mitterand, America can be scary… to pedos. On the other hand, you are scary to childrne. which is worse?

    A.W. (e7d72e)

  3. But hey, it was consensual. So, what’s the prob, right?

    Steve B (5eacf6)

  4. Heh. I’ve been saying the kinds of things we’ve been hearing from Polanki supporters are the kind of things sex tourists tell themselves.

    And here we are.

    MayBee (34a54a)

  5. Perverts of a feather flock together.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  6. So would this admission be enough to arrest this guy if he ever came to the US on a non-diplomatic passport? I can see that it might not be enough for conviction, but this certainly appears like a case where process could be plenty of punishment.

    Soronel Haetir (2b4c2b)

  7. I guess when you grow up in the kind of family where your uncle’s mistress and her love child are seated in the family section at his funeral, along with your aunt and your arms-trafficking cousin France, you can get a little confused about what’s OK in sex and love, etc.

    carlitos (e4a83c)

  8. The big story here is the French reaction. I thought this kind of thing was no big deal on the Continent, where UN abuse is routinely dismissed.

    From the NYT article:
    Socialist Party spokesman, Benoît Hamon, told Reuters: “As a minister of culture he has drawn attention to himself by defending a filmmaker accused of raping a child, and he has written a book where he said he took advantage of sexual tourism. To say the least, I find it shocking.”

    But then again, I don’t know that Mitterand was criticized when his autobiography was released. The shock appears to be more due to his self-righteousness than his involvement with child prostitution.

    Amphipolis (b120ce)

  9. His Wikipedia page says he is “openly bisexual.” I’d say it goes a bit beyond that.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  10. What happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  11. Well obviously we need to consider how trying it is to be full of desire, or something. Have a heart.

    SarahW (692fc6)

  12. Minister of Culture, eh?

    What culture is that?

    Gesundheit (47b0b8)

  13. One perv defending another perv. Not much of a surprise.

    Stan Switek (d9d8ce)

  14. This Polanski / Mitterand stuff is sicker than Jim Webb’s writing:

    “Why did he kiss the little boy’s penis?” wondered Dzung. “I do not know,” said Manh. And then he shook his head, amazed at Dzung’s serenity.

    carlitos (e4a83c)

  15. Btw, I should point out that we can’t mock france too much for having a pedo as a minister of culture. i mean look at our school safety czar, who looked the other way when a student admitted to being statutorily raped, and claims to draw “inspiration” from a member of NAMBLA. Its not quite as bad, but it isn’t like we are drawing a sharp contrast here.

    Which is not to say it is okay to keep either man in their positions, just that gee, let’s not get too superior an attitude on this.

    A.W. (e7d72e)

  16. that’s enough carlitos

    quasimodo (4af144)

  17. quasimodo – carlitos didn’t even get to the part where he turns the boy upside down and puts his crank in his mouth, as a means of saying hello.

    JD (ce1a92)

  18. Does seem like Mr. Mitterand should be refused a US Visa due to this. “Engaging in the slave trade” (his words) seems even worse than mere boy-rape.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  19. I am considering there are fellow pedophiles (of mitterand) on this thread whose feelings are being hurt by this kind of hateful discussion. So I am keeping mum. 8)

    The Emperor (1b037c)

  20. Good lord, Webb wrote that stuff? And the press went batsh-t over the “macaca” comment by Allen?

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  21. But Dmac, that is different. You know that.

    Eric Blair (184ac1)

  22. dmac

    Well, to be fair to Webb, those were fictional novels, so maybe it is just depiction and not advocacy, but still there are alot of things he wrote which were pretty creepy, as in they make you wonder what is going through his mind. And yeah, it did come out during the campaign, but it didn’t make the same splash as the macaca thing, i guess because 1) its always easier to do that with video, as Deeds is discovering now with McDonnel’s college papers, and 2) because it was unambiguously Allen’s own thoughts and words, so there was no shield of fiction involved there.

    A.W. (e7d72e)

  23. Lovie/Chimperor – That whole keeping mum thing is a great idea for you.

    JD (57d75b)

  24. Mitterand wrote in his book about ‘garcons’ (‘boys’). The head of the Front National (extreem right wing party in France) added the ‘jeune'(young). She has now addmitted she made a mistake. This is not a judgement just giving you the facts. Mitterand explained in 2005 (when book was prublished and praised by critics) that he has always called men ‘garcons’ He is a homosexual and until now never been accused of being a pedophile

    Barbara (44a247)

  25. Pat-

    Please continue administering these ass-kickings. These elitist a-holes need them desperatley.

    Tex Lovera (456ded)

  26. JD, did I hurt your feelings? Do you hate the general direction of this thread?

    The Emperor (1b037c)

  27. Anyone except his immediate family who publicly backs Polanski is morally bereft. And his family members who back him are simply morally bereft relatives!

    dfbaskwill (2c7f7f)

  28. that he has always called men ‘garcons’ He is a homosexual and until now never been accused of being a pedophile

    Barbara- that may be so. Yet Mitterand knew “the sordid details of this traffic”, and used those being trafficked for sex, anyway. One of the well-known sordid details is that you have no idea how young some of them are.

    MayBee (34a54a)

  29. Surprised….No
    Disappointed…Not exactly, because all my French friends would find the behavior of these two perverts repulsive.

    glenn (757adc)

  30. JD @17
    If I were you I would not admit to knowing that. now we should all stick our heads in a bucket of ammonia and clean them right out

    quasimodo (4af144)

  31. Has anyone asked Phillip Garrido about his opinion of the extradition of Roman Polanski?

    Michael Ejercito (6a1582)

  32. I think it’s safe to say that when you buy x number of Thai hooker guys you end up supporting people what traffic in little kids. This is because it seems most likely that the older, legal Thai hooker guys used to be younger, not-legal Thai hooker guys.

    That said, it seems unlikely that he’s a for real pederast politician what wrote a book about the joys and regrets associated with pedophilia. France is weird but that really does strain credulity I think.

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  33. Jim Webb excerpts can be found here. I only brought it up because the whole ‘asian boy’ theme was similar.

    carlitos (e4a83c)

  34. and the question remains – minister of what culture?

    quasimodo (4af144)

  35. I have always called waiters “gargoyle.” I hope my memoirs don’t get all screwed up because of this.

    carlitos (e4a83c)

  36. JD @17

    If I were you I would not admit to knowing that. now we should all stick our heads in a bucket of ammonia and clean them right out

    Comment by quasimodo — 10/8/2009 @ 10:09 am

    The dirty details about the Webb novel were revealed in the closing days of the 2006 campaign by Drudge and publicized by Michelle Malkin, among others. There was debate among conservatives (such as our gracious host) cautious about making more of it then it was worth, some saying they didn’t want to get in the muck with the Dems flogging the “macaca” remark.

    My thoughts were, “macaca” was nothing, and they made something of it. What did Allen boosters have to lose?

    L.N. Smithee (6938c0)

  37. Barbara

    presuming this was correct, what about the part where he said they were slaves.

    Its not much of a defense. Oh, he’s not a pedo, he just likes to rape adult men. and yes, if you are being force to do it, it is rape.

    A.W. (e7d72e)

  38. Minister of culture. Hmmmm. Minister of culture.
    Does he represent French culture, or is he supposed to influence it?
    Doesn’t sound like there’s a good answer, huh?

    Richard Aubrey (a9ba34)

  39. Perverts of a feather flock together.

    Comment by PCD — 10/8/2009 @ 7:25 am

    La Cage aux Pervertis?

    Mitch (890cbf)

  40. Is this still “vanilla sex”?

    I need a ruling on this.

    Mitch (890cbf)

  41. Is this still “vanilla sex”?

    Don’t think so. Fudgesicle would be a better guess.

    political agnostic (b48aff)

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    Gazzer’s Gabfest » Quelle surprise! (b98ad6)

  43. 5.Perverts of a feather flock together.

    Comment by PCD — 10/8/2009 @ 7:25 am

    Yes, they do. They network and support each other and share porn and information and are found in many influential positions. And when they are challenged they justify and obfuscate. Technically, to a pedo-supporter, Polanski would not be a pedophile because the girl he raped was thirteen (and Nastasia Kinski was fifteen). He would be an ephebophile.

    nk (df76d4)

  44. Y’all are a bunch of Frenchist homophobes.

    JD (c87796)

  45. Hey, I resemble that remark…and, some of my best friends are Frogs.

    AD - RtR/OS! (814db9)

  46. Obama has been silent on the Polanski flap. I wonder if Woody, Roman, Mitterand or other such Hollywood darling had their way with his girls if Michelle wouldn’t just rip off obamassiah’s dumbo ears.

    I wonder if the obama siblings are subjected to Jennings’ “Queering Elementrary Education” nostrums? I wonder if the girls have been counseled on Fisting like the NEA (Teachers’ union) wants done to all kids?

    PCD (4290e6)

  47. PCD – There is really no good reason to drag other people’s children into this. The facts alone are damning enough.

    JD (6a02c8)

  48. Thank you, JD.

    Machinist (79b3ab)

  49. Beside the obvious fact that he is a pedophile we also now know that he is stupid. First he writes about it in his book. Then, after he is given a very high profile position, he attracts attention to himself by commenting on an issue he himself should be avoiding like the plague.

    What an idiot!

    Brett (b4b7da)

  50. Birds of a feather, ….

    I think if I complete that phrase, I’ll get banned.

    So I won’t.

    JayC (7c1245)

  51. Almost by definition all Polanski supports are pedophiles…

    Lord Nazh (8d682b)

  52. Barbara appears to be correct at least in part (and I’m not saying she’s gotten any part wrong, just that I’ve only verified one part), namely as to the original book text. It just refers to boys, with no adjective preceding it. And in 2005, in promoting his book, he said he distinguished between young boys (“petits garcons,” literally small boys) and “boys” generally, implying he Got Busy only with young adult men.


    “Tous ces rituels de foire aux éphèbes, de marché aux esclaves, m’excitent énormément. La profusion de garçons immédiatement disponibles me met dans un état de désir que je n’ai plus besoin de réfréner ou d’occulter”, peut-on lire dans ce livre vendu à 190.000 exemplaires.

    En 2005, lors de deux émissions de télévision, Frédéric Mitterrand avait reconnu avoir payé pour faire l’amour mais nié avoir eu des relations avec des mineurs, affirmant faire la distinction entre “garçons” et “petits garçons”.

    Mitch (890cbf)

  53. éphèbes is teenagers

    nk (df76d4)

  54. You don’t have to look past the U.S. senate to find a pedophile who prefers young pre-teen boys for sex. Look to Va and see which of the two took a return trip to the far east recently. Read his book, it is not third person but about him. Larry Sinclair is right about president O’Dumbo being a homo and street drug user.

    Scrapiron (4e0dda)

  55. I’ve been reading articles and reactions on both the leftist Le Monde and the right-leaning Le Figaro to Mitterand’s appearance on TFI (TeleFranceI)last night.
    Mitterand said he was there to “defend his honor.” (Read: to keep his ministerial post that comes with a huge salary and privileges.)
    He acknowledged travelling for sex to Thailand, but said that was a mistake, but not criminal in any way, and that he never engaged in sex with “boys” (“garcons”). He only paid for sex with men of his age (approx. 40 years-old) or 5 years younger. He claimed that, in homosexual lingo, “garcon” means “girl” in hetero prostitution lingo, no matter the prostitute’s age. (One reader pointed out that, out of the some 800,000 prostitutes in Thailand only some 20,000 are adults. The rest are under-age boys and girls.)
    Mitterand also appealed emmotionally (read: con-artistically)to the audience to throw their first stone at him, since he was sure everybody in the audience was guilty of the same “mistake.”
    He also reaffirmed his defense of Polanski on account of the artistic community’s obligation to defend their own. One brilliant commenter quipped: If Polanski had been a farmer or a fisherman, would the Ministry of Agriculture be entitled to mount the same defense?
    Finally, Mitterand said it was was all about spite and black bile and revenge.

    Wtach this old, lecherous goat, admitted user of young, tiers-monde butts, in his all his splendor:

    Pansy (82381c)

  56. Mitterand also appealed emmotionally (read: con-artistically)to the audience to throw their first stone at him

    Apparently I need to start going to those shows with a rock in my pocket…

    “I ask any of you, if you think you are worthy, to cast the first stone… I think *POW*”

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  57. president O’Dumbo being a homo


    happyfeet (6b707a)

  58. JD and Machinist,


    PCD (4290e6)

  59. …implying he Got Busy only with young adult men.

    Comment by Mitch — 10/8/2009 @ 4:37 pm

    That’s an pedo-apologist stretch if ever there was one. It implies no such thing. He’s differentiating between little kids and older kids. That’s whe he specifies boys, not young men.

    Now, where’s my pet rock? He’s got a suicide mission in France.

    Matador (ad4464)

  60. #59 PCD,
    Because we are not them. I will not lie or attack and smear kids because they do it. Their lack of honor will not induce me to throw mine away.

    I can’t speak for JD but those are my answers.

    Thanks for asking.

    Machinist (79b3ab)

  61. PCD – Other peoples children have no place in this discussion. We do not have to agree. I think it is wrong wrong wrong, and stated my opinion. You are free to do as you choose. Allah know I can be a jackass with the best of them.

    JD (b8912c)

  62. Sounds like we need Mona in this discussion for some obtuse definitional help or SEK to redefine some words for us.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  63. daley, I suspect you are having way too much fun with the SEKs and Monas of the interwebs. :)

    Dana (863a65)

  64. happy feet schooled me earlier. I’m keeping my comments shorter:

    Thank God, goats can’t talk.

    Ag80 (d1363b)

  65. Well, at least the guy ain’t a hypocrite. That’s all that matters to the left, right?

    Xrlq (ad4d8e)

  66. Polanksy, the frog, and half the Republican Party. Brothers under the skin!

    [Released from filter. — DRJ]

    Amused As Hell (66858c)

  67. I don’t get it.

    from wikipedia:

    “Prostitution has been illegal in Thailand since 1960, when a law was passed under pressure from the United Nations. However, the prohibition is seldom enforced./ Today prostitution is illegal in Thailand”

    So when the French Minister says he DIDN’T commit any crimes by exploiting paid Thai sexual tourism over the years, isn’t he blatantly lying, without even considering if it was with minors?,,4837648,00-une-erreur-oui-un-crime-non-une-faute-meme-pas-.html

    John Sinclair (d2e160)

  68. Do you know what’s wrong with the French?
    They don’t have a word for entrepreneur.

    Mike (b50cba)

  69. Comment by Mike — 10/13/2009 @ 12:28 pm

    Sure they do: Ugly-American!

    AD - RtR/OS! (48d3c8)

  70. WTF!!! Culture Minister? I’m guessing that most of the leaders today have their own dark secrets.

    Richard (30798a)

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