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ACORN in San Bernardino, Continued

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The second video was added today:

Big Government also reports the San Bernardino Police Department is investigating an alleged homicide discussed by the ACORN representative in the first video, above. The linked police report states the representative’s ex-husbands are alive. That’s good news for her and for them.

Also, BigGovernment’s editor said it has more videos to release.


10 Responses to “ACORN in San Bernardino, Continued”

  1. Obama should be tarred with the Acorn brush because he wants (wanted?) them to do the upcoming census. Ya think they aren’t afraid of stuffing the ballot box?

    Alta Bob (cbd109)

  2. What a classy ACORN lady. Spoken like a true hoooker.

    Duke Nukem (d9d8ce)

  3. Alta, not only is Obama linked politically to Acorn, Obama worked for Acorn. And hired Acorn. And told Acorn he was counting on them to shape policy.

    Obama is Acorn. This is the insides of Chicago style politics. Will the people ever know? they don’t seem to give a shit about Rev Wright or Bill Ayers.

    Juan (bd4b30)

  4. “known former husbands”. Doesn’t California recognize common law marriage, BTW?

    nk (df76d4)

  5. “Doesn’t California recognize common law marriage, BTW?”

    Only if you come from a state where common law marriages are valid.

    Dave Surls (6c17f7)

  6. Come on, Chicago! Let’s see that vid next.

    Dmac (a93b13)

  7. Juan’s correct. Obama worked for ACORN and hired ACORN, and his administration has been the one pushing for federal funding of this criminal organization after investigations into voter fraud and intimidation had begun.

    Does anybody really think that ACORN employees wouldn’t follow orders from their financiers if that order was the fraudulent stuffing of ballot boxes? These guys are ok with underage prostitution, and Obama wanted them to be a part of the Census, the organization that supplies the FEC with its data.

    In short, one of ACORN’s jobs was to get in place to steal elections.

    Maybe that’s why your elected representatives don’t feel they need to listen to you anymore.

    I’ll give Stewart more credit when he presents already available information that shows Obama’s link to ACORN.

    By the way, did anyone notice in Stewart’s presentation that he said that there was essentially ‘no evidence’ of voter fraud by ACORN? Really? With Holder running things?

    The reason for ACORN’s existence is to receive funding and follow orders from the DNC and Soros. It is the lifeboat for the party should their scams remove them from power. ACORN needs to be disbanded, along with any subsequent organizational fronts.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  8. By the way, did anyone notice in Stewart’s presentation that he said that there was essentially ‘no evidence’ of voter fraud by ACORN?


    Why did he slip that in there? He said that the concerned never panned out, but they panned out into hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions of fraudulent voter registrations, which makes it damn near impossible to effectively screen for fraud in this area. And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

    I personally deserve some blame for this. I had a chance to push the issue at one point in my career, back when the GOP had the house and I was working for one of the committees on HAVA compliance. I doubt I’ll ever repay that little debt. We need to see voter fraud as a holistic problem requiring investigations, IDs, and prison sentences.

    Juan (bd4b30)

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