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Petty Things

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Here are some petty things that annoy me, if only for a minute:

  • Kanye West thinking he can take the stage whenever he wants, even though it ruined Taylor Swift’s winning moment.
  • Politico implying that former Bush media adviser Mark McKinnon speaks for Republicans when he said Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst shows “their party is becoming known less for the power of its ideals and more for the pettiness of its vitriol.” McKinnon is the voice of the GOP now because he supports Obama. But in 1999, when McKinnon worked for George Bush, Time Magazine described him as a long-time Democrat intent on selling “his fellow Democrats” on George Bush.
  • Here’s one thing that isn’t petty. It’s a sad day when an American political leader like Sen. Diane Feinstein and a terrorist like Osama bin Laden agree it’s time for the U.S. to set a date to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan.

    — DRJ

    62 Responses to “Petty Things”

    1. Wow, that was faster work than anyone thought. Not only is Obama getting ready to cut and run from Iraq, but in eight short months he’s convinced the Democrats in Congress to cut and run in Afghanistan.

      What do they think a Taliban superstate encompassing Afghanistan and Pakistan will do, satisfy itself with contemplating its navel?

      And what will Iran do, once its eastern and western flanks are both clear of American pressure?

      And once Iran has nuclear weapons, what will the Gulf Arab sheikhs do — kowtow to Iran, or take Obama’s word that he’ll protect them (or at least avenge them after the Iranians have annihilated them and their people)?

      stuiec (dc3597)

    2. Regarding Kanye West’s bizarre ego issue, I recommend the decidedly not safe for work parody song that Carlos Mencia did on his television show a couple of years ago. It’s based on West’s song “Gold Digger,” and it was made after an interview when West claimed that he would be in the Bible if it were written nowadays.

      You don’t have to like Mencia to find the video funny in a very, very rough way. My favorite bit isn’t at all crude.

      “He claims he’s been in the ghetto for eighteen years
      But he’s being Theo Huxtable for his money.
      Calm down, Kanye, settle down.
      ‘Cause in the ‘hood you ain’t down.”


      So every time Mr. West holds forth, I smile and think of Theo Huxtable. It helps.

      Eric Blair (721b15)

    3. ‘Feinstein, who leads the Senate Intelligence Committee, said she supported training the Afghan security forces but did not believe U.S. goals in Afghanistan had been outlined clearly.’

      ‘”My view is that the mission has to be very clear. I believe it is not now,” she said. “I do not believe we can build a democratic state in Afghanistan. I believe it will remain a tribal entity.”‘

      ‘She called for a specific date for the withdrawal of American forces.’

      Withdrawal of American forces from where? Korea? Europe? Diego Garcia? Any specific withdrawal date for those forces?

      Or do they stay forever because Democrats put them there?

      That being said, I’m perfectly o.k. with pulling out of Afghanistan. As far as I’m concerned, our military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan are punitive expeditions aimed at destroying, or failing that, hurting our enemies as badly as we can…and nothing more.

      We can always go right back in if we need to.

      Dave Surls (b1282f)

    4. Mr Surls, read “Love My Rifle More Than You”. It was written by a self-declared liberal who was in Iraq in uniform. And I strongly suggest everyone find a copy of the (out of print) book and read it.

      John Hitchcock (3fd153)

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    6. The things wrong with kanye are too many to list.

      Amazingly, his blog (where his all-caps, interrupted-in-the-middle-to-again-praise-Beyonce’s-video appeared during the VMAs because his ass was ejected after his stunt) isn’t accepting new registrations at the moment (having an account is the only way you can comment on his entries).

      It should be noted that he gives, in his next post, a shout out to an equally classless person, Serena Williams, who’s inability to display anything even remotely resembling class or dignity cost her game-set-match point in the Open, causing her lose her match.

      I’m not surprised he would consider her some who deserves a shout-out.

      Kayne is a no-talent hack. A tool of the highest order. An utter douchbag. As Pink said “the biggest piece of shit on earth“.

      Props to Beyonce, though, who upon getting an award called Ms Swift to the stage to give the acceptance speech she earned the right to give.

      And the runner-up for the title of “Biggest douchbag in the world” is Mr. Wale, the house band’s MC, who said to the crowd “You can’t fault a man for speaking his mind”.

      Yes. Yes we can. Watch us. We’re doing it right now, actually.

      It’s telling that when Kanye’s name came up later, the crowd responded with boo’s.

      Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

    7. Poor little bed-wetter Kanye. He whines that GWB “hates black people”, when he does not. However, if he did, you would be a prime reason. Most people dislike West, I think hate is too strong, because he is a detestable human being who happens to also be black. It’s like when the equally horrid Perez Hilton rabbits on about those who hate “teh gays”. We don’t. However, I despise you as a rotten human, who happens to also be gay. Big difference. Taylor Swift’s big night ruined by this egotistical fool. I would love to see the footage of Kanye being ejected, what with him all bowing up with his entourage. According to Rolling Stone, Ms Knowles invited Ms Swift onto the stage later on, and gave her some of her own TV time, which shows a modicum of class. He needs a solid beating. It would help build his character.

      Gazzer (22ecdc)

    8. John,

      Seems to be okay.

      Stashiu3 (ed6467)

    9. The site itself is up, but the blog (all of it) appears to be gone…

      It’s ok though… I screen-cap’d it. :)

      Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

    10. Well done, Scott.

      DRJ (b0cdd4)

    11. Site upgrades in progress

      We’re upgrading the site so we had to temporarily make it unavailable. Don’t worry, we’ll have everything put back together in a jiffy so please check back later.

      John Hitchcock (3fd153)

    12. That’s what I get when I hit the kanye link.

      John Hitchcock (3fd153)

    13. Just call good old Kanye “Theo Huxtable.”

      He likes to play gangsta, but if you look at his background…um…not so much.


      Whatever happened to Vanilla Ice? Kanye should think about that.

      Eric Blair (721b15)

    14. At least Milli Vinilli had style. And the music was good.

      John Hitchcock (3fd153)

    15. ‘Mr Surls, read “Love My Rifle More Than You”.’

      Will do. It’s on my “to buy” list.

      Dave Surls (b1282f)

    16. K West took the mike from the white girl because he knew he could. He knew there would not be a single man to protect her after 40 years of multicultural, politically correct emasculation of American men. To intercede would indicate 1) racism – attempting to correct a black man, and 2) sexism – assuming that the always strong independent woman could not protect herself. Despite the woman’s impotent crying after the spectacle. We have outlawed manliness in America, excepting the feral brutishness of amoral males…dawg.

      Jim (5b1794)

    17. Didn’t Obama promise to get Osama? as in campaign promise?

      Great! He keeps the lefty promises and jettisons the moderate ones.

      It’s too bad that no one warned the country about what he was going to be like.

      Oh, wait!

      Some of us did

      Icy Texan (259a85)

    18. Hey Kayne………say “Fish Sticks”.

      Techie (482700)

    19. Petty things … Sports announcers that say “scoring the ball”. I hate that.

      JD (3bd141)

    20. I have thrown things after hearing the phrase “high rate of speed”…

      Scott Jacobs (445f98)

    21. My pet peeve is people who love to boast that they take their ideology from Ayn Rand then protest when you accuse them of being selfish.

      Unapologetic Mexican (08580c)

    22. Personal responsibility is totally selfish. Who knew?

      pesto (44bf37)

    23. Comment by Unapologetic Mexican — 9/14/2009 @ 5:42 am

      When people accuse me of “being selfish”, I thank them, and say that I didn’t know they were familiar with the work of Any Rand…

      Scott Jacobs (445f98)

    24. Does anyone else remember when Rolling Stone magazine put Kanye West on its cover – wearing a crown of thorns?

      Anyway, Kanye and Serena W. would make a great couple, although they’d probably spend most of their time fighting over the mirror.

      In the meantime, here’s hoping Kanye makes an appointment with his mom’s plastic surgeon.

      Bubba Maximus (456175)

    25. I swear to god, if I were Swift’s dad, I’d have found West back-stage before he got booted, and kicked his ass.

      Then again, if I were Swift’s father, I would need serious therapy, because I keep having this thoughts…

      But don’t worry, PFC Pico… Never would I stray (and not just because I’m pretty sure you could take me).


      Scott Jacobs (445f98)

    26. 14, Eric, last I saw, Rob “Vanilla Ice” Van Winkle was on Clebrity Bull riding learning how to ride a bull with other former celebrities like Dan “Gladiator Nitro” Clark, Leif Garrett, Johnny Fairplay, Stephen Baldwin, “Rocket” Ismail, and being taught by Ty Murray, current husband of Jewel.

      Oh, watching Vanilla Ice try to run a race with the Rocket and a drunk redneck while his pants fell around his ankles was very entertaining. Makes me think methaphorically how Liberals think and debate.

      PCD (02f8c1)

    27. There is something very wrong with this Jacobs person.

      JD (3bd141)

    28. This whole little rap/hip-hop fad is wearing a lot thin I think.

      happyfeet (6b707a)

    29. Since I would not be caught dead watching music awards, I missed the scene but am not surprised by this behavior among protected classes. What I did see was a lot of comment about the presence of Olberman on NBCs Sunday NIght Football pregame and halftime shows. I wonder how long that will last.

      I did wonder about the Mark MacKinnon character. Typical but the MSM is Pravda and the internet is the samizdat more and more.

      Afghanistan is being fought with ROE designed by Obama appointed DoJ lawyers. I don’t think the military needs to be subjected to that. An Obama war would look like Clinton in Kosovo, bombing dummy tanks from 20,000 feet. We are in for a few more years of ineptitude. With luck, 2010 will see the end of Speaker Pelosi. I think this is going to be worse than Carter unless that happens. I can’t think of a comparable period except maybe the Wilson administration after his stroke when Mrs Wilson was running the country.

      Mike K (addb13)

    30. And for what it’s worth, Beyonce was a class act later when she won best Video of the Year.

      Scott Jacobs (445f98)

    31. How can you blame Kanye West for something that was clearly the fault of Courvoisier?

      gp (72be5d)

    32. Beyonce is a nice Texan girl. She works very hard. Also she is very pretty.

      happyfeet (6b707a)

    33. 36, and she’s very married, happy.

      PCD (02f8c1)

    34. Democrats don’t know what decorum is. I could prove that with several URLs and YouTubes, but that means nothing to the left. Just remember, it was Rep. Loretta Sanchez(-Brixey) that wanted to hold a Democrat fundraiser in the hot tubs of the Playboy mansion. I wonder if she was planning a topless photo shoot, too.

      PCD (02f8c1)

    35. To Jay Z, isn’t she?

      Jay-Z, who’s one of Kanye’s “boys” or whatever… When he mentioned Kanye, he got boo’d…

      I suspect that Kanye won’t be invited over for dinner and drinks for a while…

      Scott Jacobs (445f98)

    36. Comment by PCD — 9/14/2009 @ 7:56 am

      If she’s hot, I fully support her in this.

      If she looks like Speaker Pelosi, however, I must object.

      Scott Jacobs (445f98)

    37. Kanye West. Great Artiste. Complete Assh*le.

      The Emperor (0c8c2c)

    38. I do not care for this clown in the least, but he has endured some things with the loss of his mother than I would not wish on anyone.

      JD (7510a7)

    39. Comment by JD — 9/14/2009 @ 8:23 am


      But not only does that not absolve him (and seriously, the guy’s life ain’t been near as rough as he’d like you to believe), but I suspect she’s have beat his ass were she alive.

      I bet she tried to raise him better than that.

      Scott Jacobs (445f98)

    40. @43
      Scotty is right. His mum would not have been happy about that. I think he needs a real woman in his life. A mother figure.

      The Emperor (0c8c2c)

    41. 44, You volunteering?

      PCD (02f8c1)

    42. Much ado about nothings. There’s music and then there are music videos.

      Q. What is the definition of tone-deafness?
      A. A blind man listening to The Spice Girls.

      nk (df76d4)

    43. Great Artiste? Kanye West is a talentless hack who should get down on his knees and thank whatever deity he worships that he’s been lucky enough to become so wealthy and successful on such a paltry amount of creativity. He is a useless clown, an ignorant racist twit, and an immature loser. F that douche.

      SPC Jack Klompus (c1922b)

    44. Wasn’t Kanye once hailed as the “smartest man in pop music”?

      The bar for that must be even lower than my most cynical jokes about the claim.

      PCachu (e072b7)

    45. The fact that so many folks – particularly those in the MSM – consider Kanye an “artist” is just another sign of our “cultural” decline.

      Speaking of which: have y’all seen the preview for the new Michael Moore movie that’s coming out next month? It’s called “Capitalism: A Love Story”.

      The preview shows Moore standing outside somebody’s corporate headquarters with a megaphone, demanding that the company execs turn themselves in to the law.

      Bubba Maximus (456175)

    46. Makes sense. Fat f**k Moore has as big a love affair with capitalism as he does with cheeseburgers. Find your market, sell, profit. He’s got that formula down perfect. Every pseudo-prog dork on the planet fellates him at the box office every time he puts out his tripe and he laughs all the way back to his penthouse.

      SPC Jack Klompus (c1922b)

    47. The target of his bile is AIG!

      AD - RtR/OS! (5c940e)

    48. Bubba, someone should have hit him from the building with a yellow water balloon.

      PCD (02f8c1)

    49. @45
      No, you can take the job. Not interested. I bet you will make a good mum to Kanye.

      The Emperor (0c8c2c)

    50. Kanye’s skin color makes his antics so relevant for the small minded…

      Unapologetic Mexican (08580c)

    51. 54.Kanye’s skin color makes his antics so relevant for the small minded…

      Comment by Unapologetic Mexican — 9/14/2009 @ 3:31 pm

      Just go out there and bus that table. We have customers waiting.

      nk (df76d4)

    52. Kanye’s antics are relevant cause he accosted a white woman on behalf of a black woman just when Maureen Dowd and NPR are hearing racist voices in their heads cause of Mr. Wilson told little president man that he was a liar.

      Beyond that, NPR further explores how it be relevant.

      happyfeet (6b707a)

    53. Say folks, did you catch this?

      Sure, it was off record. But I see it as a good comment from the President. Decorum or not, the President was quite correct about Mr. West.

      Eric Blair (0b61b2)

    54. You think it was on purpose off record or oopsidentally off record? ABC is all ate up with obeisance so I know which one I think it was.

      happyfeet (6b707a)

    55. I think it is very possible that some staffer tweeted it because he thought it was so cool that Obama was just a regular guy.

      But really, unless Obama fears speaking against the great Kayne West, you’d think he would openly embrace the statement since there’s no way it would do anything but improve his approval ratings.

      Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

    56. 53, I’m a guy. As a father, I’d take the bum out to the woodshed, and I guarantee he’d feel it through the cognac.

      PCD (02f8c1)

    57. McKinnon was on the Phony from Philly’s show saying the GOP ought to just surrender and become Democrats.

      PCD (02f8c1)

    58. W didn’t even seem to notice this kind of stupid crap.

      MTV had a fake outrage, and Kanye is willing to be a clown and entertain white girls. Nothing new, but why does the president even care about this? I’ve got better things to do than pay attention to MTV’s awards show… doesn’t Obama?

      Juan (bd4b30)

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