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U.S. Threatens Not to Recognize Results of Honduran Election in November

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Obama Administration is threatening not to recognize the results of the Honduran Presidential election scheduled for November:

“Based on conditions as they currently exist, we cannot recognize the results of this election. So for the de facto regime, they’re now in a box,” said State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley. “And they will have to sign on to the San Jose accords to get out of the box.” He was referring to the plan for Zelaya’s return, which was negotiated in the Costa Rican capital.

The announcement amounted to a gamble that the threat would finally force the de facto government to back down. So far, that government, led by longtime congressman Roberto Micheletti, has resisted intense international pressure, both economic and political. Its members argue that Zelaya’s removal was legal because he had violated the constitution by organizing a referendum that could have allowed him to evade the one-term limit for the presidency.”

The United States also formally terminated $30M in aid to Honduras.

This goes against everything America stands for in the world: Free elections, democracy, and the rule of law. The Obama Administration was willing to work with Ahmadinejad in Iran despite credible evidence the election had been fixed, but now it’s willing to negate a democratic election before it’s even held? This is wrong.


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  1. Obama’s stance towards Honduras does not surprise me at this point but it does disgust me. I think it shows his true colors–this is how he would treat us if he could get away with it.

    Is there any way to raise money for Honduras, or would that violate federal laws?

    Daryl Herbert (38e6a5)

  2. You put it best, DRJ:

    “The Obama Administration was willing to work with Ahmadinejad in Iran despite credible evidence the election had been fixed, but now it’s willing to negate a democratic election before it’s even held? This is wrong.”

    You see, that is different. Iran hates us. Honduras used to like us. But don’t worry. This will help the nutjob dictators and eventually get them in power, and then we can give them money and excuse them.

    It seems that all you need to do is hate the US and mouth socialist platitudes and the current administration bounds up to them like a golden retriever to give some wet sloppy kisses.

    Or so it seems.

    Eric Blair (721b15)

  3. Absolutely disgusting.

    Obama really is — pardon my acronym — a POS.

    And all the idiotic “leftys” who think they and their leader are such humane, beautiful, generous wonderful people are — excuse my acronym — one giant POS too.

    Mark (411533)

  4. That’s not something America would do, not recognizing November’s election.

    happyfeet (6b707a)

  5. Another proud moment for President Obama and his shrinking pool of supporters.

    Pons Asinorum (39c941)

  6. So, DRJ…you were writing earlier that you think BO is “smart.” I have to say that the last few days suggest, again, that while he might be smart (I’m starting to doubt it), he is certainly arrogant and very tone deaf.

    I mean, look at these events!

    Too bad we didn’t have a stupid Texan bumpkin in office, right? This guy is all smooth and polished and oh so sharp.

    Um. Not so much.

    Eric Blair (721b15)

  7. Yes, I think Obama is smart. He’s accomplished many of his goals in 7 months, including some I would not have thought possible a year ago. In addition, I learned a long time ago never to underestimate people.

    DRJ (3f5471)

  8. What we need is a George Soros of the right who would simply send Honduras the $30 million that the State Department is withholding. I am generally not a fan of working against America’s official foreign policy, but if the Jimmy Carters and Ted Turners and Sean Penns and others are going to do it when it suits their purposes, we ought to do it when it suits ours.

    JVW (d1215a)

  9. What with ACORN vote tampering and Obama’s many lies just to get himself elected, I wonder if the Hondurans could ignore our November 2008 election results?

    DRJ, what are Obama’s accomplishments? Other than getting elected and managing to piss off most of the electorate, I don’t see him as being ‘successful’ so far. Cap and Trade? Really? Once that’s seen for the economic drag that it is it will be scuttled by anyone wishing to remain in office.

    I’ll say it, the Obama Administration are scumbag thieves, and part of their scam is to eliminate any actual democratic voices.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  10. Well, I trust your judgement, DRJ. And your final warning is absolutely wise.

    But just how much greater would his accomplishments have been without tax cheats in charge of the Treasury (after, as you know, lambasting Republicans for ethical lapses). There is a laundry list of other bonehead moves I mentioned above. Rookie moves. Moves made from overconfidence, and never having been challenged. The dumb moves he has made are very tone deaf and take away from what he said he wanted to accomplish.

    But he is really, really, really good at blaming other people for his own choices.

    It’s his administration. He owns it. I don’t think that the famous bus (under which he threw a quite a few people he would “never abandon”) exists anymore.

    If nothing else, this demonstrates why Senators are not good choices for President, on any side of the aisle. Governors have to, well, lead. And that is an important characteristic for being President, which is no picnic.

    Eric Blair (721b15)

  11. Obama could ask the U.N. to supervise the Honduran elections since they’re not as corrupt as his own administration that would be a step in the right direction.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  12. I worry about Honduras and our poor farmers in California that had 90% of their water withheld because of some fish. President Obama only seems to hurt everything he touches. I don’t think anyone could be that stupid, so I must assume it is his plan.

    Waneve (96e86d)

  13. What was it Tom Lehrer sang? Oh, yes…

    “They’ve got to be protected, all their rights respected,
    Till someone we like can be elected…”

    Will Obama send the Marines? Only time will tell.

    technomad (eefe5a)

  14. Where the hell are the Republicans in Congress on this? For that matter where the hell are the not-so-loonie Democrats? With all that’s going on, the closer we are being pushed to the socialist society by the radicals we now have in powerful positions in our government, where the hell’s the rest of them? You Democrats out there should hang your heads in shame, most of you know what’s going on and have front row seats to the fundamental dismantling of the greatest country that ever graced the planet and you’re letting a bunch of socialist “hippies” who finally are in position of power, that have only “theories” they concoct in their ivory towers while they watch the rest of America work for a living and you’re doing nothing? Republicans are the minority power. It takes little courage to oppose the majority. But you Democrats are disgracing yourselves and your nation and history will judge you for your lack of patriotism and especially your lack of courage. Go hide under the bed and watch REAL Americans with REAL courage do the job that shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place! Cowards!

    Dave B (7c95d5)

  15. Apogee,

    Here are just a few of Obama’s accomplishments in the eyes of his supporters:

    1. Reinstated federal funding for abortion.

    2. Nominated and obtained confirmation to the Supreme Court of a clearly liberal candidate.

    3. Appointed Cabinet members and executive-level czars who have significant influence and power in their areas of influence — powers that they are able to use almost unchecked. E.G., Eric Holder has already used his power to begin investigations of Bush era actions and interrogations in the war on terror and to protect liberals like Bill Richardson and the Philadelphia black power defendants. In another area, the Environmental Protection Agency declared carbon dioxide a threat to human health and thus took the first step towards regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. These are just the ones we’ve heard about. Multiply this by every agency, department and czar and you can imagine how many things are changing under the radar.

    4. In addition to what I think will be an eventual health care bill (although how extensive it will be remains to be seen), Congress is considering taking greater control over the Federal Reserve and has already dramatically extended its control over American banking and business. See GM, Chrysler, AIG, the bank bailouts, etc.

    Further, cap-and-trade is still on the table and it alone could bankrupt America. Finally, Congress will remain Democratic until November 2010 so there is ample time to consider immigration/amnesty, windfall profits on oil companies, tax increases on “the rich,” the repeal of the death tax, and many other topics that will seem tame compared to Obama’s agenda to date.

    5. Has taken or is considering steps to end America’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    6. Has signaled a desire to work more closely with regimes in Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, and Muslim nations in the Middle East while distancing the U.S. from traditional allies like Israel and moderate Latin American nations like Honduras.

    7. Is dismantling Gitmo and other War on Terror tools in a way that is granting more power to the Executive Branch with less oversight.

    8. Is apparently willing to reduce America’s nuclear arsenal and give up the Eastern European missile defense shield as a unilateral concession to Russia.

    Given a Democratic Congress, perhaps any Democratic President would have accomplished these things but I don’t think that’s a given. And Obama was able to accomplish his goals despite, or perhaps because of, the economic uncertainty of the past year.

    In sum, while I don’t agree with many and perhaps all of Obama’s achievements, I think they are nevertheless significant.

    DRJ (3f5471)

  16. “The Obama Administration is threatening not to recognize the results of the Honduran Presidential election scheduled for November:”

    So we’re going to recognize one-party governments in places like the PRC, and North Korea…but not an elected government in Honduras.

    Stuff like that could only happen in Obamaland.

    Dave Surls (7345b1)

  17. ‘DEFENSE SECRETARY Robert M. Gates earned modest headlines in the United States this week for playing down the possibility of a “grand bargain” with Iran after a meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. But al-Jazeera, the leading media outlet of the Arab Middle East, focused on an entirely different piece of news out of Mr. Gates’s Cairo news conference. Asked whether U.S. aid to Egypt would be linked in the future to democracy or human rights, the Pentagon chief answered that “foreign military financing” for Mr. Mubarak’s autocracy “should be without conditions. And that is our sustained position.”‘

    So…we’re going to continue to pour billions of dollars a year into a despotic government in Egypt “without conditions”, but we’re going to cut off the small amount of aid we give to Honduras because we don’t like the way THEIR government operates?

    This has to be the stupidest administration in U.S. history.

    And, that’s saying something.

    Dave Surls (7345b1)

  18. Say, wasn’t there a presidential casndidate, not so long ago, who promised to the world that the U.S. was going to stop throwing its weight around, and that we would NEVER presume to tell another country how to run their government?

    Unless, of course, it’s Honduras. Then, yeah, well, he was speaking, you know, metaphorically.

    Steve B (5eacf6)

  19. “RAMALLAH, West Bank — The United States has transferred $200 million to the Palestinian government to help ease a growing budget deficit, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday…”

    “Earlier this year, the Obama administration pledged $900 million in aid to the Palestinians, and the $200 million in budget support announced Friday are part of that sum.”–Reuters

    We certainly have interesting foreign policies.

    Dave Surls (7345b1)

  20. DRJ wrote:

    This goes against everything America stands for in the world: Free elections, democracy, and the rule of law. The Obama Administration was willing to work with Ahmadinejad in Iran despite credible evidence the election had been fixed, but now it’s willing to negate a democratic election before it’s even held? This is wrong.

    And this surprises you because . . . ?

    Even if we were to assume that the left’s characterization of this — which it seems our 44th President swallows — that this was nothing but a blatant military coup, we always accepted as legitimate civilian governments which were elected to end military rule. In this case, we would be doing something entirely different: refusing to recognize a civilian government to end a government set up by military coup.

    It seems that we have a foreign policy set by sophomores.

    The unsurprised Dana (3e4784)

  21. […] DRJ of Patterico’s Pontifications has noted that the Obama Administration has threatened to not recognize the civilian government to be elected in Honduras this November. The U.S. government on Thursday toughened its stance against Honduras’s coup leaders and supporters, threatening to put them “in a box” by not recognizing the winner of a presidential election set for November. […]

    Common Sense Political Thought » Blog Archive » A foreign policy devised by sophomores (73d96f)

  22. Dear “Comment by Dave B — 9/4/2009 @ 12:09 am”
    I found one
    “The U.S. approach to friends and foes is completely backwards. While appeasing the enemies of freedom worldwide, we punish those in Honduras struggling to preserve the rule of law, fundamental liberties, and democratic values,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.) said in a statement.
    WasPost this morning. Maybe there is (I hate using the word) hope.

    AGuyFromJersey (a491b6)

  23. Buying more ammo and canned goods………….

    krusher (6b6316)

  24. Once again I’ve seen multiple references to how smart President Obama is supposed to be.

    If he is so smart, how come he has never released his grades for college and law school? Why was he never offered tenure as a professor?

    Obama is surrounded by a lot of smart people, but he isn’t one of them. Obama is only the front man, kind of like a news anchor. Obama performs his roll well, but really does not understand what is going on, as we see again, and again and again, every time he goes off teleprompter. And lets face it, it is probably only a matter of time before Obama reads something really stupid off of his teleprompter, without knowing it.

    His electoral success has relied on political machines that were made by some one else. He was pulled over the finish line by the MSM, who have never vetted him properly.

    Obama would likely have been a star as a debate coach, but he has no idea how to govern, as we are now seeing.

    He is a woefully ignorant man, who has no basic knowledge of economics, science (or the scientific method) or history.

    I hope that he pays for his ignorance, but I fear that US citizens will be stuck with the bill.

    jack (e383ed)

  25. Obama is surrounded by a lot of smart people, but he isn’t one of them

    I tend to agree with this even though they don’t seem to pay their taxes. Maybe that is smart. I, too, have my doubts that he is as well educated in the things that are required for governing. Maybe he should have been elected national philosopher, instead.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  26. But he reads Edmund Burke! He’s an intellectual! David Brooks likes him!

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  27. “This is wrong.”

    The perfect sentence for the entire Obama administration.

    GM Roper (85dcd7)

  28. Yeah, let’s see the Hahvaad graduate’s book report on Burke – or for that matter, Adam Smith. Wait, who’s Adam Smith?

    Dmac (a93b13)

  29. “Don’t call me an ape. Ape’s don’t read Nietzsche!”


    (at the risk of ruining the humor, let me clarify/disclaim that I am intending any racism implying Obama is an “ape” but re-using a movie quote from “A Fish Called Wanda” in which someone who THOUGHT he was much smarter than he was was being schooled.)

    rtrski (b47753)

  30. (sigh) “NOT” intending…. hoist by my own disclaimer.

    rtrski (b47753)

  31. One of the many appalling facts in that New Republic article on the Obama/Brooks bromance, is Brooks’ admiration for David Axelrod:

    Take Obama’s senior adviser, David Axelrod, whose career Brooks kept a close eye on after he graduated from the University of Chicago in 1983 and took a job at the City News Bureau, a Chicago wire service. At the time, Axelrod was the lead City Hall reporter for the Chicago Tribune. “I followed his career because he was who I wanted to be,” Brooks told me. “He was a hero.”

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  32. Great going Party of Marxist Lawyers!

    Your quest to kill Liberty around the world is your superior act of great injustice; you have served your tyrannical profession quite well.

    Lawyers Unite-you can be so very proud of the misery you have brought upon God’s Freedom.

    syn (28bd8b)

  33. The government is run by a bunch of cockroaches. Even cockroaches are smart in their own way.

    tmac (f9e092)

  34. Wow is that complete BS. We cut aid to them and won’t recognize them. I wonder when we will enact a trade embargo to get our way?

    Shakes (a2aaff)

  35. Q: How do you know when Obama is lying?…

    Our current administration is threatening to make Honduras country-non-grata because they refused to allow our Executive Branch to dictate who should govern their country. And yet, I found myself musing over several remembered statements by The One …..

    Tattered Bits of Brain (59ce3a)

  36. Bradley, that’s the most disturbing thing I’ve read yet about Brooks in his continuing descent into widespread hackery. Thank you for pointing it out – but not too surprising, given his recent utterances. He must really be worried about not being invited to all the cool kid parties in DC these days.

    Dmac (a93b13)

  37. In ’08, the American People voted for “Hope and Change”.
    When all of the Changes are accomplished, it seems that all of our Hope will have been extinguished – that certainly seems to be the case facing the Honduran People.
    Perhaps now would be the time to form a new “Lincoln Brigade” to join with the Honduran People in resisting the approaching Fascism/Socialism/Chavismo tide that is threatening to overwhelm their fragile democracy?

    AD - RtR/OS! (5b5739)

  38. I guess Barry wants an all-left American hemisphere (with him in charge, of course). Isn’t Lightworker of America enough?

    Patricia (7aaa75)

  39. Perhaps now would be the time to form a new “Lincoln Brigade” to join with the Honduran People in resisting the approaching Fascism/Socialism/Chavismo tide that is threatening to overwhelm their fragile democracy?

    Comment by AD – RtR/OS! — 9/4/2009 @ 8:08 am

    Sigh. The only “Lincoln Brigade” down there will be formed by Chavez and Castro the way Monica Lewinski’s lover’s wife is handling it.

    nk (df76d4)

  40. I second Dave B @ 14.

    Don’t lib congressmen always take trips to commie countries to give hugs and show support? How many of our idiots have been down to Venezuela to prop up Chavez? But do Republican legislators ever consider flying down to Honduras for a photo op with a free government?

    Maybe they could pull Jimmie Carter’s playbook and offer to mediate between Honduras and Obama – and then come back here with legislation to send money to our brave allies.

    I often wonder what good it does to elect these people. In the past it was always “to stop the leftward drift of the country.” But that’s looking like a lost cause – or at least one that Congress won’t be helping with.

    Gesundheit (47b0b8)

  41. If the U.S. threatens not to recognize the results of the Honduran election in November, I threaten not to recognize the results of the American election in November.

    Official Internet Data Office (0a0b35)

  42. This, by itself, is grounds for impeachment: adhering to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  43. Why are they doing this? I simply do not understand.

    JD (2d11f4)

  44. Comment by JD — 9/4/2009 @ 8:40 am

    Because they can; they know that their base will support them;
    and the opposition is a “tooth-less tiger”!

    AD - RtR/OS! (5b5739)

  45. Sure you do, JD. Honduras isn’t Left enough (or hates America enough) to earn this administration’s respect.

    I’m serious. If GWB liked it, they have to hate it. Period.

    I’ll be curious if they keep up GWB’s commitment of money and resources to reduce HIV in Africa. If they do, they will change the name, file off the serial numbers, and claim it as their own.

    Sigh. Amateurs.

    Eric Blair (0b61b2)

  46. Why are they doing this? I simply do not understand.
    Comment by JD — 9/4/2009 @ 8:40 am

    He is a true-believer JD.

    IMHO, President Obama has led the nation in this direction not because he is smart, but because he is a true-believer.

    I also strongly agree with Jack @24. (Again, IMHO) He hit the nail on the head.

    Pons Asinorum (39c941)

  47. Nobody’s yet convinced me that it is Obama who is really running this country. He is “present” in the WH (when he’s not out and about giving teleprompted speeches) but I don’t think we can assume that he is the one setting policy or making the big decisions. This, to me is even scarier than if he WERE the one doing that.

    elissa (366821)

  48. Nobody’s yet convinced me that it is Obama who is really running this country

    That’s because Glenn Beck is running this country.

    Official Internet Data Office (0a0b35)

  49. Personally, I can’t wait for the Secret Service tell-all books on this one.

    luagha (5cbe06)

  50. Just one more thing to add to the why I don’t trust Obama column. Do you people see this going on? Never would I ever dream the US would take such a stance. Have we gone back on believing in democracy people? Are you happy now and do you wish you had taken those rose-colored glasses off?

    Julie (63b287)

  51. if only Barry spoke Honduran…

    cts22 (837a16)

  52. Obama has smarts. But no wisdom, unfortunately. That combination is especially dangerous.

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  53. His “street smarts” are non – existent. That’s what happens when you’re brought up on an island and have little to no exposure to anyone that doesn’t confirm your extremely narrow viewpoints. BTW, the media here in Chicago never did any vetting of the guy, including his rise from a IL state senator to his last post in Congress. Even when he lost the one time in his life to Bobby Rush (for the House of Reps), no one in the media examined why he failed in the first place.

    Dmac (a93b13)

  54. Wow. Great. I wonder what kind of adverse effect THAT could have on our soldiers and Airmen in Honduras? We have a significant presence there (Joint Task Force Bravo) that does humanitarian relief, nation building, medical exercises in romote spots throughout Central America, etc. They have done tons of good throughout the six countries they work there. THey were first on the scene after Hurricane Mitch.

    I’m guessing Barry just put them in danger and ruined their efforts of the past several decades with one shot.

    MAJ (ret) Kev (d9db9c)

  55. […] US Threatens Not to Recognize Results of Honduran Election in November – Under Obama’s bus go the […]

    Friday News Round Up | The Lonely Conservative (79c154)

  56. […] US Threatens Not to Recognize Results of Honduran Election in November – Under Obama’s bus go the […]

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  57. […] US Threatens Not to Recognize Results of Honduran Election in November – Under Obama’s bus go the […]

    Friday News Round Up | The Lonely Conservative (79c154)

  58. Is there anything that Obama’s folks have done that refutes the idea that he is a socialist?

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  59. Kevin Murphy 12:51am –

    I’ve been thinking a lot about that question, and what bothers me is the liquid nature of the definition of ‘socialism’.

    Webster’s says this:

    1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
    2 a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
    3 : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done.

    From a quote by Alexis de Tocqueville:

    Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.

    The problem with these descriptions is that there is an implied goal of societal equality. Observing the actions of the Obama administration and their allocation of government perks, funds and power to politically connected allies, it becomes impossible to argue that equality is a goal at all.

    I prefer the quote from Orwell:

    The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink.

    Socialism isn’t a goal, it’s a tool. A tool to use as a motivator for all the other dense tools that are necessary for the great scam to progress. After freely giving up their liberty to advance “equality”, the tools will have exactly no basis to assess, or even complain about any further lack of equality.

    That’s why I lean towards the term ‘thieves’ to describe Barack Obama and his administration. The ruse of a socialist goal is simply an authoritarian angle. In fact, it’s just the elimination of the competition.

    It’s the ultimate company town, and labeling Obama & co. as socialists only reinforces the incorrect idea that they actually have a goal for society beyond their own personal enrichment at the expense of the electorate.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  60. DRJ – sorry it took so long for me to respond.

    I agree partially with your statement:
    Given a Democratic Congress, perhaps any Democratic President would have accomplished these things but I don’t think that’s a given.

    In your numbers 1-4, I agree that Obama has passed many things and appointed czars, but, with his initial popularity ratings and a congressional majority, I would be surprised if he didn’t pass those things. It’s not like he had to work all that hard. Really, what kind of resistance has he had, from either the media or his own party, at least until health care? As an example, Bill Clinton had to battle for anything he got after ’94, and if Obama loses Congress in 10, there will be quite a different story.

    I would be quite surprised at his administration’s stance on DADT, FISA, the release of documents and his acceptance of indefinite detention and rendition. I say would be because they make perfect sense when you stop thinking of Obama as a stealth socialist and realize that he’s a stealth mobster. Obama and his administration’s actions are all about the accrual of power.

    All this is happening quickly because Obama and his administration knows that the clock is ticking.

    As to #5- 8, only the actions against Honduras have transpired. The rest are still in ‘organizational’ stage, and are thus quite open to one of Obama’s classic ‘revisions’, which seem to coincide quite clearly with polling data.

    In short, Obama and his fellow democrats have rushed the stage. Whether they’re ejected from the venue or become the new act has yet to be seen. But as far as I’m concerned, they haven’t really changed anything that can’t be undone.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  61. First of all I want to thank everyone for their comments regarding the unfair treatment of Honduras in this situation.
    I am a US citizen living in Honduras. We have several US business interests here such as Wal Mart, Office Depot, McDonald´s, Burger King, Popeyes, Sbarros, Subway, Applebees, Chevrolet, Ford, shall I go on? I don´t really think it would break any laws for money to be donated to Honduras for use in its government as long as you aren´t donating to the elections which is illegal here.
    They have invited foreign observers to come in and any independent observation companies such as Jimmy Carter.
    I am so offended by the way Obama has acted in this situation. I realize the US news is very limited as to what is going on here…so I will give everyone a run down…
    1. There wasn´t a military coup..even Hillary knows this..the Military had an arrest warrant signed by the Supreme Court and Congress.

    2. Zelaya not only was violating the constitution and election laws he was also violating real common laws.

    3. Zelaya in one month spent 7 million dollars on his personal expenses and it wasn´t his money but government money. He purchased things such as $160,000 worth of jewelry and items for his horse.
    $8,000 worth of wine and cigars, hundreds of thousands on private plane and helicopter rentals when the state already provides him with West Wind..our equivilent of Air Force 1. Some $2,000 to repair his private motorcycle a Harley Davidson. Remember this is a third world country and this was expenses for one month of money that didn´t belong to him.
    I have written specific articles on the situation that is unfolding in Honduras.

    [note: fished from spam filter — Stashiu]

    LaGringaSPS (8b066a)

  62. Hey Stash – is there any way to put a link to the site on the right side of Patterico’s Pontifications?

    The huge demonstrations against Chavez in Honduras was news to me.

    And it shouldn’t be.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  63. Apogee, that’s one you need to ask Patterico about, and should because it’s a good idea.

    Stashiu3 (ed6467)

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