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“This is Your National Security Advisor”

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Quote of the Day regarding Obama’s National Security Advisor Gen. Jim Jones (Ret.):

“Summarizing, the metrics are showing success and Obama is doing better than the previous administration. But there is no tally sheet, and the whole issue of killing and capturing more people misses the point. But more to the point, we are killing and capturing more people.

Got it? Neither do I. Your NSA is not a serious man.”

H/T Instapundit who asks, “Feel safer now?”


18 Responses to ““This is Your National Security Advisor””

  1. this is the national defense version of ‘jobs saved or created’… a fictional metric that can’t be quantified and which the media will never challenge him on.

    and his comment, that other countries are cooperating with us sharing information because Obama is a really nice guy is based on the ludicrous position that these other countries had previously withheld information because they didn’t like the way Bush talked to them… in other words, they were willing to let us be attacked because they were miffed.

    steve sturm (3811cf)

  2. Obama didn’t bother to tell Britain he was sending the GTMO Uighars to Bermuda until the last minute and, depending on who you believe, Britain may not have initially told the U.S. about the decision to release the Lockerbie bomber. Based on this, it sounds like international communication under Obama has taken a turn for the worse.

    DRJ (3f5471)

  3. Maybe imdw can translate that gibberish for us.

    JD (274275)

  4. JD, it’s easy:

    GWB does it…baaaaaaaad.

    BHO does it…gooooooood.


    Seriously, this guy’s quote needs to be up there with the “We had to destroy the village to save it,” and the current meme from the Leftist economists that inflation is a good, good thing.

    Eric Blair (a88004)

  5. Always love it when a noodnick attempts to dismiss hard numbers with “you can say anything with numbers” or “liars often figure” foolishness.

    This attempt at moving past a fact that should end the conversation is always used by those who do not understand numbers. Likewise, those who throw out opinions backed up without numbers. This is frightening to hear him let off the leash, almost Bidenesque.

    Times Disliker (2d1e1b)

  6. “This is Your National Security Advisor”
    “This is Your National Security Advisor on Drugs”

    Official Internet Data Office (3b3988)

  7. Let me interpret:

    “Everyone is doing better except the ones who are not. We intend to extrapolate the individual inputs to the point that we can understand the standard deviation and make a recommendation to develop parameters that exclude the outliers while maintaining the purpose of the coherent plots and maximize the mean so that the median projects the data that is necessary to make a cogent decision.

    “While the information is in quarantine, I can assure you that the overall strategy remains in a state of quantitative analysis that will result in a base benchmark to assure a marker allowing a conclusion without deviation.”

    Thank you. I learned that in shop.

    Ag80 (fc6fd8)

  8. That’s some catch, that Catch-22.

    Official Internet Data Office (3b3988)

  9. Damn Ag80, I think I qualified for an MBA just reading your comment.

    JVW (d1215a)

  10. Seriously, this guy’s quote needs to be up there with the “We had to destroy the village to save it,

    Seriously, that’s not HIS quote.

    It’s Herschel Smith’s, the “Captain” of his web log.

    Not that best evidence really redeems the NSA.

    steve (748277)

  11. Nobody said it was HIS quote, steve. The post specifically says it is a quote about what he said, from a post about what he said.

    Good Allah. My kingdom for an honest troll.

    JD (274275)

  12. On the bright side, we won’t run out of Kool Aid jokes in the forseeable future.

    Sean P (3928ec)

  13. Awww, don’t be too hard on Gen. Jones. He just needs a little (what we call in the business world) media training.

    OTOH, if Sarah Palin had said that…..

    elissa (71680c)

  14. Grape Kool-Ade for all!

    Drink to the new Pax Americana!!!!!!!!!!!

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  15. Comment by Official Internet Data Office — 9/2/2009 @ 8:46 pm


    Isn;t there supposed to be some kind of difference between those two?

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  16. Would you believe that he’s a retired Marine…and he’s all worried about metrics…reminds me of the “body count” stats from Vietnam that we heard on the nightly news

    What’s the common thread – the Donks are in the White House…

    fmfnavydoc (4a9c06)

  17. Gee, Jones and Murtha, two peas in a pod. The USMC should be proud.

    tmac (f9e092)

  18. Count me in with the people stunned that this guy is a marine.

    tim maguire (4a98f0)

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