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View from the backyard, from Friday night:

August 2008 to August 2009 453

31 Responses to “Photo of the Day”

  1. Wow, really gorgeous – thanks for putting up.

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  2. I’d rather be looking the other way; from Catalina to your back yard. Last weekend, I was.

    MIke K (2cf494)

  3. Stunning.

    Great pic. Thanks for posting.

    KingShamus (fb8597)

  4. KingShamus stole my comment.

    But, it really is a Stunning photo!

    GM Roper (6afe02)

  5. Beautiful…and scary.

    Take care out there.

    Patricia (7aaa75)

  6. If that is Catalina – you don’t get to see that often unless the Santa Ana’s are blowing and the the fires are burning.

    Thank heavens we don’t log any more – Fires are so much better for everyone says the Sequoia Club.

    Typical White Person (86025b)

  7. Beautiful! What a lovely view.

    Rachel Ann (4f6ade)

  8. Just got back from Catalina MikeK – Great weather, and the smoke plume from the fires looked like lucifer himself approaching in the distance.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  9. By the way, Patterico, you live in a hell hole.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  10. oh. I was gonna link a pic of the Ralph’s loading dock but yours is prettier.

    happyfeet (6b707a)

  11. Looks almost like a photo that could have been taken somewhere on the central coast, near Santa Cruz someplace….

    Blacque Jacques Shellacque (76097c)

  12. Where’s that, nk?

    Patterico (cc3b34)

  13. Where the Greek ships sailed off to invade Troy. That’s my daughter, the short one, with her godmother, the seven years older than my wife one.

    nk (ce533b)

  14. Well, BlacqueJacquesShellacque, except for the part that there are no islands farther north than the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara until you get to the Farallon’s.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  15. Nice photo.
    I’m happy for you that you have such a nice view to look out on.
    Makes the world seem like a better place… reminds me that the world is indeed a better place… than it looks sometimes out there in the gritty parts of life

    SteveG (97b6b9)

  16. Those Channel Islands are dang hard to see from around on the north side of Pt Conception.

    On a very clear Santa Ana wind day I can see from San Miguel down to Catalina from up on the ridgeline. The tricky part is to pick San Nicolas and Santa Barbara Is. up out of the background

    SteveG (97b6b9)

  17. SteveG:

    My wife and I are debating whether the island we sometimes see (on clear days) to the right of Catalina is Santa Barbara or San Nicholas. She says Santa Barbara because it’s closer. I say San Nicholas because it’s larger. Do you know which it is?

    Patterico (cc3b34)

  18. Patterico, depending on exactly where you are on the peninsula, the two line up. Santa Barbara indeed much smaller than San Nicolas. Depending on your height, I’d expect that if you can see San Nicolas, you’d see Santa Barbara too which should lean me toward your wife’s side.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  19. I forgot to mention that if you are driving down Kanan Road from Agoura ( as I used to years ago for a commute ), on very clear days Santa Barbara island is clearly visible and distinctive given its rounder shape.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  20. I think you can just see your house in the background.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  21. Beautiful boat, Mike K. Love the flag, too.

    DRJ (3f5471)

  22. There is something about yawls.

    nk (ce533b)

  23. MikeK – Growing up my family had a Cal25 – used to love Avalon, Isthmus and Emerald Cove.

    Love getting away to the Islands. You can hardly believe you’re in LA County.

    Patterico – I would vote for Santa Barbara Island – It’s closer, but it’s definitely a tough call as SPQR points out they line up pretty well.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  24. Patrick one look at that view and you should have no trouble deciding if all them years of law schoolins and book learnins was worth the effort.

    Mike D. (be34a6)

  25. Patterico,

    What camera, exposure settings, etc.?

    Alta Bob (e822b8)

  26. […] I already have a Photo of the Day and Image of the Day. But you have to admit this is pretty cool. It’s the Station Fire from […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Satellite Photo of the Day (e4ab32)

  27. I’d say it is probably San Nicolas because Santa Barbara is a 640 acre bump and is the hardest to see with the naked eye.
    I tend to lose it as it is just over the highest point on Anacapa from where I am at.

    I can probably see San Clemente too at times, but it angles away from me in a direction that blends it into Catalina and the distance is hazy.

    An interesting effect we get can be seen on your sat image out on the wnw tip of Santa Rosa and San Miguel where the fog banks up and flows over through headlands and the gap, which usually precedes a return to foggy weather.
    My friends say San Miguel can be a wretched, inhospitable and treacherous place sitting at the transition between the benign warmer waters of the channel and the colder wilder waters off Pt Conception and Cojo Pt

    SteveG (97b6b9)

  28. The view is definitely Catalina with the Isthmus making it look like there are two islands. About one-third of the way from the West End (to the right in the photo) is Howland’s Landing where we hang out. I was kidding about seeing your house in the background but at night we sit on the boat and see the lights on Palos Verdes. Next time I’m there, I’ll take a photo in the evening when you can see them.

    Apogee, I had a Cal 25 back about 1969 and we used to sail it to Catalina all the time. This one’s a Cal 40 that I spent a couple of years restoring.

    Mike K (2cf494)

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