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Remembering Ted Kennedy

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Ed Klein, former Newsweek foreign editor, remembers his friend Ted:

“I don’t know if you know this or not but one of his favorite topics of humor was Chappaquiddick itself. He would ask people, “Have you heard any new jokes about Chappaquiddick?” I mean, that is the most amazing thing. Not that he didn’t feel remorse about the death of Mary Jo Kopechne but that he still always saw the other side of everything and the ridiculous side of things, too.”


19 Responses to “Remembering Ted Kennedy”

  1. I don’t like to speak ill of the recently deceased, but this is unforgiveable.

    disinterestedviewer (13222d)

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  3. God likes to joke about brain cancer too

    DaveinPhoenix (99e299)

  4. It’s a Kennedy moral clarity thing, which we’re told Ted never lost.

    Common folk couldn’t possibly understand “the other side and the ridiculous side” of Chappaquiddick … well, except for the fact that he can’t kill anyone now, not directly anyway.

    armadillo (a896ea)

  5. I wasn’t a big Teddy the killer fan before, this just seals the deal. Let’s see:

    1. He cheated at Haaaarvaard gets kicked out.
    2. Daddy gets him back in and he has someone cheat for him and gets kicked out a second time.
    3. Goes into the army, signs up for 4 years, daddy gets him out after 2, and he never rose above Private.
    4. Finally graduates Haaarvaard, then goes to Law school where he picks up 4 reckless driving charges, one time traveling at 90 mph at night with no lights on.
    5. Then he crashes a plane and guess what alcohol was involved???? See a pattern here????

    6. Then he kills Mary Jo, passes by a fire dept. and waits 8 hours to report the crash. Think he was trying to sober up a bit?

    7. Then he spends his career in the senate drinking heavily and treating women as objects.
    8. He invents the word “Borking,” by being a complete @ss in 1987.

    The Liberal Lion, WTF! ROTFLMAO!


    J. Raymond Wright (e8d0ca)

  6. So this yahoo knows that Ted felt remorse how? I mean, since he seems to have such deep telepathy going on.

    Eric Blair (a71690)

  7. I loved what Treacher said: If they get to talk about Camelot, we get to talk about the Lady in the Lake. BRILLIANT.

    Kennedy was a gasbag, drunkass, loathsome traitor who regularly molested women. Great legacy.

    Vivian Louise (e35449)

  8. I hope Ted found what he did not find much of here on earth. Peace. In the end, only God can know the heart of a man. We should leave it for Him to decide the worth of this man, and may that same grace be ours someday.

    ~Chris (a0e012)

  9. You know Ted Kennedy was a fat old drunk who drove a women off a bridge so I’m glad he’s dead.

    charles (eb6028)

  10. I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Kopechne would have loved to have heard some hilarious side-splitting jokes about the death of their only child. Especially as told by the man who left her to die.

    Funeral Guy (1c9264)

  11. I just hope in rests in peace…

    Cause he’d make one hell of a scary zombie.

    OK. I stole that from another poster on another site but I forget where.

    PC14 (82e46c)

  12. I disliked and tried to counter his politics when possible. This, however, is beyond disgusting.

    Simon Kenton (54abd1)

  13. Not just something to joke about – but his “favorite” thing to joke about?

    Sick, sick, sick.

    Dana (0f0b2e)

  14. I kind of felt guilty before about calling him a womanizing alcoholic. Now, not so much.

    But what’s really bad is that Ed Klein, a supposed journalist and close friend of Kennedy, told this story on a national radio broadcast because he really didn’t see anything wrong with it.

    And that, in a nutshell is how liberals think. Conservatives who do things wrong are “hypocrites.” Lefties who do things wrong have a sense of humor.

    I really, truly pity them. They have no center, no joie de vivre, no soul. Their only purpose in life is to subject everyone to their notions of what’s “right.” For them, control is the only reason for existence.

    Ag80 (fc6fd8)

  15. What’s both pathetic and frightening (and disgusting too) about leftists like Kennedy and Klein is they believe their sappy, hollow compassion and humanity offsets the darker sides of their thinking and behavior. And I say “frightening” because, quite ironically (or perhaps understandably) enough, innocent lives are far likelier to be wrecked, smashed and torn apart by the left. Hence, the phrase “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    Mark (411533)

  16. It’s another case of ‘moral equivalence’. See, ole’ Teddy was really all choked up inside with guilt. So his anguish since the event colored his whole life, see, so it is the equivalent of MJK not having had that life.

    So it’s just fine and dandy to joke about it. Humor heals, ya know?

    (One hopes on a site like this I don’t need >sarcasm< tags to make my intent clear. BTW, fairly new reader in last couple weeks, but rapidly becoming a regular.)

    rtrski (0194ac)

  17. For what it’s worth, Mary Jo Kopechne was somewhat involved with both of Ted Kennedy’s older brothers. She passed word to Bobby Baker JFK planned to drop LBJ from the 1964 ticket. She also worked on RFK’s boileroom staff during his aborted primary campaign.

    Ropelight (6f0b7c)

  18. Of course, ole Teddy boy would joke about his crimes – that is what the Kennedy boys did! What amazes me is how he rose so high in our government and held such an esteemed position for so long.

    But it really shouldn’t amaze me …

    Can SOMEONE talk about the parallels of Ted Kennedy and Laura Bush cover-ups – seems someone ought to bring this up for discussion!

    satansez (8d8432)

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