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A Public Service Message

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The White House has disabled the email account that it established on August 4 to take reports of “fishy” claims about ObamaCare. Texas Senator John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, had objected to the program as an “Obama monitoring program” that was “inevitably” violating American’s privacy by collecting names and addresses of any emails reported to the White House.

As evidence of its deep regret over implementing this program, the White House is now “accepting your feedback about health insurance reform at”

PS — Despite past denials, the White House has now admitted that some Americans have received unsolicited White House emails that were sent by outside political groups.


18 Responses to “A Public Service Message”

  1. Macon Phillips sounds like an arrogant dirty socialist who is smarter than you.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  2. We will neither confirm nor deny that Big Brother has been watching you, so be very careful!

    AD - RtR/OS! (a26a7a)

  3. so now where do we report ourselves?

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  4. Were this the Bush administration, the ACLU would have already filed suit..

    If the One does it…

    (cue crickets, tumbleweed)

    the bhead (a31060)

  5. Our Divine Messiah has decided to close the email address,, where loyal minions were instructed to turn in kulaks, wreckers, and class enemies who opposed the awesome Obamacare health plan. Apparently, some wrecker elements [probably recalcitrant SRs and Trotskyites] had raised the ridiculous idea that it would be used to compile a list of class enemies.

    instead, all loyal minions, flunkies, henchmen, and myrmidons are to report enemy action at–

    some traitors, of course, could report their liberal friends and acquaintances as enemies of the Divine Obama. it is possible they might even try to clog the system by turning in bogus names…like Dr Jacques Miehov, T. Thrust Pudpuller, or the like.

    John Cunningham (1cb7c8)

  6. Now that town halls are to be held in union halls, as in Orlando tonight, I expect there will be less to report.

    MIke K (2cf494)

  7. This is a little OT but I’ve been seeing some stuff on MSM and lefty blogs about people carrying guns outside town halls. HuffPo has such a story with a photo. Look at the photo. The guy with the gun is black ! If you follow the link to the story, the picture of the guy with the gun disappears.


    MIke K (2cf494)

  8. But yet this was on Ace on 8/12:

    The White House is reversing a nine-year-old policy forbidding the use of tracking cookies on those who visit federal websites.

    Even the ACLU is alarmed.

    “Since 2000, it has been the policy of the federal government not to use such technology. But the OMB is now seeking to change that policy and is considering the use of cookies for tracking web visitors across multiple sessions and storing their unique preferences and surfing habits. Though this is a major shift in policy, the announcement of this program consists of only a single page from the federal register that contains almost no detail.
    “This is a sea change in government privacy policy,” said Michael Macleod-Ball, Acting Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. “Without explaining this reversal of policy, the OMB is seeking to allow the mass collection of personal information of every user of a federal government website. Until the OMB answers the multitude of questions surrounding this policy shift, we will continue to raise our strenuous objections.”

    The use of cookies allows a website to differentiate between users and build a database of each user’s viewing habits and the information they share with the site. Since web surfers frequently share information like their name or email address (if they’ve signed up for a service) or search request terms, the use of cookies frequently allows a user’s identity and web surfing habits to be linked. In addition, websites can allow third parties, such as advertisers, to also place cookies on a user’s computer.

    “Americans rely on the information from the federal government to research politics, medical issues and legal requirements. The OMB is now asking to retain the personal and identifiable information we leave behind,” said Christopher Calabrese, Counsel for the ACLU Technology and Liberty Project. “No American should have to sacrifice privacy or risk surveillance in order to access free government information. No policy change should be adopted without wide ranging debate including information on the restrictions and uses of cookies as well as impact on privacy.”

    BK (eaf7ae)

  9. BK, you can trust the government. They would *never do something nefarious with the data they collect.

    And those guys from Chicago? Sweet angels they are.

    steve miller (c5e78c)

  10. I have never in my life seen an administration self-destruct the way the Obama administration has in the last few months.

    Obama will be seen as the worst President in history, whether Democrats admit it or not.

    ghost707 (643494)

  11. I don’t know. It will be hard to beat Carter. On second thought, maybe not.

    Jay Stevens (6ac69b)

  12. Outside political groups? BS.
    I know they had lists.
    How do I know?

    When the flags site was announced it so incensed me I sent my name address etc. telling them not to bother with my neighbors.
    Then I started receiving e mails From Axelrod.
    An ENTIRELY different email address.
    So someone at flags had to send my email address to Axelrod.
    They LIE, they Lie and they LIE.

    Paul Albers (1fa160)

  13. Paul Albers post should be required reading by our vaunted “fourth estate”.What ever happened to the curious journalist who wrote about government actions that could harm our Constitutional freedoms?

    The sad reality is that our Media,for the most part ,shields this President and his cabal while demonizing those who question President 44.

    mike191 (fb536a)

  14. I’ll just post this here rather than taking the time to send it to the White House:


    Did you get that Axelrod and Emmanuel? I expect your spam in my mailbox shortly.

    PCD (02f8c1)

  15. […] Patterico’s Pontification: Despite past denials, the White House has now admitted that some Americans have received […]

    Obama White House Pulls Plug on Nark tip site & Throws 3rd Party Groups Under the Bus in Email-gate | Scared Monkeys (1b1833)

  16. I guess they decided that they got too much spam at the email address, and found a website was easier to police.

    But it doesn’t really matter how the denunciations are sent, does it?

    Maybe the Republicans should announce that all these communications will be reviewed by the next Republican DoJ, with reference to Civil Rights violations.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  17. Thanks Mike(#13)

    Paul Albers (1fa160)

  18. These are the same guys that turned off the security on their credit card donations during the campaign.

    There are computer clubs in high schools across the country that know exactly what these guys are doing.

    MU789 (ec86d5)

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