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The War Comes Home to Boise, Idaho (Updated)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Badger6 is back and blogging about fellow soldier SSG George Nickel, the sole survivor of a Falluja IED who brought the war home to Boise, Idaho. Teflon Don is also thinking about SSG Nickel.

UPDATE: Scott Jacobs at The Jury Talks Back has information on the George G. Nickel Fund.


6 Responses to “The War Comes Home to Boise, Idaho (Updated)”

  1. B6 or TD:

    If either of you think I can help in any way, shape or form, you let me know. I’m pretty sure B6 knows how to get a hold of me.

    Whatever it is you need from me, I’m in.

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  2. Scott – I no longer apparently have your email. Please see the website and email me directly.

    Badger 6 (1199c6)

  3. Thanks for posting that, DRJ.

    Patterico (98d539)

  4. Revealing post. While we can never do enough for our military, this shows that often, we don’t come near doing the minimum.

    jpenaz (c68703)

  5. I’ve updated this post with a link to Scott’s post at The Jury Talks Back.

    DRJ (8d138b)

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