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Justice Sotomayor Takes Oath

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Justice Sonia Sotomayor has become the newest member of the U.S. Supreme Court today after taking the oath of office. Chief Justice Roberts administered the oath and then said she could “begin work as associate justice without delay.”

The Court is scheduled to begin hearings on September 9.


10 Responses to “Justice Sotomayor Takes Oath”

  1. Did Roberts do better this time than with the O?

    kaf (525681)

  2. Apparently so, although he still had to do it twice. It seems a Supreme Court Justice has to take two oaths so it wasn’t a do-over this time.

    DRJ (8d138b)

  3. One oath in English and one in Spanish?

    Official Internet Data Office (039304)

  4. what a great day for AmeriKKKa!

    now, not only do we have an openly racist President, we have a Supreme Court Justice who is both racist and sexist.

    i’m *so* proud of my country….see how far we’ve come?

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  5. While some of your leaders spoke out against her and her former group, it’s not exactly like they got a lot of help from your other leaders, now is it? Instead, most of your leaders stood by or in some cases supported her. I’m not going to bother searching at this site, but can anyone direct me to a post at HotAir pointing out that she was a member of a group that gave an award to someone who’d proposed genocide? Anything about that at Instapundit? Didn’t your leaders basically just roll right over?

    And, aren’t you going to be paying the price for what they did for decades to come?

    [note: fished from spam filter with url re-inserted. The url apparently drops out automatically when comments are edited. Thanks for bringing that up earlier.]

    About her former group (62c4c5)

  6. Conservatives and foes of judicial activism have dodged a bullet with this nomination and confirmation, and Obama and the Dems have forfeited a tremendous opportunity. I predict that when she retires she’ll be remembered as the first Latina on the Court, and for virtually nothing else — exactly as her predecessor will be remembered as a prominent late 20th Century example of bad vetting by the POTUS who selected him, and for virtually nothing else. All in all, given that the Democrats hold the White House, I’m not dissatisfied by this result. (Given that her confirmation was assured, if I were a GOP senator I’d have cast a protest vote against her for dissembling — specifically, pretending to actually hold the same views about judging as Chief Justice Roberts — during her confirmation hearings. If her nomination had been in doubt, however, I would have cast an extremely cynical vote for her.)

    Beldar (0c0c21)

  7. Sotomediocre is a towering mediocrity. Someone dig up Roman Hruska and have him make a speech.

    Better (or, “less bad”) Sotomediocre, than a SMART liberal who can write well.

    Mitch (69e416)

  8. Bad News is David Souter just signed up at LA Fitness…

    Frank Drackman (3cbed8)

  9. I agree with Beldar on everything — except the idea of voting for her in a close vote. If her confirmation had truly been in doubt, you’d have to look at why. If the reason was that she exhibited a characteristic that Republicans don’t want in a Justice, it would be safe to assume thar Obama would have had to nominate someone with even less of that characteristic. And we could have ended up with a better Justice for our side. (Dems scored hugely when they got Kennedy instead of Bork, e.g. — because Bork supposedly showed too much scary ideological rigidity, so they had to get someone weaker in that characteristic).

    Patterico (d60743)

  10. Just for the record, the country is screwed.

    pitchforksntorches (8165c3)

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