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Jill and Kevin, Revisited

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Remember Jill and Kevin’s wedding?

Now imagine their divorce

H/T Instapundit.


12 Responses to “Jill and Kevin, Revisited”

  1. What happened to the original video? At the link it shows that it has been taken down.

    WLS Shipwrecked (042297)

  2. Here it is and I’ve fixed the link on the earlier wedding post. Apparently I had linked to the “Top Videos” daily link instead of the permanent link.

    Thanks, WLS.

    DRJ (8d138b)

  3. Cute, yeah they renamed original wedding vid. It’s up to 13 million views, it is very sweet & powerful.

    james conrad (6bb6e6)

  4. Heh, heh, heh!

    nk (4a7ad3)

  5. No, no, no….
    Where were the (dancing) 2.5 kids? The pink velour track suit fitting snugly on a soccer mom’s body? The tommy bahama shirt, ponytail, and (dancing) 20-something yr old girlfriend?
    That’s real divorce, people.

    Tru (97b206)

  6. Actually, at first I thought that the judge looked like Antonin Scalia! :)

    The myopic Dana (474dfc)

  7. Aw, leave Jill and Kevin alone!

    I still watch it every once in a while. I even like Chris Brown.

    Patricia (48ec63)

  8. Probably because I’m getting married in October, and my fiancee and I have been sent the original video about 2 dozen times, but that was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

    Techie (482700)

  9. Well, if there isn’t anything in the Canons of Ethics prohibiting judges from break-dancing through the courtroom, there should be.

    AD - RtR/OS! (486a83)

  10. As good as the wedding.

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  11. That was better than the wedding video. Professional dancers it seemed and more funny. I loved the judge dancing.

    RAH (797d8b)

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