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10,000,000 Visits

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Sometime last night, this blog passed 10,000,000 visits since SiteMeter started measuring the count back in December 2003.

If you’re having deja vu, that’s because we reached 10 million page views last July. Every time a page is accessed or refreshed, that’s a page view. A visit (as I understand the term) is when a user accesses one or more pages during the course of a single half hour. If you visit 12 times over one hour, that’s 12 page views and 2 visits.

Anyway, it’s a neat little milestone. As always, thanks for reading.

We’re going out to dinner tonight. My response to Radley Balko’s latest mendacious attack on me will have to wait until tomorrow. For now, suffice it to say that his commitment to accuracy is now more in doubt than ever.

25 Responses to “10,000,000 Visits”

  1. Congratulations ! And 10,000,000 more…

    DaveinPhoenix (8c6b07)

  2. Congrats, and Happy Birthday, at least according to Facebook.

    JD (e91ae1)

  3. Congratulations!

    daleyrocks (718861)

  4. Thanks, JD. Facebook is correct.

    Patterico (cc3b34)

  5. Happy Birthday, Patterico, and a congrats on the page views. That says a lot about you and the quality of your posts. We’re all appreciative.

    Dana (57e332)

  6. Just think, without Balko and his band of mendoucheous twatwaffles, this might not have happened until next week!

    Happy 60th !

    JD (e91ae1)

  7. Congrats. Glad to have been helping out.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  8. Awesome. And happy birthday, too, I gather. Good day all around for you. And thanks for all the information and entertainment you provide. For many years I lurked, a victim of dial-up…now my connection allows me to be abused in real time like everyone else. (It happened once, I considered it my baptism)
    Thanks again.

    Gazzer (409de8)

  9. Congrats and happy b-day!

    G (58c282)

  10. Happy 10 million, Patterico. And Happy Birthday, I see.

    As a fairly new blogger with about 50,000 hits in 9 months, I just wanna know how many $ each of those hits = for you.

    Nevermind. I really DON’T wanna know. But I love stopping by here just the same.

    Dr. Dave (159ee7)

  11. you make me feel so cheap

    page view (42470c)

  12. It was ME!!!!!! I was the 10,000,000th visitor…

    And, I don’t even have to prove it because I can just say it….

    Courtesy of Danny, of course….until the Angry Obvious decides to complain….

    Happy Birthday too….unless you have to prove that too….

    reff (ee9f7a)

  13. Happy Birthday and here’s looking forward for 6 more years.

    Techie (482700)

  14. For now, suffice it to say that his commitment to accuracy is now more in doubt than ever.

    But then we knew that!

    Congrats Pat and a happy B-day!

    Bill M (c5889b)

  15. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the blogging milestone. May you have many more of both.

    DRJ (8d138b)

  16. Happy Birthday, Pat. On this day forget about Balko and his crew. And congratulations on a well deserved blogging milestone.

    Stu707 (0981d5)

  17. “May God forgive this old lady for firing on 3 cops”
    “Because of her actions in firing on officers, she’s now getting to find out whether that forgiveness is available.”

    Never Forget.

    Here’s to hoping you make just as big of a jacka$$ of yourself in the next 10,000,000 visits.

    [Here is Patterico’s full quote with the part you omitted in bold:

    May God forgive this old lady for firing on 3 cops who were, from all available information, just doing their jobs.

    Later, in another thread, Patterico acknowledged his opinion had changed after getting more facts.

    I’m putting you into moderation for bad faith in selectively editing another person’s comment solely to make them appear in a bad light. — DRJ]

    Prince Adam (9287ef)

  18. w00t!

    Dan Collins (d54019)

  19. Hey Patterico—happy birthday! I hope that, as I write this, you are enjoying a fine meal with you family. Congratulations on the site visit milestone.

    As for the other fellow and his surprisingly organized group of individuals, just remember the Japanese adage: the best revenge is living well.

    And you are rich in everything that matters. I wonder if these people trying to stir the pot here can say the same?

    Eric Blair (204104)

  20. Patterico,
    You’ve been my muse ever since the death of Cathy Seipp. Congratulations for being a beacon of honesty, information and just plain fun.

    Happy Birthday!

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  21. Good for you Mr. Frey. I’ve enjoyed what you have to say–don’t always agree–but you give it up a straight up, rational shot.

    And anybody who hates the Dog Trainer as much as you can’t be all bad.

    Mike Myers (674050)

  22. Happy birthday, Patterico. And no surprise – but many congrats anyway – on the 10M visits. whoo hoo!

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

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