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Taxing That Gold-Plated Health Insurance

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Blogger and commenter GM Roper asks some questions about the White House plan to tax “gold-plated, Cadillac insurance policies:”

“Hey guys, what about the rest of us? Who gets to decide what is an acceptable level of ‘gold plate’?”

Americans who are satisfied with their health insurance may be the gold-plated target of those taxes.


10 Responses to “Taxing That Gold-Plated Health Insurance”

  1. The employers that offer great plans will simply quit offering them.

    JD (57d75b)

  2. Thanks for the link dear friend.

    GM Roper (d53336)

  3. The President and Members of Congress have platinum-plated, diamond-encrusted, Bentley insurance plans, and should certainly see the highest possible tax on them.

    It would only be fair.

    GaryC (4ff715)

  4. “A premium charge on top of the most expensive packages is one of the ways to ensure that there’s a lid on health-care costs,” a top administration official told POLITICO. “The president believes this is an intriguing idea.”

    From time to time, I’ve wondered if I was being too cynical about Obama. Every time, the opposite turns out to be true. He wants to raise taxes for his underfunded health plan by portraying it as a way of controlling costs. The mendacity is breathtaking.

    Grassley and Snowe, as enablers of this lying monstrosity, are also culpable.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  5. I think that the President had it right in his speech. No, I don’t mean the recent presser that ended with the introduction of Gates-gate. I mean his Dem convention speech in 2004. You remember when he told us,

    There are no red pills and there are no blue pills. There are only American pills!

    MJBrutus (e8889a)

  6. Everything coming out of this White House is based on envy. Their purpose is to pull everyone DOWN to the same level. Sixty Three Million pissed off people want that.

    Howard Veit (3f8901)

  7. Howard Viet – Not quite true. They will not be pulled down themselves, the system will not apply to them. Just everyone else.

    JD (f4f0f3)

  8. The Democrat Party is a criminal enterprise.

    kazooskibum (a4dd38)

  9. Congress must not be allowed to exempt themselves from the laws they enact. The GOP should pledge to make this a Constitutional amendment.

    Thomas Jackson (8ffd46)

  10. Regrettably until such time that the constitution is amended to apply to the states and that all laws apply to every individual including government officials in their capacity as officials and also personally as well and in addition to all governments in the US this cynical nonsense will never end. Indeed any elected official or government employee convicted of a felony related to their position should not only be barred for life from ever being allowed to serve as an elected official but be barred as well from ever being employed by any government in the US in addition from ever being allowed to collect any pension or entitlement for life. That also will require an amendment as well.

    cubanbob (409ac2)

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