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Sensitivity Training

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Oh, those sensitive Democrats. First Barack Obama joked with Jay Leno about his “Special Olympics” bowling skills and now the health insurance bill refers to facilities for the “mentally retarded.”

Medicine has viewed “retarded” as a negative label since at least 2001. Thus, the American Association on Mental Retardation is now the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and the American Psychological Association hosts a similarly renamed section. But I doubt we’ll see this particular faux pas on Saturday Night Live or PC TV.


9 Responses to “Sensitivity Training”

  1. One would think that the Democrats would be very careful about upsetting retarded people, since they comprise so much of the Democratic base.

    Oh, wait, that’s just so wrong. I hereby denounce myself.

    The insensitive Dana (474dfc)

  2. This is nothing new. Didn’t Al Gore refer to conservatives the “extra-chromosome right wing.” 15 or so years ago?

    tmac (f9e092)

  3. Remember, the politically-correct speech codes don’t apply to leftists because the liberals are universally known for being kinder, more compassionate and more sensitive than anybody else in the world.

    KingShamus (4fabb2)

  4. Had a dispatcher at my PD one time who ran into one of those politically correct women. He had lost both legs in Nam and somehow in the conversation she said that he was not handicapped but physically challenged. He replied, ”
    Don’t tell me I’m not handicapped you silly bitch. Why don’t you cut off both of your legs and then see if you are handicapped or just physically challenged? There’s a BIG DAMN difference between the two lady!”

    peedoffamerican (63a600)

  5. Ironic post of the day from a guest poster at

    by Patrick Appel
    Marc condenses the Sunday shows. Point four:
    No one seemed to care about Sarah Palin.

    The only reason I ever visit that website is to laugh at Andrew “MrTastyGlutes” Sullivan’s illogical ranting about Sarah Palin when she is in the news. What? No parting shot about how Trig’s true mother still remains in doubt?! What about the 12 months of “raised questions”? What an ass.

    Wesson (03286d)

  6. Retarded is a good word because sometimes people don’t think as good as other people and so you give them the benefit of the doubt that they sure would have been perfectly fine except their development was retarded cause of this or that. Sometimes this is true and sometimes it’s actually a euphemism and they is just dumb, but it’s definitely a good and thoughtful word I think. My favorite one though is simple. I wish that one would come back more.

    happyfeet (c75712)

  7. The meaning of words change. Once “retarded” was a polite, accurate, word. But, you know, after decades of hearing teenagers use that as a really nasty invective, the time has come to move on.

    Wesson (03286d)

  8. I am just old enough to remember – being in grade school at the time – when the word “retarded” was being explicitly taught to us kids as a kinder, gentler successor to older, hurtful words such as “dumb.”

    I was too young to know it was merely part of a cycle.

    ras (dca188)

  9. I really wanted to add more to this, but since I’ve already been denounced, I guess I had better not. :)

    The cautious Dana (3e4784)

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