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Aid to Honduras Suspended

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Former President Manuel Zelaya returned again today to the Honduran border, this time vowing to camp at the rural frontier crossing for the next two days.

Hillary Clinton had previously called Zelaya’s efforts “reckless” but the U.S. State Department confirmed it has scheduled further discussions with Zelaya on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., and that some aid to Honduras has been suspended:

“Washington has already suspended more than $18 million in military and development assistance. The European Union has frozen $92 million in development aid.”

I had hoped the Obama Administration would decide to let this issue drop but, instead, it’s apparently decided to use long-term financial pressure to squeeze the Honduran government. I guess Zelaya is just too impatient to wait for it to work.


16 Responses to “Aid to Honduras Suspended”

  1. If someone in Honduras had half a brain they’d see this as one huge opportunity. First, get their banking system re-organized in the model of Uruguay and Panama in order to take over all the business that the Swiss has just thrown away. Next, expunge the socialism still inherent in their govt. Fling open their country to private investment and get off the UN-IMF-OAS tit. Deal with the Asians directly in resource deals, including using their own currencies. Which necessitates strengthening that currency, avoiding monetary devaluation, and sell any US$ reserves beyond what is necessary to conduct trade. Just treating money and property properly would guarantee a swarm of American wealth descending upon them in the next 3 years minimum.

    Aid!?! We don’t need no stinkin’ aid.

    political agnostic (fc58ff)

  2. […] To add insult to injury: Washington has already suspended more than $18 million in military and development assistance.  — Patterico […]

    Are You Freaking Stupid? » Obama wants to make sure Honduras stops following thier Constitution (4579df)

  3. So, we are still siding with dirty little socialist wannabe dictators. Great.

    JD (55b145)

  4. I hope to hell that the Honduran people who expect their country to remain a true democracy will tell the US to essentially stick it up their backsides. Someone from that government’s got to get ahead of the news cycle and break through the MSM embargo of Obama’s right all the time.

    Dmac (e6d1c2)

  5. And didn’t we JUST THIS WEEK give a big ole’ truck full of money to Hamas Palestine?

    Less (8da0c8)

  6. I’m still waiting to see that smart diplomacy they promised. How hard is it to figure out Zelaya is another Chavez?

    Maybe Obama really does admire Hugo.

    MU789 (84f17f)

  7. Is Obama meddling in another country’s affairs? Sure looks like it to me.

    Thomas Jackson (8ffd46)

  8. Well, according to this story in the Miami Herald:

    After his 15-minute foray (across the border), Zelaya then climbed into a white Jeep whose rear spare tire has a Tweety Bird cartoon cover, and waited.

    He tawt he taw a puddy-tat! :)

    Former President Zelaya should consider himself lucky: most Latin American presidents deposed by the military aren’t put on a plane and sent abroad; they’re put in a box and sent underground.

    The laughing out loud Dana (474dfc)

  9. During the Cold War the US would meddle defensively, that is, to counteract and try to defeat Soviet-Cuban incursions into other countries. Although I usually supported such “meddling,’ I can see how a reasonable person might say we should just leave those countries alone, despite other foreign interference.
    But now (to my shock and horror) the USA is responding to the Cuban-Chavista meddling in Honduras by interfering on the side of the leftist thugs with their foreign patrons. The world has gone insane. It’s as if we had entered the Vietnam War on the side of Ho Chi Minh.
    And the MSM is silent—-or actively reporting disinformation.
    It makes me heartsick.

    Marilena (56379b)

  10. The Europeans have no idea what is happening in Honduras. The Hondurans just can’t break through the media wall. It’s a nightmare.

    Marilena (56379b)

  11. MU789 – Maybe Obama really does admire Hugo.

    More than admire. Obama has demonstrated through his actions that he is aligned with dictatorship and stands firmly against democracy.

    Obama will use his administration to further the goals of leftist dictators everywhere, and the leftist news media is running cover and printing lies to assist him in this obscenity.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  12. Now Zelaya crosses into Honduras from Nicaragua, intending to re-cross periodically.

    Let me guess what happens….. Zelaya gets arrested/shot?, Nicaragua claims their border was violated, troops are required to defend Nicaragua’s honor? Hey, what could possibly go wrong then?

    Thomas Hazlewood (11ca12)

  13. The story of Honduras and Zelaya is kind of a successor to the story of Iran and its leadership cracking down on protestors, which in turn was a predecessor to the story of Henry Gate and Obama’s comments about cops. I guess minor — yet very telling — events like Obama bowing before the king of Saudi Arabia or being photographed with his feet up on the desk while talking to the prime minister of Israel can be inserted amidst all that.

    America has an upside-down nitwit occupying the Oval Office. A nitwit who undoubtedly is deluded enough to believe his “lefty” instincts give him a wonderful layer of humaneness, caring, decency and generosity. Again, even when judging himself, the guy turns out to be an upside-down dolt.

    Mark (411533)

  14. Does Honduras have a Paypal account?

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  15. “we will bear any burden, pay any cost, in defense of liberty.” John F. Kennedy

    “While I refuse to comment on unarmed Iranian women getting shot and dying on live TV, I condemn in the strongest language the unconscionable position of the legislature, supreme court and military of Honduras acting to enforce their constitution. Damn their “rule of law” selves!” Barack Obama

    Californio (f32f25)

  16. Barack is just looking out for his Marxist homies.

    Mike LaRoche (d83224)

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