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Former NFL Quarterback McNair Dead at 36

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair has been found dead in a Tennessee condominium, the victim of several gunshot wounds. A female victim, Sahel Kazemi, 20, was also found dead with a gunshot wound to the head.

Nicknamed Air McNair, he began his NFL career with the Houston Oilers and then played for the Titans when owner Bud Adams moved the team to Tennessee. McNair ended his career with 2 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and retired in 2008.

My condolences to McNair’s wife, 4 sons, and extended family.


19 Responses to “Former NFL Quarterback McNair Dead at 36”

  1. Prayers to the family, R.I.P. Steve McNair.

    Stashiu3 (3fc50f)

  2. Murder-suicide?

    nk (e98769)

  3. #2, double murder most likely. He was a famous NFL all star and retired at 36, she was 20 with her life in front of her and apparently doing well. Nice condo in an upscale neighborhood and a rich boyfriend with lots of time to do fun things.

    Most likely, jealousy or greed was involved, although it’s much too soon for me to be pointing fingers. However, the cops should be looking rather closely at those with motive.

    Ropelight (bb3af5)

  4. McNair was one I really liked. He was so tough, a real gamer. This is sad.

    JD (c86804)

  5. nk, read Teresa Walker’s AP article on Yahoo Sports before you double down.

    She wrote, “Police labeled his death homicide Sunday, revealing McNair had been shot four times—twice in the head, twice in the chest when found in a rented condominium he shared with a longtime friend, Wayne Neeley. Police found a semiautomatic pistol under Kazemi’s body.”

    The location of the gun doesn’t fit with what you would expect to find if her wound was self-inflicted. Finding the pistol under her body suggests the scene was staged. There’s also the curious bit about McNair’s long term friend finding them but “walking into the kitchen” before he realized the pair were dead. Then he called another friend who then called 911.

    There’s too much yet to be revealed to be making any firm positions. I’ll wait to see a few more cards turn face up.

    Ropelight (bb3af5)

  6. I’ll wait to see a few more cards turn face up.

    Comment by Ropelight — 7/6/2009 @ 10:32 am

    You’re right. A parafin test will show if the lady fired any guns recently, first of all.

    nk (e98769)

  7. One of the articles I read said that her wound appeared self-inflicted. Also, police stated that there was no search for suspects. If she was standing or sitting and shot herself (speculation alert), recoil can make the gun fall from her hand and then she could fall on it. Not a firm position on my part, but it sounded like murder-suicide when I first heard he had several wounds and she only had one.

    Sad situation no matter what the facts turn out to be.

    Stashiu3 (3fc50f)

  8. The first person I would want to talk to is the immediate past boy-friend.

    AD - RtR/OS! (820b2e)

  9. The first person I would want to talk to is the immediate past boy-friend.
    Comment by AD – RtR/OS! — 7/6/2009 @ 10:48 am

    The first person I would want to talk to is Marcel Marceau (yes, I know he’s passed away already). I always wondered what that man’s voice sounded like.

    Oh, you meant in connection with this? Nevermind. 😉

    Stashiu3 (3fc50f)

  10. I always wondered what that man’s voice sounded like.

    You need to rent this movie. You’ll hear his voice.

    Steverino (69d941)

  11. Neat, thank you Sir. :)

    Stashiu3 (3fc50f)

  12. Comment by Stashiu3 — 7/6/2009 @ 10:53 am

    Real ….ing cute!

    AD - RtR/OS! (820b2e)

  13. #9, AD said, “The first person I would want to talk to is the immediate past boy-friend.”

    Absolutely, but who’s next in line? It’s extraordinarily difficult to go asking pointed questions to Kazemi’s family and friends, but it’s even more difficult to question McNair’s wife and her family members. It’s a tough job, but if the truth is going to come out, it’s got to be done and right away.

    Ropelight (bb3af5)

  14. Based solely on her name, I wonder if it was an “honor killing

    Sabba Hillel (153338)

  15. New information is coming out about Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, an aspiring rapper. She may have moved on but he’s been hanging around, ostensibly being a helpful friend, but working to destroy Kazemi’s relationships with other guys, especially McNair, and rapping about violence and frustration.

    Norfleet also was the one who made public that McNair was in Kazemi’s car when she was arrested for DUI. He’s been taking cheap shots at McNair and openly speculated that Mrs McNair might wast to ask her husband a few questions.

    Norfleet was the one who picked up Kazemi’s new Escalade when she was arrested. He knew about the gun and he had her keys. That’s motive, means, access, and opportunity.

    AD at #9 may have hit the nail on the head. Nothing is conclusive yet, but …

    Ropelight (bb3af5)

  16. Cops now say they’re confident it was a murder/suicide. Kazemi shot McNair while he was sleeping and then killed herself. She thought he had a new girlfriend. nk called it first.

    Ropelight (bb3af5)

  17. I’m sorry to have been right, actually. You had it right the first time. Two young people with a lot of life in front of them. What a waste.

    nk (b5d4a6)

  18. It’s also been reported McNair did a suicide prevention PSA just before his death. (Via HotAir.)

    DRJ (6f3f43)

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