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105 Responses to “Caption Contest”

  1. Freedom isn’t freeze.

    SarahW (fdd722)

  2. The only one with any balls in the picture is the sign. (pecan)

    WillOTP (210795)

  3. I love the taste of frozen custard in the morning. Tastes like… voting present.

    Michael I (a54789)

  4. How will I demonstrate my “cool under fire” persona today? The Magic TOTUS says, “Put Iran in the freezer and chill with a Fudge Nutty Bar”!

    csufbomb (203ccc)

  5. Mmmmm. Tastes like the blood of Iranian protestors

    Wild Dill (07af2f)

  6. What flavor did the teleprompter order?

    qdpsteve (5eb540)

  7. Man, the only thing better than this is apologizing.

    Pow127 (a54989)

  8. mmmm, pralines and oppression! My favorite!

    nino (420523)

  9. Better eat this quick, my ice-cream is meddling.

    SarahW (fdd722)

  10. The Good Humor Man. Iran? What? Let me eat my ice cream.

    abinitioadinfinitum (0ebb24)

  11. “Mourning gives me the munchies.”

    Chuck Dizzle (672d28)

  12. “I wanted to have the Pistachio Ice Cream, but I was afraid green would send the wrong message to my counterpart in Iran.”

    Erick Brockway (f475a7)

  13. I’m “Very concerned” about the lack of sprinkles

    Hawkins (414d47)

  14. Ice cream does not have bones?

    highpockets (cff031)

  15. I haven’t puckered like this since I got to Saudi Arabia!

    dg (6431f8)

  16. Look how those hot lips are wrapped around that cool cone–have you never seen a more sexy man!

    Keith Olbermann (c8d58c)

  17. Uh, can I, uhhh, just eat my, uh, waffle cone?

    Darcy (831276)

  18. There you go Mahmoud, thanks for bending over.

    Don Grimes (9cf646)

  19. The cone of silence.

    Joe (59b611)

  20. I’ll just chill till this freedom fight thing is over then take all the credit for it

    Kathy (57e89c)

  21. I’ll just chill till this freedom fight thing is over then take all the credit for it

    Kathy (57e89c)

  22. “Dude, I think Tony Hawk really, really likes me! He’s so cool! Maybe we can be broheims!”

    snarkandboobs (e22d30)

  23. Soros buys me special treats when I push his policies through, fast!

    asapp (2d89cc)

  24. Cone of silence.

    Joe (59b611)

  25. AWOL: America weeps, Obama licks

    Kerry (cd4925)

  26. Be Smart. Use the Cone Of Silence.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  27. Michelle’s jealous, Monica is envious.

    E (a65c41)

  28. Frozen Ogurt: Now with less flavor, as not to offend.

    Bonzy (b8c797)

  29. Frozen yogurt’s pretty good… I wonder if it’s this good in Tehran?

    Kensley (515134)

  30. Screw the voters of Iran! Why is ice cream melting? Didn’t it see me kill that fly on TV?

    Prince (c6cbdd)

  31. I’m just a boy with and ice cream cone… can someone get an adult to handle the problems?

    Sonja (6dee63)

  32. This is just like flying over new orleans from an airplane.

    estevan (e0f9a7)

  33. Tim, tell the Ice Cream Czar I’ll only bailout Ben & Jerry’s. Breyers will simply have to find an”utter” source of funds. Hey Joe, stop milking the taxpayers and get back to work!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vanilla Fudge (7ecbe3)

  34. I’m just a boy with an ice cream cone… can someone get an adult to handle the problems?

    Sonja (6dee63)

  35. “Father’s day? check. Adorable kids: check. Charming smile: check. Hey Rahm, this was a great idea for a photo op, we’re going to blow the opposition out of the water in 2012! Hey – did I see something about Iran on my blackberry?”

    John (ed5b91)

  36. Must be careful to not smudge lipstick

    Barbara Gamper (a25193)

  37. Screw the voters of Iran! Why is the ice cream melting? Didn’t it see me kill that fly on TV?

    Prince (c6cbdd)

  38. I better enjoy this before my healthcare plan taxes the holy hell out of it.

    robrrt (a4f3c2)

  39. “Next time I’ll order it in a waffle cone.”
    (stolen from @michellemalkin)

    Erick Brockway (f475a7)

  40. Amos & Andy or Martin & Lewis? Martin & Lewis.

    Sickboy (f20722)

  41. “What? Me worry?”

    Robert C. J. Parry (459cfb)

  42. “So I think our next photo op should be me at the dog park with Bo, what do you think?”

    John (ed5b91)

  43. They want more than my speech in Cairo? Let me finish my ice cream cone first! I will say something else soon…

    Angel (b576fe)

  44. There’s a trillion dollar bill beneath that napkin. *snidker*.

    sybilll (0f001d)

  45. My legs a quiverin.

    Chris Mathews (f20722)

  46. Baskin’ in the glow of indifference….

    Elliott (19e2c8)

  47. Baskin’ in the glow of indifference….perfect

    highpockets (cff031)

  48. “The Iranians? Let them eat Ice Cream!”

    Zaggs (d3d4e0)

  49. He has very feminine wrists. If you gave the Barack Obama a tennis bracelet he would set it off nicely I think. That’s so pretty, people would say.

    happyfeet (2d133f)

  50. Stay Smart. Dripped it by that much.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  51. The things I have to go through for a photo-op. If I really liked this sugary stuff, my ass would look like Michelle’s.

    nk who will call himself Nadine Groot for a while (cf618d)

  52. As Iranian protesters take to the streets in an act of defiance not seen in Iran for decades, President Obama strolls off to read the smash children’s hit “My Pet Root Beer Float” to a local 3rd grade class.

    Elliott (19e2c8)

  53. Oh look, two dips.

    Ken McCracken (98dfdd)

  54. It’s melting faster than my stimulus package.

    Perfect Sense (0922fa)

  55. “Another meltdown in good hands.”

    “Can’t you see I’m leaning right? Eat me.”

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  56. Apparently not all the lefties need a gonad transplant.

    President Obama’s tepid response to the evidence the Iranian election was stolen from the people of that country by current president President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his thuggish allies is disappointing.

    The United States has no military role to play with regard to Iran. In fact, too many threats in the past have made it hard for the United States to speak effectively–and have raised fears that a strong statement from Washington would simply give Ahmadinejad an foreign “enemy” to rally against. But Obama must recognize that he is not George Bush. He has credibility that his predecessor lost, and the world wants to hear him speaking as the leader of a great country that stands on the side of democracy.
    The United States does not need to make threats to explicitly and unequivocally champion democracy and the right of peoples in countries around the world to advance the cause of their own freedom. Such championship requires truth-telling and blunt language. Unfortunately, Obama is avoiding hard truths and speaking far too softly.


    Mike K (90939b)

  57. I can’t enjoy my cone with the voice of Neda in my head.

    Phil Smith (4e586c)

  58. “Iran can wait until Monday morning- it’s the weekend!”

    Anthony (b3a8d7)

  59. This the proper method for journalists to approach my behind.

    Perfect Sense (0922fa)

  60. Seems, madam! Nay, it is; I know not “seems.”

    Fritz (05ef42)

  61. Let’s have an honest debate. Would you rather talk about Iranian nutjobs or ice cream?

    daleyrocks (718861)

  62. This is how you kiss terrorists and dictator’s butts, just like this

    Daisy (8b67e3)

  63. This is the 3AM Phone call moment, and hes out getting ice cream!!

    Daisy (8b67e3)

  64. Novelty.

    w3bgrrl (12f86d)

  65. If I didn’t do shit like this, the press would be following Biden around. We DON’T want that!

    daleyrocks (718861)

  66. Sycophant strawberry, my favorite.

    John Schau (ac4aa1)

  67. Obama’s Iran policy: licking his nutty buddy.

    jon (3c5d64)

  68. Suck it, Iran.

    Froggy (876236)

  69. “I hope those protestors don’t screw up my plan to get those good Iranian pistachios for our ice cream.”

    geo w (fc0289)

  70. From any Lefty media site with nothing better to do but spin Obama’s silence into another brilliant ploy by The Chosen One:

    “President Obama contemplates his next move in the Iranian election crisis. Aides to the President made a point of noting for every reporter in the area that he was enjoying the cone with an unclenched fist.”

    Elliott (19e2c8)

  71. Mister Softee enjoying a Mister Softee.

    Official Internet Data Office (16e618)

  72. President Obama goofing for the press core in sing-song voice:
    “I got some ice-cream. I got some ice-cream, and now I’m gonna eat it. I’m gonna eat it. And Mousavi doesn’t get none. He doesn’t get none. He doesn’t get none. Because he’s going to be a mar-tyr. He’ll be a mar-tyr. Should have con-vert-ed to Christ-ian.”
    At this point Obama drops his ice cream.
    A hush falls over the ABC newscrew as they contemplate the tragedy.
    An aide breaks the silence, “Mr. President, there is a twitter message for you coming from Tehran. It’s Hossein Moussavi.”
    “What does it say?” asks the mighty O, still looking at his spoiled desert.
    “It says,” the aide looks fertively at the press, shrugs his shoulders and continues.
    “I quote, ‘You dropped your ice cream. You dropped your ice cream. Because you’re – the – great – big – satan. The great big satan. I smell the sulfer. Too hot to handle. It melts right in your ha – nd. Melts in your ha – nd.'”

    papertiger (894e4f)

  73. Oh, so we need to play stupid little tricks with photography, huh? I’m sure we all remember the photos of George Bush playing guitar and eating cake with John McCain while New Orleans was inundated. But oh yeah, those were black people, so it was okay. Since Obama didn’t sit inside his house weeping softly today pretty much proves he’s an indifferent, heartless tyrant, doesn’t it?

    Jason (863676)

  74. No, Jason, it doesn’t show Obama is heartless but it does show how clueless he is at foreign policy.

    DRJ (cdbef5)

  75. — This is so much better than watching that newsy stuff. And blood stuff. And, uh, stuff.

    Whine whine whine whine. Can’t you SEE? I. have. brain. freeze.

    Drea (11dd3b)

  76. Strawberry?? Wait!! I ordered chocolate!…this country needs an Ice Cream Czar!! Someone call Ben…or Jerry..I really don’t care who….

    Bob (b1139b)

  77. Let them eat ice cream

    last exit (709da0)

  78. “Obama licked, people died”

    tomdunleavy (ec87ba)

  79. It’s good to be da king…

    proudrwe (eef042)

  80. “Obama is the press and the cone is his ass.”

    Habeus (edf0b7)

  81. Precisely what would you have the President do, exactly? Have our troops invade Iran? In case you haven’t noticed, our military is in the middle of fighting two wars that the President inherited from his predecessor. And I’m sure none of you criticized President Bush when he continued to read a book to schoolchildren when he was informed of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

    Don'tYouJustLoveSelf-Righteousness? (ee0955)

  82. NYT: Ice Cream prices rise, minorities suffer most.

    DC (24d5e6)

  83. Idiot eats ice cream.

    Brent (13c1f5)

  84. We won. They did too, but hey, I own the media.

    steve miller (ec51d8)

  85. [Background off-screen]

    “Come get your ice-cream! Come get your tootsie-frootsie …. er, uhh, umm??!”


    armadillo (a896ea)

  86. The point I was making was not that my ice cream harbors any racial animosity towards chocolate- she doesn’t. But she is a typical vanilla ice cream.

    Brian R (d7e42f)

  87. People like Jason are so freakin’ predictable.

    RACISTS !!!!

    JD (6a02c8)

  88. One term president enjoying his ice cream cone.

    jdflorida (cb54f8)

  89. Goverment owned Ice cream what a great idea

    Mitch (289579)

  90. none of you criticized President Bush when he continued to read a book to schoolchildren

    That’s right, only deranged moonbats like you criticized Bush for that, except you still don’t know–over 7 years later–that the book was being read to him.

    Official Internet Data Office (16e618)

  91. But ONE™ the world is waiting for you to step up and make some sort of comment on those brave Iranians in the streets.

    ONE™: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”

    PC14 (82e46c)

  92. Come on ONE™ we’re all waiting for you to at least make a comment on those brave Iranians in the streets.

    ONE™: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”

    PC14 (82e46c)

  93. “To all freedom – loving Iranians, I say this to you in your dire hour of need: Lick my love pump.

    Dmac (f7884d)

  94. I haven’t posted in some time. I posted a few minutes ago and didn’t see the comment, so I did it again. Still no comment. I notice that this page lists 91 comments but the front page of the article shows 94 comments. Are posts now moderated before going live?

    PC14 (82e46c)

  95. PC14,

    It’s the software used during a big link. Comments are placed in a cache that has to be released. They’re not moderated or anything, it just keeps the site from going down during a traffic spike.

    Stashiu3 (ed6467)

  96. “Stupid Bush reading about a goat – he really should have gone for ice cream instead, the press loves that.”

    I also can’t help but be reminded of Soviet WW2 propaganda where they basically said “hey things aren’t bad in the Soviet Union, we have ice cream for all our people.”

    Patrick (d1311f)

  97. What did Marie Antoinette say?

    “Let them eat soft serve.”

    Alta Bob (9f2c33)

  98. The Only Place For News (on Iran)…

    If you’re following only the MSM, that is, TV, the papers, even radio, then you’re not getting it.

    In Other Words (725c82)

  99. Never has [*] wished so much that he were an ice cream cone.

    *Pick one: Andrew Sullivan, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, David Gregory…

    Prayerborne (e3ebfd)

  100. Dude, soft serve is for fags.

    HeavenSent (1e97ff)

  101. I wonder why they called this the “My Pet Goat Special”.

    Rhymes With Right (57cbe1)

  102. One’s a soft gooey mixture of unheathly ingredients in clever packaging – the other is an ice cream cone

    EricPWJohnson (59f7ef)

  103. Someone criticized me. I just needed something to sooth my hurt feelings.

    Kaji in crooked Cook Cty, IL (5a863c)

  104. The shape of this ice cream reminds me of something.

    jerry clark (3d201d)

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