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Shooter Kills DC Holocaust Museum Guard

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[Guest post by DRJ]


“An elderly gunman known to authorities as a white supremacist fatally shot a private security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in downtown Washington today before being wounded by guards who returned fire, officials said.”

An unidentified law enforcement source identified the shooter as James W. von Brunn, 88, described in media reports as a white supremacist who espouses anti-Semitic views.

UPDATE: Hot Air has much more.


UPDATE BY PATTERICO: Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s former spiritual adviser, Rev. Wright, says he can’t speak to Obama because “Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me.”

This is not the Rev. Wright that Barack Obama knew.

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  2. The report is here and it’s ridiculous. I guess I’m a rightwing extremist, because here’s your definition:

    Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.

    poon (093c46)

  3. poon,

    Von Brunn was reportedly an anti-Semitic Truther. How does that fit the profile?

    DRJ (180b67)

  4. adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups)

    poon (093c46)

  5. the gunman and Obama’s spiritual advisor Rev. Wright had a good bit in common: anti-Semites who support racial preferences.

    bobbyoshea (d5d8dc)

  6. poon,

    I agree but how does that fit a right-wing profile, or did I misunderstand your point?

    DRJ (180b67)

  7. Race hatred. Religious hatred. Thinks Bush blew up the World Trade Center. This is right-wing? Sounds like he’d be more at home with The National Socialist Party.

    RB (c11bca)

  8. DRJ, this cat is just trolling. I’m still bemused by his defense of David Letterman’s attacks on underaged girls…by looking for “accuracy.”

    So does this type of nonsense surprise anyone?

    Hey! I guess, if poon can try that kind of logic, I can group-disrespect Muslims by spouting off about “another crazy Muslim murderer” because of Abdulhakim Muhammad. Right?

    Ah, but that is different, as usual. Notice how the press has kind of let that football drop? It doesn’t fit Teh Narrative.

    Eric Blair (0b61b2)

  9. [Can it, Larry. — DRJ]

    Larry Reilly (45e7a4)

  10. Exhibit “A”.

    Eric Blair (0b61b2)

  11. I wish Drudge had posted a picture of the guard rather than that of the murderer.

    steve sturm (3811cf)

  12. DRJ,

    It is the current administration that labels this type of terrorism “right-wing.”

    Let’s hope they use all their new presidential anti-terrorism powers reasonably.

    poon (093c46)

  13. The Von Brunn shooting was a terrorist act and a horrible crime. His victim was a hero and I pray for him and his family. Von Brunn in no way represents my views, any more than scum like Fred Phelps represents view of most Christians. But I know that Charles Johnson and other mendacious individuals on the left will use the opportunity to blame this act on right wing extremism. Von Brunn was wearing a confederate hat wasn’t he?

    But the Reverend Wright (why doesn’t Wright count as a Christianist to Sullivan?) gives another example of Jew hatred, with his rant today.

    Granted Wright is not a criminal or a murderer. Wright just mentions that Israelis are engaged in ethnic cleansing in Gaza. That is true. The Israeli Defense Forces did do ethnic cleansing in Gaza, they evicted several thousand Jooooooooooz so the Palestinians could have their ethnically pure Shangra la. How has that turned out?

    So let’s question President Obama about anti Semitism. Obviously Von Brunn is a violent murderer beyond the pale for any rational person, but Wright’s comments are not acceptable are they? Ask if it is true Barack Obama told Israel it cannot bomb Iran. These are all legitmate questions. I would suggest we start asking them now.

    Joe (17aeff)

  14. Poon is a vile cretin.

    This guy had more in common with Baracky’s pastor than he does with conservatives or Republicans.

    Poon is just excited, tingly even, over the chance to tar everyone with the actions of one in a dishonest manner.

    The MSM has already had more coverage of this murder than the murder of a US serviceman at the hands of a Muslim.

    JD (afc450)

  15. poon,

    Are you saying the Obama Administration identifies all hate groups as right-wingers, regardless of the content of their beliefs? If so, I’m glad you have some misgivings about that position.

    DRJ (180b67)

  16. “This guy had more in common with Baracky’s pastor than he does with conservatives or Republicans.”

    And he’s a birth certificate truther!

    imdw (034364)

  17. imdw – poon is a birth certificate truther?

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  18. DRJ – You give it way too much credit. Your kind heart is endearing.

    JD (afc450)

  19. “Rev. Wright, says he can’t speak to Obama because “Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me.””

    I think Rev. Fruitcake, Obama’s mentor and spiritual compass, is speaking a little bit more broadly than David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel here. I still amazes me that Obama is bitterly clinging to the story that he’s never heard Wright get bigoted like this before. He must be one of the only people who has had regular contact with him who has not.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  20. This guy had more in common with Baracky’s pastor than he does with conservatives or Republicans.

    Moreover, place all of that in the context of a photo released today by the White House showing Barry with his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office while talking on the phone to the prime minister of Israel—sort of the flip side of Obama allowing himself to be seen bowing before the king of Saudi Arabia.

    I’ve long considered the anti-Semitism in the black community to be a peculiar dichotomy, in that a high percentage of people in both that group and in the Jewish populace are of the left and often display blind loyalty to the Democrat Party.

    I think the only stereotypical virtue of liberals is their supposedly more tolerant, non-bigoted way of thinking. So if people within the left can’t even claim that one quality for themselves, they really aren’t worth a damn.

    This says it all:

    Kathy Shaidle,

    The man accused of opening fire at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC on June 10, James W. von Brunn, left a trail of unhinged writings around the internet.

    The anti-semitism of von Brunn is the first thing one notices when visiting these bizarre websites. However, like those of most “white supremacists”, many of von Brunn’s political views track “Left” rather than “Right.” Clearly, a re-evaluation of these obsolete definitions is long overdue.

    For example, he unleashed his hatred of both Presidents Bush and other “neo-conservatives” in online essays. As even some “progressives” such as the influential Adbusters magazine publicly admit, “neoconservative” is often used as a derogatory code word for “Jews”. As well, even a cursory glance at “white supremacist” writings reveals a hatred of, say, big corporations that is virtually indistinguishable from that of anti-globalization activists.

    James von Brunn’s advocacy of 9/11 conspiracy theories also gives him an additional commonality with individuals on the far-left.

    None of this will surprise readers of Jonah Goldberg’s bestseller Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change , which clearly demonstrates that “fascism” of the kind advocated by the British National Party (BNP) and the likes of James W. von Brunn is just as likely to reflect “leftwing” views as “rightwing” ones.

    In fact, anti-semitism is something the New Left and the “Far Right” have had in common since the 1980s, which is why so many former leftists like David Horowitz defected from one side to the other during the Reagan era and beyond. It also helps explain the otherwise baffling alliance between the Left and radical Islam.

    Mark (411533)

  21. Brunn was apparently a freeper and a birther. Sounds like a Paultard more than anything else.

    Kathy Shaidle, of course, is an idiot.

    Brolic Johnson (02f84a)

  22. DRJ,

    I do indeed have some misgiving about these two terrorists be grouped with the conservatives, but I also had misgivings about the attempt to tie Bill Ayers to Obama…did you?

    And I see Gallup’s Party Affiliation poll is back to +9 for the Democrats.

    Worth another post from you?

    poon (093c46)

  23. This is not the Rev. Wright that Barack Obama knew.

    I think we both know that to be a lie…

    I’d like to point out that the Homeland Security report made NO mention of antisemitic groups being in the “right-wing” category…

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  24. Mark, Charles Johnson would not approve of that comment. Nazis are always right wingers. Shamuta will mock you.

    Joe (17aeff)

  25. A spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center said that they had been tracking this individual for some time.
    I’m sure that information is quite comforting to the family members of the security guard he killed.

    AD - RtR/OS! (d97860)

  26. Plus, von Brunn was a PT-boat skipper in WW-2, probably pickled his brain swilling the pig-juice from the torpedoes.

    AD - RtR/OS! (d97860)

  27. Poon remains a disingenuous twit.

    JD (d4812e)

  28. Nazis are always right wingers.

    For that matter, a large percentage of the fashionable left of the Western World — with its increasingly neurotic PETA-type laws regarding animals and household pets, but cavalier attitude toward young girls seeking abortions without the consent of a parent or guardian (Hi, California voters!!) are, oddly enough, rightwingers too!

    “I am no admirer of the poacher, particularly as I am a vegetarian.”
    – Adolf Hitler. August 20, 1942. Section 293, HITLER’S TABLE TALK

    But there’s one thing I can predict to eaters of meat: the world of the future will be vegetarian.”
    – Adolf Hitler. November 11, 1941. Section 66, HITLER’S TABLE TALK

    [Hitler] was sincerely opposed to meat-eating. Once I discussed this with Ada Klein. [In 1926] Hitler remarked to Ada: “The human is an evil animal of prey. Two small innocent animals were deprived of life to provide a glutton with a gourmet dish. I believe I shall become a vegetarian one day.” He actually did convert and never tired of holding forth from time to time during meals on the brutal methods of slaughter.
    — “He Was My Chief: The Memoirs of Adolph Hitler’s Secretary,” By Christa Schroeder

    1933 Law on Animal Protection

    (Signed into law, 11/24/1933)

    Section II
    Measures for the Protection of Animals

    #2 It is forbidden:

    1. to so neglect an animal in one’s ownership, care or accommodation that it thereby experiences appreciable pain or appreciable damage;
    2. to use an animal unnecessarily for what clearly exceeds its powers or causes it appreciable pain, or which it-in consequence of its condition-is obviously not capable of;
    3. to use and animal for demonstrations, film-making, spectacles, or other public events to the extent that these events cause the animal appreciable pain or appreciable damage to health;
    4. to use a fragile, ill, overworked or old animal for which further life is a torment for any other purpose than to cause or procure a rapid, painless death;
    5. to put out one’s domestic animal for the purpose of getting rid of it;
    6. to set or test the power of dogs on cats, foxes, and other animals;
    7. to shorten the ears or the tail of a dog over two weeks old. This is allowed if it is done with anesthesia;
    8. to shorten the tail of a horse. This is allowed if it is to remedy a defect or illness of the tail and is done by a veterinarian and under anesthesia;
    9. to perform a painful operation on an animal in an unprofessional manner or without anesthesia, or if anesthesia in a particular case is impossible according to veterinary standards;
    10. to kill an animal on a farm for fur otherwise than with anesthesia or in a way that is, in any case, painless;
    11. to force-feed fowl;
    12. to tear out or separate the thighs of living frogs.

    Section III
    Experiments on Living Animals

    #5 It is forbidden to operate on or handle living animals in ways that may cause appreciable pain or damage for the purpose of experiments, to the extent the provisions of #6 through #8 do not mandate otherwise.

    Mark (411533)

  29. This is the kind of stuff God, Jr. didn’t hear duing his 20-year-nap in the pews.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  30. #28:

    Wow… great post, Mark – apparently a disinclination to abusing animals is enough to qualify us liberals as Nazis. Great little argument. Take that shit on the road. I mean, you were already out on a limb with the notion that Jonah Goldberg has “readers”, but it takes a special, special type of individual to one-up that kind of thing with the argument that outlawing living frog-thigh separation is a surefire indication of future Jew slaughter.

    I congratulate you.

    Leviticus (20b7ac)

  31. Leviticus,
    Nice sneer at Goldberg there.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  32. ironic. i live in the uk and heard about the shooting at the holocaust museum on the 10 pm news. ‘the shooter is a white supremecist.’

    go back 2 weeks an the shooting at the army recruiting center in arkansas – not a word that a muslim had shot and killed 1 soldier.


    ktr (158eca)

  33. you were already out on a limb with the notion that Jonah Goldberg has “readers”

    I don’t know and really give a damn about Goldberg’s readers. I’m only concerned about liberals like you believing your ideology somehow makes you more humane and compassionate than the average person, particularly those of rightist orientation. Now that is one belief or notion that truly is a case of going out on a limb.

    Mark (411533)

  34. “Wow… great post, Mark – apparently a disinclination to abusing animals is enough to qualify us liberals as Nazis.”

    Nah, it’s the shared love of totalitarian government, plus little details like state sanctioned racism (a hallmark of the “liberal” political party in America), putting innocent people in concentration camps, putting people in prison solely because of their political beliefs, using citizens as subjects in grotesque medical experiments, and other colorful antics of that sort that qualifies liberals as pretty damned close to Nazis.

    If it quacks like a duck…

    Dave Surls (9cde3d)

  35. I keep wondering: if them Jooos are so powerful, if they run everything, how come they control so little? Somehow, they can’t even clean up a little area like Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

    The curious Dana (3e4784)

  36. You know, considering how hard-working and intellectual the Jewish people have demonstrated themselves to be, wouldn’t we be better off if they really were running everything?

    The snarky Dana (3e4784)

  37. According to ABC exit polls, 78% of American Jews voted for Obama. Go figure! It’s getting awfully crowded under Obama’s bus.

    arch (299189)

  38. “You know, considering how hard-working and intellectual the Jewish people have demonstrated themselves to be, wouldn’t we be better off if they really were running everything?”

    I thought they already did.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  39. Since this comment thread has wandered all over the map anyway, I’ll hijack a bit to work in a comment I wanted to make yesterday while I was on the road to Ohio…

    Rush Limbaugh made essentially the SAME JOKE as David Letterman yesterday. He was trying to be funny about Letterman’s insult to Palin, and he riffed that A-Rod would never have sex with Paulin’s daughter *during a game* but that he’d probably do it afterward. Personally, I don’t consider this any better than Letterman’s remarks.

    We conservatives are pro-life because we believe that human beings have intrinsic value, right? And we stand up for property rights, not because we love property, but because we think that people have an individual dignity that is taken away when they are not allowed control over their own lives. We’re not collectivists, because we believe that people have individual worth.

    SO WOULDN’T YOU EXPECT that conservatives would indulge in less of the degrading and demeaning humor and language than liberals?

    If conservatives act like liberals, then we’ll end up losing the character of our country EVEN if we manage to enact all the legislative policies we like.

    Gesundheit (47b0b8)

  40. Gesundheit –

    Rush probably made that “joke” to have the media pounce all over him and thereby expose them for the hypocrites they are. Willing to demonize someone they do not agree with while supplying deafening silence to one of their “heroes”.

    Dr. K (eca563)

  41. Gesundheit – apparently the word “irony” has no relevant meaning for you; suggest you look that one up, pronto. Extra credit for looking up the terms “sarcasm” and “parody.”

    Dmac (f7884d)

  42. Another Rush joke: What’s the difference between Obama and God?

    God doesn’t think he’s Obama.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  43. Brother Brad, nor does he have a birth certificate. :)

    GM Roper (85dcd7)

  44. Leviticus, are you arguing that Jonah Goldberg, the blogger at one of the highest-trafficked blogs, doesn’t have readers? Or Jonah Goldberg, of the #1-selling for many weeks NYT bestselling book doesn’t have readers? Or Jonah Goldberg, whose column appears in USA Today doesn’t have readers?

    Or were you just being snarky? Just checking :)

    I’m not 100% what Mark’s full point was, but I also find it disconcerting when many “liberal” folks are more protective of animal rights than they are of 2nd and 3rd-trimester fetuses.

    carlitos (7d2345)

  45. Comment by carlitos — 6/11/2009 @ 7:32 am

    I’ll vote “snarky”, since anything else would require effort, knowledge, and experience.

    AD - RtR/OS! (15fd5c)

  46. DRJ dear friend, perhaps a subtitle for this entry could be “And poon with able assistance from Leviticus hijacks another thread.”

    GM Roper (85dcd7)

  47. I think Jonah Goldberg packed it in after he beclowned himself on the Ed Whelan/Publius matter.

    poon (093c46)

  48. Is poon still giddy with joy and dancing on the grave of dead person pointing fingers at the Right?

    JD (eee3ad)

  49. but I also had misgivings about the attempt to tie Bill Ayers to Obama…did you?

    Ayers is the Obama mentor/terrorist who kicked off Obama’s presidential run. You don’t see a “tie” there?

    You libs should get together and decide which talking point you want to use regarding Ayers. Half of you are insisting that Ayers was a peaceful hero who never hurt anyone and the other half are whining that it is unfair to tie someone like Ayers to Obama.

    jcurtis (6f7011)

  50. Dmac (@41): Gosh, thanks! I looked up irony, sarcasm, and parody and I learned a lot. I’ve even noticed before that Rush kind of likes parody and sarcasm, BUT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY POINT since I never alleged that Rush was attacking Sarah Palin or her daughter.

    It’s not like I didn’t get the joke. My point is that making smutty jokes – even if he considers it sarcasm – is still not consistent with a conservative value system that says human beings are more than just animals and sex is more than just an animal act.

    Rush could have made any number of humorous or sarcastic remarks about Letterman to make his point. Instead, he had to go the locker room route. I think it’s low class. And I don’t think it helps the conservative message.

    All I’m trying to suggest is that we conservatives ought to clean up our act. We should be the ones acting like the adults!

    Gesundheit (47b0b8)

  51. Gesundheit = clueless

    Dr. K (eca563)

  52. Fair enough, Gesundheit – but in like manner, RUSH IS AN ENTERTAINER, NOT THE HEAD NOR LEADER OF THE GOP! PLAYING BY THE MARQUES OF QUEENSBURY RULES HAS LED TO THE GOP’S PRESENT MINORITY STATUS, BEING NICE 24/7 DOESN’T PLAY WITH THE MAJORITY OF THE VOTING SHEEPLE! IOW, by all means the GOP should strive not to emulate the gutter tactics of the Left, but a few jabs here and there won’t hurt, particularly after 8 years of Bush/Hitler/BloodforOil/9 – 11/Truthers/DarkLordCheneyRovianmindcontrol – not to mention complete and utter abdication of the MSM in doing their self – appointed roles as ferreting out “the truth” of politicians. If anything, they’ve been complete enablers in this whole fiasco, and sometimes you have to break through the incredible monopoly of thought and viewpoints that they currently enjoy.

    Do you see my point here?

    Dmac (f7884d)

  53. The whole point is to take extremists, lump all of one’s ideological opponents to the extremists, and then blame the opponents’ rhetoric for the extremists actions and thereby suppress speech that one does not like.

    SPQR (72771e)

  54. carlitos – just snarky. It was more taking issue with the idea that people who bought Goldberg’s book could read than taking issue with the fact that people buy Goldberg’s books. Hence, “readers”.

    Which is still a patently ridiculous notion. Hence, “just snarky.” But how the hell else am I supposed to respond to a comment that accuses liberals of being Nazis because they think it’s wrong to torture animals? That’s just extra-strength dumb.

    “I’ll vote “snarky”, since anything else would require effort, knowledge, and experience.”

    – AD/RoTSpWhateverTheHell

    My, what an effort-laden, knowledgeable, experienced comment that was, Pops. You’re like Conservative Yoda – chock full of Helpful Wisdom for misguided little punks like me. Keep up the good work. Someday we’ll all come around to the idea that Old People Are Better Because They’ve Done Such A Good Job.

    But until then… well. You know. Just keep fighting the good fight.

    Leviticus (20b7ac)

  55. I thought he meant those little glasses…

    mojo (8096f2)

  56. #42- Boss Limbaugh fills the vaccum again. It’s such a joy watching conservatives continue to reinforce the axiom that the GOP is led by a fat, deaf, high school educated drug addict with three failed marriages who sits alone, locked in a room, ranting to himself for hours on end beside a live microphone. Keep Walrus Gumbo out front as the voice and face of conservatism.

    The Banned in Boston & Pattericoville DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  57. That is like the 83859125th time ASPCA has posted that same comment.

    JD (eee3ad)

  58. JD, this google result may amuse you. He appears to actually type it each time, rather than copy / paste, because there seem to be variations.

    carlitos (7d2345)

  59. Leviticus, I think that you would be pleasantly surprised by the book. Some very knowledgeable liberal reviewers have been kind to it. I haven’t had a chance to get to it though.

    carlitos (7d2345)

  60. JD,

    It’s your choice but I’ve decided to ignore him.

    DRJ (180b67)

  61. Gotcha!

    AD - RtR/OS! (15fd5c)

  62. That is like the 83859125th time ASPCA has posted that same comment

    More like his first Trillion – but who’s really counting at this point?

    Dmac (f7884d)

  63. Carlitos, that is truly hilarious! TrollBot 1000 lives again!

    Dmac (f7884d)

  64. #61- And answered accordingly. And as my late father said, “Silence is golden,” so if you choose to cash in, so be it. Gold is up today.

    The Banned in Boston & Pattericoville DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  65. #53- Yet above the mudpies of Letterman and Limbaugh, we have faux conservative pundit Stephen Colbert and his ‘Colbert Report’ doing shows from Camp Victory in Iraq all week, honoring the troops just by being there. Cleverly lampooning with much better humor the right, left and himself.

    The Banned in Boston & Pattericoville DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  66. “blame the opponents’ rhetoric for the extremists actions and thereby suppress speech that one does not like.”

    Free speech does NOT entitle someone to say any thing they damn well please.

    JEA (dffa7e)

  67. Or, said another way:
    You may have the right to say what you wish; and,
    I have the right to not listen to your drivel.

    AD - RtR/OS! (15fd5c)

  68. ZOG:Zionist Occupation Government.
    But Hitler was a vegetarian.

    Two right wing terror assaults in two weeks. Maybe we should get rid of Habeas Corpus or something. Or Lock up members of suspect organizations.

    bored again christian (1f5859)

  69. JEA, really? Lets hear your version of the First Amendment and how it allows you to suppress messages you don’t like.

    SPQR (72771e)

  70. bored again christian, no fear of the elimination of habeus corpus nor of members of suspect organizations being locked up. Only Democratic Presidents do that … oops.

    SPQR (72771e)

  71. Apparently bac .20 missed where this right wing extremist was actually a registered Dem. Also note how the trolls refuse to even include the murdered Pvt. Long, killed at the hands of a Muslim under investigation for having ties to actual terrorists, and plans to hit other places. Inconvenient truths, and all that.

    JD (61e494)

  72. Rand Simberg does a good job of showing that this guy’s ideology was closer to Obama’s preacher’s ideology than any “right wing”.

    SPQR (72771e)

  73. “Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are”

    “primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups),”

    This is neither a right wing nor left wing position.

    “and those that are mainly antigovernment,”

    That is a right wing position. As a matter of fact, that’s the ONLY right wing position.

    At least that’s how it works in my political spectrum.

    Dave Surls (02ae9f)

  74. “Lets hear your version of the First Amendment and how it allows you to suppress messages you don’t like.”

    I guess you interpret that to mean you can say whatever the hell you like without taking any responsiblity for it. With freedom comes responsibility. Without that society crumbles and anarchy ensues. People who ARE responsible understand that.

    Or you can just yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.

    JEA (211d25)

  75. Is it true that Von Nutjob was a registered Dem in Maryland?

    JD (b75a19)

  76. There are unconfirmed reports that James W. von Brunn was registered as a Democrat in the state of Maryland

    Neo (46a1a2)

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