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The NBA Finals: Lakers vs Magic, Game 2

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Anyone watching the game?


13 Responses to “The NBA Finals: Lakers vs Magic, Game 2”

  1. Sorry DRJ, I lost interest in the NBA several years ago. I’m simply waiting for football season.

    I know you are

    Paul (creator of "Staunch Brayer") (290fb9)

  2. It is a shame Kobe is such a douchebag, because his is one hell of a player. An absolute monster on offense, and as good as there is on “D” when he wants. He is also an incredible competitor, but that is usually overshadowed by him being a d*ck.

    FWIW @ 3:15, the refs called a crap call against the Magic on D, then another crap offensive foul. I wish they could get NBA refs to compete at the same level as the players.

    JD (121e64)

  3. I’m watching, DRJ, and waiting or Jack to drop from a heart attack. He’s not handling this tension too well.

    Dana (aedf1d)

  4. It is fun to say the name Hedo Turkgulu.

    JD (121e64)

  5. Or Hedo Turkoglu.

    That Courtney Lee shot was a perfect example of why the refs in the NBA are Teh SuXxor. I do not mind the no-call, so long as it is a no-call at both ends.

    JD (121e64)

  6. Two words… go Magic!

    bob (466a1d)

  7. The Megic missed toooooooo manu opportunities to close this game out.

    JD (121e64)

  8. My typing sucks. Badly.

    JD (121e64)

  9. That was a typing problem? I thought you were riffing on the spelling of Hedo Turkoglu’s name.

    DRJ (180b67)

  10. Unfortunately, I was just typing too fast, not paying attention. Sadly, I knew how to spell that. I often joke with Better Half, that watching ESPN is part of my job 😉

    JD (2a16e6)

  11. Laker fan here but that block on Kobe’s shot was awesome.

    And that last play of regulation would have been top ten highlight forever if he’d made it.


    harkin (c36792)

  12. Really, no I’m not. A complete bore. 6 months, XX games of no particular value, a playoff that includes virtually everyone and a season that drags into mid June! People are staying away in droves, and professional sports people just don’t get it.

    MikeD (c83900)

  13. NBA = Every 24 Seconds, 10 Millionaires Jump Up In The Air.

    faxhorn (e6f540)

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