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iowahawk Finds JournoList Chat Transcript

Filed under: Humor — Patterico @ 11:43 pm

With a special appearance by Keith Olbermann.

12 Responses to “iowahawk Finds JournoList Chat Transcript”

  1. uhm….. erh…. ah…..

    redc1c4 (9c4f4a)

  2. I am assuming this is a spoof.

    Jimminy'cricket (637168)

  3. Was that a spoof ? How can U tell ?

    MIke K (2cf494)

  4. Heh. I’ve been waiting for him to write about this.

    Paul (creator of "Staunch Brayer") (5c06a9)

  5. Iowahawk is totally not teh ghey, srsly.

    Vivian Louise (c0f830)

  6. the camp counselor wouldnt drive me to the orthodontist because he said station wagons were tools of the bourgeois


    Socratease (c22e68)

  7. Oh Iowahawk! Who else could so brilliantly connect the dots: Lefty journos and jr. high girls really do share the same brain!

    Dana (d08a3a)

  8. “Teen Utne” – LOL!

    Comment by Dana — 4/4/2009 @ 11:36 am

    Iowahawk is indeed da man.

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  9. Was it me, or did everyone bolt when Giant Orange Head Guy logged into the chat session?

    BearsFan_73 (d8feb0)

  10. I thought the Journolistas were hilarious. Leave it to Iowahawk to distill their high school clique blather into pure perfection. Reading it was like watching the VLWC version of “Clueless.”

    Peg C. (48175e)

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