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Lee Woodruff: Stop the Twitter Madness!

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Lee Woodruff says we must Stop the Twitter Madness. But I find this part of his argument somewhat less than compelling:

And while I do love you, David Gregory, honestly—announcing that your wife is off skiing with a kid and you are home watching Dumbo on the couch with your twins is like an open invitation to a stalker or pedophile to come on over (after they Google the address) hit you over the head with a fitted pipe and drag one of your youngin’s into their lair.

It is?

Thanks to Allahpundit . . . on Twitter, of course.

P.S. If you think Lee Woodruff is a stick in the mud and you want to keep the Twitter madness going, you can follow me here.

3 Responses to “Lee Woodruff: Stop the Twitter Madness!”

  1. I kinda agree although I’m something of a hypocrite: I occasionally use twitter to put stuff (news, blog posts, etc.) out but I absolutely hate text messaging (the funny thing is that I’m 21 years old).

    Timothy Watson (92eba3)

  2. Pedophile drop by?

    12 ga, .45, ,38HP… choices, choices.

    SDN (d690c0)

  3. I hear this argument a lot – the “don’t use the internet because stalkers will come get you!” It’s a perfect example of the rampant fear-mongering that has become so prevalent in society these days – whether it’s “stalkers,” “pedophiles,” “hackers,” “terrorists,” or whatever other boogeyman risen to the occasion, the fact that everyone has been convinced that they are personally the next targets of these scoundrels is frankly quite disturbing.

    Dan G. (d354f8)

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