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  • Islamic Rage Boy discusses the beheading of the TV station owner’s wife and asks: where is the footage?

5 Responses to “Some Evening Links”

  1. But Judge Espinoza telegraphed that he might rule in some favorable fashion for the child rapist.

    Whatever misconduct occurred between the (now dead) judge and the deputy DA assigned to the court room, if it happened, happened after the child molester pleaded guilty.

    Remember this pervert fed a 13-year-old girl booze and drugs and then sodomized her. I don’t believe this type of conduct is tolerated even in France.

    Alta Bob (ae9a60)

  2. Maldonado is disgusting. He’s using the budget crisis to gain political advantage for himself. If he’s going to run for a state-wide office (which seems to be his plan), I’m volunteering for whoever opposes him. I’ll also make sure everyone I know will remember his vote for the tax increases.

    How do we get rid of these faux Republicans anyway?

    Anna (26cc81)

  3. Murtha beat ABSCAM because he is smart enough not to take bribes from people he doesn’t know. The most damning tape I’ve seen has him saying something like “well, if I got to know you guys a lot better maybe we could do some business, but right now I gotta pass because this deal looks too fishy.” Hard to charge someone with turning down a bribe.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  4. I think Roman Polanski is a great director. And I think he should be allowed to follow his muse on American soil, just as soon as he’s paid his debt to society.

    Jim Treacher (796deb)

  5. Anna wrote:

    How do we get rid of these faux Republicans anyway?

    That’s a tough question. The GOP has been promoting mushy middlers so long, it looks like nobody who could help wants to go through the torture of fighting people on “their side.”

    Alleged genius Karl Rove threw his weight behind Arnold Squandernegger in the Gray Davis recall election rather than dull, cross-eyed, diehard fiscal conservative policy wonk Tom McClintock. Ahnuld said at the time he was NOT in favor of same-sex marriage, and understood economics as an avid reader of Milton Friedman. Yeah right. That worked out well, didn’t it, genius? Thanks for the eight years of marching in quicksand, Karl. McClintock, apparently realizing he had no support in Sacramento, moved to a rare district in CA conservative enough to get him into Congress. Here’s a video of his reaction to the stimulus bill.

    Russ Weiner — son of Michael Savage — ran for the State Assembly in Marin County as an anti-illegal immigration conservative. He won a three-way primary by five votes over his closest competitor. He said that afterward, he didn’t receive a lick of support from the California Republican Party, and he was thrashed by forty percent by the unchallenged Dem incumbent. Weiner swore off politics and went into business, founding the company manufacturing the popular Rockstar energy drink.

    L.N. Smithee (74ff65)

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