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Super Bowl

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Predict the exact score.

Tie-break: Predict the number of receiving yards for Larry Fitzgerald.

Winner gets recognized at The Jury Talks Back. If you’re lucky, Scott Jacobs will use amusing profanities to describe why you beat him.

60 Responses to “Super Bowl”

  1. Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 17.

    Fitz: 89 receiving yards.


    JRM (355c21)

  2. Pittsburgh 34, Arizona 17.

    Fitzgerald 79 yards.

    aunursa (e9b1f7)

  3. Arizona 27 Pittsburgh 17

    Fitzgerald 101

    Hey, it’s the home team after all.

    PatAZ (d8da01)

  4. Arizona 31, Pittsburgh 20.

    (A lead-pipe mortal lock.)

    Official Internet Data Office (278536)

  5. Aizona 28 Pittsburgh 27

    Steverino (69d941)

  6. I am just rooting for Arizona. It pains me to see a team playing in the Super Bowl that my Colts so handily beat in their house like the Steelers. Here’s hoping Big Ben plays as lousy in this Super Bowl as he did the last time.

    JD (2aa114)

  7. Blitzburgh 26, ‘Zona 9

    And who’s Larry Fitzgerald? He in your shipping/receiving dept?

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  8. Arizona 24, Pittsburgh 21

    Fitz 105 yards

    J. Raymond Wright (e8d0ca)

  9. This oldy but goody Superbowl ad works for Pajamas Media or for Obamaniacs.

    Pittsburgh is rightly favored objectively, but I am going Arizona 24, Pittsburgh 17. Fitz for 95.

    Joe (17aeff)

  10. Az 42 Pitt 17

    Fitz – 235yds w/ at least 4 TD’s

    chas (998b50)

  11. AZ! 42-31

    AD (7c0940)

  12. Not rooting either way, but it would be satisfying to see the Pittsburgh slam-dunkers suffer the same fate as the Patriots slam-dunkers of last year. For the clued-in Steeler and Zonie fans who show respect for the opponent…may the game be ‘interesting’. I’ll sit back and admire the players perform under pressure. And may the zebras not turn into asses.

    Score prediction per conventional wisdom: Steelers 38 AZ 13. Fitzgerald 85.

    Score prediction for an upset: AZ 31 Steelers 27. Fitzgerald 80, Boudin 75.

    allan (63c4a4)

  13. Steelers 24 Cardinals 7

    Fitzgerald 40 yards.

    Stu707 (7fb2e7)

  14. Steelers 16
    Cards 25

    (Not likely, but I need something like that for my office pool, might as well double down here)

    Fits 63

    bskb (cb4c20)

  15. Pittsburg 31 AZ 27

    I have mixed feelings about Arizona. I’m mad at them for knocking the Falcons out of it, and grateful to them for doing the same to Carolina. My loyalty to the Falcons carries the day and I’ll root for the Steelers.

    backwoods conservative (560ad4)

  16. Pittsburgh 24, Arizona 10. Larry Fitzgerald, 57 yards, most of which come in the fourth quarter.

    Dana the Oakland Raiders fan! (556f76)

  17. 17-14 Pittsburgh……..

    Larry Fitzgerald – 121 yds

    Mail check to: er, excuse me. In too many pools.

    Chuck (b1c599)

  18. 31-27 Arizona
    Fitz: 107 yds.

    Mike (34a88d)

  19. Steelers 27, Cardinals 10, Fitz 92. Congratulations to both teams on their fine seasons.

    Dagwood (06c586)

  20. Steelers 34-13; 121 yards

    Paul (fb4644)

  21. If you’re lucky, Scott Jacobs will use amusing profanities to describe why you beat him.

    Die in a god damn fire…

    *cough* Sorry. I’m ok now.

    I don’t care how much they win by, I just want the Cardinals to win…

    Because Holy God I hate the fucking Steelers…

    In fact, I hope that, during the first quarter, ever Steelers player bursts into flames…

    Scott Jacobs (who wants DRJ to come back) (90ff96)

  22. Steelers 31, Arizona 17.
    Fitz 95 yards receiving. YMMV.

    Chris (b886a5)

  23. Cardinals: 24
    Steelers: 17

    Fitz: 116

    Dodd (dc40a4)

  24. Arizona:38 Pittsburg: 24

    Fitzgerald: 186 yards

    gahrie (d8da01)

  25. 17-13 Steelers.

    75 yards for Fitzgerald.

    M. Scott Eiland (5ccff0)

  26. Cardinals 30
    Steelers 17
    Fitz 130, 3 TD’s

    ML (14488c)

  27. Arizona will use 3 WR sets early and keep a back to catch the blitzers. My guess is that will be Edge because of his experience. They will try to run early as well. You don’t want Warner to get pressure early because he’ll end up throwing INTs.

    I think they’ll get it done.

    Arizona 20, Pittsburgh 13.

    Larry Fitzgerald: 57 yards.
    Anquon Boldin: 127 yards. :)

    otcconan (d6afba)

  28. Oh, and for an extra bonus, Big Ben will be sacked 6 times, and Tim Hightower will score at least one of AZ’s TD’s.

    If Warner throws more than one INT AZ will lose.

    otcconan (d6afba)

  29. And my cat, Spartacus, says Arizona is going to win. His words.

    otcconan (d6afba)

  30. Pittsburgh 23, Arizona 20
    Larry Fitzgerald 112 yards

    jdflorida99 (cb54f8)

  31. 24-17 arizona
    87 yards 2 td’s

    ktr (40579a)

  32. Steelers 30
    Cards 13.

    Fitz 74 yards

    the bhead (a31060)

  33. AZ 24, Pitt 21

    Fitz – 50 yards
    Bouldin – 75 yards
    Breaston – 150 yards

    Dmac (2fab96)

  34. [apparent spam; OT, deleted – JRM]

    con-gma (ef8187)

  35. Cards 19
    Pitt 16

    Fitz – 65 yards

    Gerald A (adb85a)

  36. Final Score: Cards 37 Steelers 34

    Fitz yards: 175 yds

    plm (7d9514)

  37. Arizona 31-Pittsburgh 27, because I just don’t care.
    Fitz, even 100 because it’s even.

    Ken Hahn (f7f228)

  38. 28-27 AZ

    Fitzie 155

    FLBuckeye (9bb031)

  39. Arizona 31- 21.

    Terry Gain (694415)

  40. Arizona 31- 21.

    Fitz 201

    Terry Gain (694415)

  41. Steelers 27

    Cardinals 17

    Fitz: 140 yards

    David Williams (89dd9c)

  42. Game started, prognostication over.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  43. My football pool numbers suck and the only chance I have if both teams start scoring big. Doesn’t look like Arizona will help me out with that. So I am drinking Root Beer that my 8 year old made that went, well, a little bit beyond root beer but not quite to ale. Making it not something I would want but ruling it out for the next kid’s snack time. Extra vodka seems to help get it to where it needs to be.

    What were we talking about?

    Joe (17aeff)

  44. Cardinals made a game of it in my opinion.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  45. Pitt 27 Arizona 23

    Patoooieee (44cef5)

  46. You sure you want to stick with that prediction, Patoooieee? Not sticking your neck out?

    SPQR (26be8b)

  47. Commercials 3:28 of air time on the news.
    Game 2:58 of air time on the news.

    Alan Kellogg (e4d258)

  48. I just wanna say:

    Bullshit that being a fumble.

    Scott Jacobs (who wants DRJ to come back) (90ff96)

  49. That game just took 3 years off my life. But the good guys won.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  50. Did you see Santonio’s homage to LeBron? Definitely gave me a chuckle.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  51. None of my pool number picks worked. I was hoping for a Cardinal victory, not that I like the Cardinals or hate Pittsburgh, but I felt like I had to root for the underdog. The Cardinals just made too many mistakes early on, but a heck of a try at a comeback.

    Joe (17aeff)

  52. The hard root beer is an idea that should die. I am already getting a head ache.

    Joe (17aeff)

  53. It was a great game but was decided by that interception at halftime. The Cardinals did a great job. Kurt Warner should be in the hall of fame the day after he retires.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  54. I feel bad for Warner. He is a great job, but one mistake too many.

    Joe (17aeff)

  55. Yuck, hate Pittsburg. Anyway, can’t wait for next September.

    Obama über alles!!!!! (48dd5e)

  56. Well, at least I got one thing right, that most of Larry Fitzgerald’s yards would come in the fourth quarter!

    My Raiders will win it all next year. Why, Al Davis is positively drooling in at the thought of Michael Vick getting out of jail. :(

    Dana the Oakland Raiders fan (3e4784)

  57. Steelers Nation, baby!

    rightwingprof (fbb932)

  58. Oakland needs Michael Haynes more than it needs Michael Vick. Michael Haynes and Lester Hayes.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  59. Though the game is now history, I am happy that is was a GREAT game!

    Who knows maybe AZ can get a do-over next year…

    Congrats to the Steelers for their 6th title!

    TC (0b9ca4)

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