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Thanks to DRJ

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I was hoping to avoid making an announcement about this, but commenters are asking questions.

Some of you have noticed that DRJ has not been posting lately. She has decided not to post or comment on the site any more. She says this decision is permanent, but I will always hold out hope that she will change her mind, so let’s treat this as a hiatus of undetermined length.

If she wants to share the reason she may. She and I still get along great (how could we not?) so that’s not the problem. I don’t really want to talk about it; I’m afraid I’d say something I’d regret.

(Will no one rid me of this troublesome commenter?)

Anyway, I would like this to be a positive post. Please let DRJ know how much you appreciate all she has done for the site.

I extend to her my deepest personal thanks — thanks I can’t adequately express in words — and my wishes for an ongoing friendship. She is one of the finest human beings I have ever (sort of) met. I hope one day I can remove the “sort of” from that statement.

161 Responses to “Thanks to DRJ”

  1. My prayers go with you, DRJ.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  2. Oh, DRJ. Patterico’s great but and having you on the site has been wonderful.

    Thoughtful, intelligent, funny, respectful of all.

    We respect your decision but are pretty sad about it. Will say a prayer for you and for whatever situation prompted this. Hope, as Patterico says, that at a time you decide, if you want to return, we will be very happy. In the meantime, our best wishes go with you.

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  3. will no one rid us of this malfunctioning strike button?

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  4. O, please don’t go! We’ll eat you up, we love you so!

    Dan Collins (4dc2da)

  5. I comment very infrequently here, but read you daily. And, DRJ, you will be missed by readers of this site. I hope you find the itch to post here necessary to scratch.

    Dale (8771f8)

  6. While I don’t know anything about her — and didn’t even know she was a she until someone corrected me — DRJ’s work was always good and always appreciated. She had a knack for findng interesting stuff that others missed.

    The appreciative Dana (3e4784)

  7. That’s too bad. You’ll be sorely missed, DRJ. To paraphrase The Police, the blog’s too big without you.

    Pablo (99243e)

  8. Madam DRJ, don’t go.

    I work hard so I know that circumstances can sometimes compel us but I dearly hope this is not so.

    If it must be, warm and following winds and following seas since there is no feeling on earth like it. Slewing actually feels good. :)

    Curtis (e21caf)

  9. Thanks for all the good posts. May trouble follow you everywhere you go but never catch up with you.

    backwoods conservative (28e0cc)

  10. DRJ, I’ll miss you.

    aunursa (e9b1f7)

  11. I love DRJ’s posts, and I also really love her willingness to get involved with the comments.

    It has helped brighten my days to read her take on events, especially in Texas. I wish her the very best in the rest of her endeavors. I’m sure it’s grueling to blog well, and it’s probably not fun dealing with the unfortunate elements of the internet, but I know DRJ’s contribution to the new media was significant and important and appreciated.

    Joco (4cdfb7)

  12. DRJ

    BEST OF WISHES to you and your family – please be well and safe

    Thanks for all the great conversations

    Thanks for the class and strength of character

    and now for a little poetry…….

    EricPWJohnson (852352)

  13. I miss you already!

    Old Coot (543f9d)

  14. DRJ is one of my favorite people that I have run across on the internet. Kind, full of grace, caring, and honest. She has been a truly good friend to me in some of the less than great times in my life. I curse whatever led her away from here, and give thanks for the time she was with us.

    Godspeed, good lady.

    JD (931f72)

  15. DRJ, thanks for joining Patterico in maintaining such high standards of discourse around here. I’ve really appreciated your posts, commentary and the challenges you’ve leveled in my direction, forcing me to broaden my horizons. Go in peace, and hope to see you around!

    Tom (442eef)

  16. This is truly unfortunate. DRJ did a wonderful job. She will be missed.

    Mossberg500 (9fd170)

  17. Already very much missed, indeed. My best wishes and prayers for you, DRJ, and your friends and family. May you find life full and wonderful, filled with joys and smiles, sprinkled with happy surprises.

    htom (412a17)

  18. This is sad. I thought that perhaps DRJ had reconsidered after the prior announcement, but I think I understand her decision. When I started posting here, DRJ sent me a kind e-mail that was completely unnecessary, but very much appreciated. My best wishes go with her. And kudos to Patterico for a post allowing us to express our overall appreciation for the all of the contributions that DRJ has made here.

    Karl (2491e1)

  19. DRJ,

    I really hate seeing you leave. If I start a blog, will you come by to at least read it? I’d love to have your comments.

    To all others, I am exploring opening my own blog. I’ll have to see what I can get for allowing comments. I won’t let the Kool-aid drinkers of the Left and the professional trolls comment. I’ll be the only loose cannon on the site.

    PCD (7fe637)

  20. Best wishes, DRJ. It never ceased to amaze and impress me how you maintained such equanimity, poise, and class no matter how heated the discussion became. More than once I have purposefully toned down my rhetoric because of your example. I have no doubt that you are truly an asset to the legal profession.

    JVW (4ecab1)

  21. DRJ! DRJ! DRJ!

    You are fantastic, and I’ll miss you.

    MayBee (27ec75)

  22. (Will no one rid me of this troublesome commenter?)

    It’s been offered. You keep saying no…

    And damnit, I am NOT troublesome! :)

    DRJ, I’m gonna miss seeing your posts. I loved your writing, and you always had a kind word for this – lets be honest here people – loony with what might well be a moderate form of tourettes…

    You have my e-mail, boss. Please write soon…

    This place just won’t be the same without you…

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  23. I suspect there is a commenter factor here. DRJ, why not post and close comments ? I will miss your posts and hope you will reconsider. I haven’t seen any posts from Justin Levine lately, either.

    Keep up the good work, folks.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  24. I was just getting to know her through her excellent and always even – tempered contributions to this site. We desperately need voices like her, no matter how infrequently she may be able to post. Hell no, please don’t go!

    Dmac (eb0dd0)

  25. DRJ, I have enjoyed reading your posts and comments both. I’ll miss your civil and engaged tone as much as your ideas.

    AMac (c822c9)

  26. DRJ, I have really enjoyed your posts and will miss you. I hope that all is well with you and your family and your little one remains in our prayers. God Bless.

    J. Raymond Wright (d83ab3)

  27. (Will no one rid me of this troublesome commenter?)

    Where does he live?


    No matter what, we’ll always have Paris.

    nk (bf9c84)

  28. while I may come across as a little wild-eyed and simplistic, I must let you know DRJ that yours is an example I bear in mind when commenting. My frustrated demons do , however, get the best of me. To that end I hope for the best for you and look forward to that time when you’ll come back.

    pitchforksntorches (12026e)

  29. DRJ, thanks for your kindness and consideration. Best Regards.

    Ropelight (d40bc3)

  30. What? DRJ, is qutting? No! Listen DRJ, you come back here this minute! Or I am going to quit this blog too. Who’s going to be my friend on Patterico? Who is going to set me right when I am out of track? Who is going to tell me to look at things from another point of view? Who will be my blog protector from all my blog foes? If you quit, so will I.
    Patterico will not be the same without you. :(

    Emperor7 (0c8c2c)

  31. DRJ,
    Thank you for your wonderful posts and grace. Can a cyberspace clamor of saddened fans change your mind?

    Whatever you do, I appreciate the constructive role you’ve played here.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  32. DRJ for President. 2012! Who better?

    Emperor7 (0c8c2c)

  33. Notice how several posters have commented how DRJ unfailing kindness, professionalism, and patience moderated their own extremes. That among so many other things makes the loss of DRJ from this blog very serious.

    The only good that may come of this is to suggest to commenters that their online behavior can and does in fact matter.

    I will miss DRJ, whether or not I agreed with her on a given topic. And remember this: when DRJ disagreed with a poster, there was never any anger, bile, or insult.

    She was here to discuss, not argue. And never to insult.

    A genuine loss.

    Eric Blair (e92b94)

  34. The end of an era.

    Safe travels, DRJ.

    Leviticus (1daf74)

  35. Good luck, DRJ.

    EBJ (2fd7f7)

  36. Sad.

    Larry Sheldon (86b2e1)

  37. Good Luck and best wishes for you and yours.

    voiceofreason2 (10af7e)

  38. You’ll be missed, DRJ

    h2u (81b7bd)

  39. DRJ- All of Patterico’s sentiments above and then some. I posted this last night but want to put it in its proper place- It is crushing to hear that you are no longer commenting here. You are an excellent person who commands and deserves everyone’s respect. I hope you are just taking an indefinite break DRJ. I along with many others will miss you greatly.

    EdWood (c2268a)

  40. She was one of Pat’s better finds,
    But DRJ will no longer write lines
    On this saddened blog,
    ‘Cause she went to the bog
    And will rescue the L A Times!

    The Limerick Avenger (3e4784)

  41. I always liked how you conducted your interactions within the threads. So thoughtful and insightful. It was wonderful that you came back from the first ‘retirement’ because we have been blessed with some mighty good posting and commenting since then. Best wishes on whatever has brought about this second retirement.

    allan (9db658)

  42. Sorry to see you go. It won’t be the same without you.

    PatAZ (d8da01)

  43. One other thing, Patterico. In your post above, you commented:

    “…(Will no one rid me of this troublesome commenter?)…”

    All I can say is that Becket is spinning faster in his grave than an ultracentrifuge.

    But I know what you mean.

    Eric Blair (e92b94)

  44. Hope everything’s okay, DRJ. Hang in there.

    Jim Treacher (796deb)

  45. This really makes me sad, but, I know she will read all the above comments and I hope her head swells a little. DRJ, thanks again for all the thoughtful posts and comments… you WILL SHALL be missed!

    GM Roper (85dcd7)

  46. The first time she quit this blog was on the account of a commenter’s behavior towards her. That same commenter quit because of it. “DocRampage” was his screen name, I think. (It’s possible he returned with another name. Who knows.) Maybe this decision of hers to quit again may have to do with another commenter’s behavior. I don’t know. But people should know that respect is reciprocal. DRJ is very respectable and courteous. I have never read one offensive or angry comment from her. She really is the Queen of this blog. Never insult DRJ. She goes out of her way to be nice and tolerant. Even with people she disagrees with. I don’t think it’s asking for too much for her to expect the same from all of us.
    Whoever did this to us, may you never sleep well. May demons torment you in your sleep until you ask for mercy. You have hurt the feelings of one of the greatest bloggers on the Internet. You will reap what you have sown.
    DRJ, if you are reading this, please reconsider. We promise to ensure this does not happen again. (Whatever it is..)
    Just come back, please????

    Emperor7 (0c8c2c)

  47. Kharma can be a you-know-what. Or should be.

    That was a nice comment, E7.

    At least DRJ knows she is very appreciated.

    Eric Blair (e92b94)

  48. I denounce JD.

    MayBee (27ec75)

  49. Comment by Eric Blair — 1/30/2009 @ 9:45 am
    Was she being paid for posting stories on this blog? Do you know? Or was it a volunteer service? I am really ignorant about how this blog thing is done. But I think she ought be appreciated for her fine work and charming personality.

    Emperor7 (0c8c2c)

  50. #

    I love DRJ’s posts, and I also really love her willingness to get involved with the comments.

    It has helped brighten my days to read her take on events, especially in Texas. I wish her the very best in the rest of her endeavors. I’m sure it’s grueling to blog well, and it’s probably not fun dealing with the unfortunate elements of the internet, but I know DRJ’s contribution to the new media was significant and important and appreciated.

    Comment by Joco — 1/30/2009 @ 5:25 am

    Ditto that.

    X_LA_Native (84266a)

  51. This is sad news.

    DRJ is one of the finest conservative personages I’ve encountered online, and this site one of the finer conservative blogs in no small measure due to her posts and classy presence.

    I know we’ve had our share of disagreements, but you will be missed. Good luck to you.

    Peter (e70d1c)

  52. Peter,
    No need to qualify the praise with “conservative”.

    DRJ is one of the most informed, articulate and even-tempered persons I’ve seen on blogs of any political persuasion.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  53. True that, Brother Fikes.

    Peter (e70d1c)

  54. I haven’t been on here long but I do know a certain banned commenter returned under a new alias and started sending her troubling emails (extreme understatement) and got banned. May the full weight of the law fall on him. As all the road signs in that great state say, Don’t Mess With Texas.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  55. DRJ’s absence will create a large void where compassion, intelligence, and common-sense once predominated.
    I will miss her insight.
    Good Luck in your future endeavors, and may all about you be safe, and well.
    It has been a brief moment of sunlight that was greatly appreciated.

    AD (32d77b)

  56. DRJ – your posts and comments here serve as an example to all of extraordinary grace, reason, intelligence, and virtue.

    I wish you and your family the best.
    You will be extraordinarily missed.

    Apogee (f4320c)

  57. Dear DRJ:

    Thank you for your words and thoughts, you have proven to be most kind, and decent, and thoughtful. I just barely got to know you, but in that short time it was quite obvious how classy and intelligent you are. You will be missed.

    You have my prayers and best wishes to you and your family. God Bless you and yours,


    Pons Asinorum (61628f)

  58. If we really want her to come back, we should stop saying “thank you and so long, DRJ.” We should say “Come back. We need you, DRJ!” If we say things like “so long” Good luck in your future pursuits” “It was nice knowing you…” “You will be missed…” “The End of an Era…” (What?) ” Best regards..” “Safe travels” and the like, she will read it to mean that we have accepted her departure as permanent.I haven’t. We should change the title of this thread to something like, “Come back DRJ!” “WE NEED YOU, DRJ!” “DON’T GO, DRJ!”. That will make her realize what she means to all of us and how she is really valued. Make it very hard for her to leave. She’s human. She will break down and cry and like Maria in “Sound of Music..” she will hear the voice of the children and come running back home. (I am losing my bearings. I know. Don’t tell me.)

    Emperor7 (0c8c2c)

  59. I have taken the liberty to change my handle as a protest to the powers that be, till something is done about this. Till DRJ starts posting here again. Care to join the demonstration?
    It could get bloody. Feel free to use your creativity.

    Emperor7 who wants DRJ back! (0c8c2c)

  60. Good point, E7.

    DRJ, we REALLY don’t want you to go. Unlike many the great majority of bloggers, you’ve actually made a difference for the better.

    Please return here, where your postings – and you personally – are valued and appreciated.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (45b7d9)

  61. The “many” was supposed to be a strikeover, but that didn’t work.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., who implores DRJ to remain at Patterico! (45b7d9)

  62. “Shane! Shane! Come back Shane!…….”

    redc1c4 (9c4f4a)

  63. DRJ, as the younger sister of Patterico I read his blog frequently. Not always, because the need for some commenters to jump to conclusions or rave angrily about their point of view makes me very uncomfortable. Your posts and comments have always helped me to see a calm head in the midst of some serious “storms” on this site. I know Patterico will miss having you post, but I also know that he considers you to be a true friend.

    Thank you for taking so much time to help him with his blog, and for going out of your way to help him when he needed it most. You will be in my prayers, and I truly hope you will be able to find your way back to commenting and posting in the future.

    Blessings to you,

    yourlilsis (9d1ada)

  64. We dedicate this song to you, DRJ.
    Ahe-mm!(Clears throat)

    When I had you to myself
    I didnt want you around
    Those pretty faces always made you
    Stand out in a crowd
    Then someone picked you from the bunch
    One glance was all it took
    Now its much too late for me
    To take second look

    Oh baby give me one more chance
    To show you that I love you
    Wont you please send me back in your heart

    Oh darlin I was blind to let you go
    But now since I see you in his arms
    I want you back
    Yes I do now
    I want you back
    Oo oo baby
    Yeah yeah….naw….

    Trying to live without your love
    Is one long sleepless night
    Let me show you girl
    That I know wrong from right

    Every street you walk on
    I leave tear stains on the ground
    Following the girl
    I didnt even want around

    Abuh buh buh buh
    All I want!
    Abuh buh buh buh
    All I need!
    Abuh buh buh buh…..

    Emperor7 who wants DRJ back! (0c8c2c)

  65. Wait a minute. Is DRJ related to Patterico? Are they brothers and sisters? Why does commenter “Susan” of comment #65 call herself Patterico’s “younger sister” and at the same time, DRJ’s “lilsis”? As in Little sister.
    Hmmmmm. Interesting.

    Emperor7 who wants DRJ back! (0c8c2c)

  66. I too shall change my name until DRJ returns to us…

    Scott Jacobs (who wants DRJ to come back) (89480a)

  67. DRJ is NOT related to Patterico, I am. My screen name is yourlilsis. So when it says comment by yourlilsis, that is how it always reads when I leave a comment on this site. Sorry for any confusion!

    yourlilsis (9d1ada)

  68. Dear Susan/yourlilsis:

    Thanks for your post. I’m not surprised that you are related to Patterico; genetics shows!

    Eric Blair (c8876d)

  69. Comment by yourlilsis — 1/30/2009 @ 11:53 am
    Oh. My apologies. But permit me to ask, mylilsis, why did you use the emphatic “NOT” in your comment? :)
    That is if you are permitted to reveal any …..secrets to us, followers. 😉

    Emperor7 who wants DRJ back! (0c8c2c)

  70. I think this sad event should serve as a reminder that feeding trolls, real trolls, not just people who can disagree with some respect or even less than respect, can lead to bad things. There are people out there who need attention and may seek attention in ways that do not respect the world of blogs. Not everyone is immune to the attentions of such people. There have been incidents with sock puppets and trolls on other blogs and now here. Remember that not everyone is playing with a full deck. It is fun to jerk others around sometimes because this is a cyber world that seems safe.

    It isn’t always. Some of us have jobs or small kids or other hostages to fortune. I don’t but some do and that should be respected.

    Mike K (f89cb3)

  71. Emp, you’re prodding far too hard.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  72. Comment by Eric Blair — 1/30/2009 @ 11:55 am
    You rrrefuse to join ze rrrevolution, Eric?
    I nemici alla resistenza saranno alimentati agli squali.

    Emperor7 who wants DRJ back! (0c8c2c)

  73. Something about this thread reminded me of this:

    Larry Sheldon (86b2e1)

  74. Just wanted to be sure that everyone saw the “not” part…there are people out there that have selective reading tendencies. 😉

    yourlilsis (9d1ada)

  75. Did I lose a comment, or did I get spammed off or something?

    I think the lost comment asked if there are pointers to the Paul Harvey here.

    I don’t always frequent the troll havens^W^Wcomments threads.

    It is important to remember that open posing does not mean that the blogger and other posters agree with the occasional loose cannon.

    Larry Sheldon (86b2e1)

  76. Eric Blair, Thank you. I am proud to be the younger sister of such a fine gentleman. Although, I COULD tell tales of what is was like growing up with him! Maybe another day…

    yourlilsis (9d1ada)

  77. Emp, you’re prodding far too hard.

    Comment by John Hitchcock — 1/30/2009 @ 12:10 pm
    Not my intention, John. But if so, I apologies to yourlilsis.

    Emperor7 who wants DRJ back! (1b037c)

  78. Let’s nip this one in the bud right now . . .

    Patterico (abcdf8)

  79. Family food-fight!

    AD (32d77b)

  80. If DRJ doesn’t come back, the terrorists have won.

    And you know who I mean by terrorists.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  81. I’m terribly sorry to hear it; I enjoyed my exchanges with her tremendously, and will miss her.

    I wish her well, and hope to cross swords with her in some other forum, some day in the future.

    aphrael (e0cdc9)

  82. She lays down her pen.
    A chill wind in my browser
    Blows pixels around.

    Bye DRJ.

    Pious Agnostic (291f9a)

  83. Although, I COULD tell tales of what is was like growing up with him!

    I think it is time we discuss price… :)

    Scott Jacobs (who wants DRJ to come back) (90ff96)

  84. Come back!!

    Your work on the Ramos/Compean transcripts and your comments were incredible – you cut through all the nonsense.

    A heartfelt, and very belated THANK YOU!

    Blom11 (531f14)

  85. The Pious Agnostic wrote:

    She lays down her pen.
    A chill wind in my browser
    Blows pixels around.

    Pious Agnostic
    violates my copyright
    Oh, boy, will he pay!

    The Haiku Avenger (556f76)

  86. Obama über alles:

    Let me point you to what Patterico wrote, and watch “The Lion In Winter” and “Becket” for context.

    (Will no one rid me of this troublesome commenter?)

    That was a yes as plain as day.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., who implores DRJ to remain at Patterico! (5ccdfc)

  87. Patterico
    She is one of the finest human beings I have ever (sort of) met. I hope one day I can remove the “sort of” from that statement.
    That above ^ is the most mysterious thing you have said about DRJ, Patterico. What do you mean by saying “I hope one day I can remove the “sort of” from that statement. “?
    Have you or have you never met DRJ? What would it take to “remove the sort of..” from that statement?

    Emperor7 who wants DRJ back! (1b037c)

  88. If it is depression brought about by Obama I feel your pain.

    Thanks for everything, good luck, and best wishes for the coming years.

    rab (7a9e13)

  89. Doesn’t DRJ occasionally post elsewhere? It is a pity that the clueless crapweasels possessed of diarrhea of the mouth won’t vanish and the high quality posters do take leave.

    I’m sure DRJ’s job and seriously ill son are plenty enough to occupy her attention.

    aoibhneas (0c6cfc)

  90. Empy7,
    Let’s not press Patterico about this point. It could be too much prying into a sensitive personal matter. Patterico was obviously reluctant to post anything at all, undoubtedly in deference to DRJ’s wishes.

    So let’s also show some thoughtful deference, even while continuing to send our best wishes for DRJ to remain part of this community.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., who implores DRJ to remain at Patterico! (64dd41)

  91. DRJ,

    I, not being alone, hope this is just another break from the madness this site and all sites can become at times.

    I hope we have not seen the last of you.

    In the meantime, take care and enjoy the extra time.

    TC (0b9ca4)

  92. I first met DRJ on another blog and she occasionaly commented on my old site. I became an avid reader of P.P. because she blogged here instead of the occasional reader that I was. Emperor is right.

    GM Roper who wants DRJ back on Patterico's Pontifications (85dcd7)

  93. Speaking for all federal dogs across the land, we are howling at this bad news. Please come back, DRJ.

    Federal Dog (9f7406)

  94. “but she needs to make up her mind once and for all.”


    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  95. Comment by Lordy — 1/30/2009 @ 3:10 pm
    There we have it people, enemies of this blog.

    Emperor7 who wants DRJ back! (0c8c2c)

  96. I predict Patrick quits bending over backward to give raging idiots a break, starting with that foul-mouthed one that just recently posted.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  97. DRJ, Thank you for the hard work you’ve done here, the example you have set, and the inspiration you have given. My deepest respects.

    Machinist (c5fc28)

  98. DRJ, Please come back. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, we all wish you success.

    Stu707 (7fb2e7)

  99. Sorry to hear this news. If the problem is out-of-control commenters you should consider moving away from having open comments. Sadly there exists a small minority who will misuse that freedom in order to cause havoc.

    Lurker (78f287)

  100. DRJ, it has been refreshing to watch debate and discussion take place with thoughtfulness and deliberation. I appreciate that it was never about proving another commenter wrong, but rather to dig deeper, think further, and learn more. That motivation furthered respectful debate.

    And I’ll just say this: I will really miss the feminine edge and perspective you brought to particular subjects. (Patterico just can’t fill that bill).

    Until you are able to find another outlet for your writing, enjoy this time with your family.

    With warmest regards, Dana

    Dana (137151)

  101. OUA, you have no idea what has gone on. For you to have a one-person flame fest at someone else’s expense is highly disrespectful. You need to stop with your know-it-all attitude and show some respect.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  102. You’ll hopefully be back. We’ll be here. You’re the best.

    Vermont Neighbor (ab0837)

  103. Please, let all the comments on this thread reflect our nigh-universal sense of loss for DRJ not being here.

    I had one brief spat with DRJ, then upon reading the reply realized I had badly misinterpreted what was meant. DRJ was very gracious in response. That taught me a badly needed lesson.

    Let’s try to show the same generosity of spirit toward each other we admire in DRJ.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  104. #108,

    You have no clue so shut up.

    nk (bf9c84)

  105. #108,

    I think it’s great to quit blogging if it’s annoying to the blogger. Unlike most commenters, DRJ and Patterico both do tough, crucial jobs. I have no doubt that they both turned to blogging because they need hobbies to relieve stress. If blogging itself becomes stressful, they could be less effective at their dayjobs. People shouldn’t pretend they aren’t human and that dealing with aggressive trolls on the horrible issues of the day isn’t stressful.

    I do hope DRJ comes back. I almost expect her to after a nice break. She obviously really enjoyed the idea of having discussions about the issues of the day. But she isn’t being a shameful quitter or a coward for finding something to do with her evenings that is fun and stress free.

    I suspect you and other trolls don’t find it odd at all that someone would give up trying to engage you. That was your ultimate goal… to destroy dissent.

    Joco (4cdfb7)

  106. Thank you, DRJ. Hope all is well with you.

    Patricia (89cb84)

  107. Yes DRJ, I hope you and your family are healthy and well.

    Obama über alles!!!!! (48dd5e)

  108. I was only that nice because I like you. You don’t know what’s going on so keep your machismo to yourself on this thread.

    nk (bf9c84)

  109. Patterico also deserves copious kudos, for the countless hours he had devoted here, and especially for his relentless devotion to facts. It may not seem at times that he makes a difference, but it does.

    I am grateful for Patterico to opening my eyes, and for DRJ for being part of that. I spread this message to my fellow journalists whenever I can.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  110. Let’s ignore the troll.

    Joco (4cdfb7)

  111. Sigh.


    You will never be alone, here. No matter what dimwit shows up to attack you, you will always have a lot more friends who will defend you and support you.

    nk (bf9c84)

  112. As I said, I wish all good people well.

    And I wish you no harm other than that all your teeth fall out except one which aches for the rest of your life. 😉

    I don’t think you’re a troll but you are being too much of a tough guy. This thread is about appreciation for DRJ and not about blogging philosophy.

    nk (bf9c84)

  113. Comment by nk — 1/30/2009 @ 7:01 pm

    Hear! Hear!

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  114. DRJ – you will be missed. Please consider coming back at some other time to post.

    fmfnavydoc (59b1f9)

  115. DRJ was possibly the finest person I’ve ever had the pleasure to dissagree with.

    Hope All Is Well.

    Oiram (5df6fd)

  116. Comment by Obama über alles!!!!! — 1/30/2009 @ 6:46 pm

    Comment by Obama über alles!!!!! — 1/30/2009 @ 7:06 pm

    No. You really don’t.

    Place absolute faith in the fact that, regarding this at the least, you have no idea about that which you speak.

    Scott Jacobs (who wants DRJ to come back) (90ff96)

  117. I think that the title of the thread says it all. If a person isn’t interested in that thread, why post there?

    Eric Blair (e92b94)

  118. DRJ, sorry to see you go. Hope you decide to come back someday, either here or elsewhere in the blogosphere. But I won’t scream “please come back” because quite frankly, if you ever want to, you will, and until and unless you want to, you shouldn’t.

    Xrlq (62cad4)

  119. I’ve never commented, but have read this blog for years now, and have to say that DRJ’s intelligence and tone have lifted it well above the other political blogs. Patterico indicated a few weeks ago that DRJ might be leaving, but when she continued to post for a while after that, I had hopes it was just a false alarm. Agree with 134, but hope DRJ decides she wants to come back, and soon.

    RL in Glendale (a11c20)

  120. Drj, I am truly sorry to see you go. Thank you for all the wisdom you shared in your time here and the patient answers you provided.

    ras (20bd5b)

  121. DRJ – I thought I would comment on the sense of personal loss. But, I more wish to tell you that there have been many occasions that you inspired me to be better. I probably never managed this, but you (your spirit?) moved me.

    Just so you know, I simply do not allow just anybody to bypass my well-constructed and hardened walls. Your intelligence and sensibility bored right through.


    Ed (f6461a)

  122. DRJ, I’ll miss you as well. There are reasons I’ve never blogged and I suspect you ran into one or more. The moonbats want to chase us all off, stifling dissent. Don’t go gently into that good night. :-)

    Peg C. (48175e)

  123. Haiku Avenger: I’ll await your solicitor. In the meantime, can there really be too much poetry (or in my case “poetry”) in the world?

    Pious Agnostic (b2c3ab)

  124. Pious A sure seems to think
    Haiku Avenger will blink
    I can tell you he won’t
    Shrink he just don’t
    He’ll even call you a fink!

    The Limerick Avenger (556f76)

  125. Perhaps if you could
    do this form of poetry?
    I would be in awe! :)

    The Haiku Avenger (556f76)

  126. I still don’t get it.

    Let’s clear it up for you, then – you’re a douchebag.

    Dmac (2fab96)

  127. In the meantime, can there really be too much poetry (or in my case “poetry”) in the world?
    Comment by Pious Agnostic — 1/31/2009 @ 5:44 am

    To paraphrase Brian Regan, “I submit that there cannot!”

    Nice jobs, Limerick and Haiku Avengers. HA, you asked for my favorite kinda poetry, so here’s an amateur version, or what a few minutes + a rhyming dictionary will get you:

    A page of paeans, all for DRJ
    Above: they say how much, in retrospect
    Her work at Patterico did connect
    Us all, perhaps more than we did convey.
    Do know, dear lady, that this fine array
    Of wishes and regard mean, in effect,
    We trust your choosing, though we do expect
    We’ll miss you much all while you are away.

    “It’s just a blog”? Perhaps. Yet still, we know
    the lessons that we saw in how she wrote
    –humility and kindness and respect,
    to treat alike all who do come and go–
    will stay with us, and, too, a mote
    of hope, that her return one day we may expect.

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  128. I denounce you sexist poets. Honor a woman by using male rhymes? You need to take one of those sensitivity courses.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  129. No one you know has
    certainly earned the title
    Sonnet Avenger!

    The Haiku Avenger (556f76)

  130. No one you know had his way
    A poet he is, I say
    He has done right
    And come what might
    His sonnets shall rule the day

    The Limerick Avenger (556f76)

  131. The sun is shining outside
    Yet here on the net I bide
    What am I doing
    When I should be screwing
    If I’m staying inside.

    The Limerick Avenger (556f76)

  132. DJR I will miss your intelligent, lovely, and gracious self. Its a tribute to you that your character consistently shines through in your postings and your comments.

    Lesley (dda662)

  133. When I can I will simply delete all of “Obama uber alles” comments from this thread. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, and he has (to put it kindly) a tin ear for what’s appropriate in this thread. If anyone is reading this who has the ability to simply delete all his comments (not edit them but simply nuke them out of existence) please feel free. Same goes for the asshat who said she needs to make up her mind. As I said, this may not be forever, and people are entitled to give up guest blogging for long periods of time (or forever, for that matter) without having insensitive clods criticize that decision.

    I’d rather not have speculation on why DRJ is doing this. I’ll say only that it makes perfect sense to me.

    Patterico (d49e0a)

  134. Patterico, thank you for that. Trolls who simply post nonsense to stir up trouble are not necessary, and restricting or removing their comments is in no way censorship (and there is, of course, a difference between that and people with honest and halfway civil disagreements).

    In my experience, this kind of trollery is little different from people who will cuss out someone from inside their car (where they feel safe), and act quite differently face to face.

    And you are right about speculation, as well. Better simply to remind DRJ that she is valued, much missed, and that many people hope that she returns. And most of all, wish both she and her family well.

    Eric Blair (e92b94)

  135. Oh, and I am sorry you had to spend any part of your weekend reading some of that nonsense.

    Eric Blair (e92b94)

  136. Patterico:

    If anyone is reading this who has the ability to simply delete all his comments (not edit them but simply nuke them out of existence) please feel free.

    Done, with the exception of #111, which was respectful.

    Xrlq (62cad4)

  137. Many thanks, Xrlq.

    Eric Blair (57b266)

  138. Hello, everyone! You know how much I like talking with each of you so this isn’t a decision I’ve made lightly, but this is what needs to be done for my family. First, though, I want to clear up a few things:

    It may surprise you to learn that Patterico and I have never met in person, which is why he says he “sort of” knows me. But I know all I need to know about him: He’s smart, he’s fun, he’s from a fine family and is a good family man, and he works hard at his job to protect his community. I know that about many of you, too, and I appreciate your gracious comments. They mean more than you will ever know. They also mean no one can disagree with me — after all, these comments make me sound perfect! — when I say: I’m an average blogger who won’t be missed much.

    My posts gave us a chance to talk about current events but this blog is and always has been about Patterico. You get the best of both worlds now that he has The Jury Talks Back. Great content and insights from Patterico plus the timeliness and diversity offered by his guest bloggers. What I will miss is talking with people I like, and I like the people who read and comment here. Thus, the hardest part will be not commenting and that’s where my will power may waver.

    Whatever happens, though, you guys can’t fool me. At some point, I’ve had respectful discussions or disagreements with everyone here and I know that each of you has the power to bring that attitude with you when you debate others. It never was about me. It’s been you all along.

    DRJ (bdcd73)

  139. This is one hell of a lady.

    I will do my best to live up to your ideals, but I will routinely fail, especially with that asshat twatwaffle Wrangler. See. There I go again.

    JD (4d1a78)

  140. We’ve seen too many extraordinary blogs and web sites destroyed by emnity–what a damn shame when we lose such a unique, valuable voice on the internet. DRJ, let someone skilled in these on-line matters plant the post-hypnotic suggestion: Take a pause that refreshes, then come on back someday soon!

    Gary McVey (12601f)

  141. (That’s a broad hint to you too Bradley…we need your civilized voice as well…and happy birthday!!!)

    Gary McVey (12601f)

  142. Thank you, Gary.
    I am blogging again, courtesy of Dr. Capt. Mike K., at A Brief History. Not as often as before, but I may step up the posts eventually.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., who wishes DRJ well, here and everywhere else! (0ea407)

  143. Thus, the hardest part will be not commenting and that’s where my will power may waver.

    I never hope one’s will power wavers but in this case, I’ll gladly make an exception.

    Comment by Gary McVey — 1/31/2009 @ 5:39 pm

    Hey stranger!

    Dana (137151)

  144. Oh no! I leave for ten days and DRJ is leaving…again?

    Thanks for everything, DRJ. I’ll miss your football and Texas posts.

    Time to add to my screen name:

    Paul (creator of "Staunch Brayer" and hoping for DRJ's eventual return) (75f68e)

  145. Hey stranger!

    Comment by Dana

    Hey gorgeous!

    Gary McVey (12601f)

  146. Group hug!

    heh. You just never know who you’re gonna run across in these here parts!

    Dana (137151)

  147. Who knew there was a Federation Trading Post this far from the center of the galaxy? DRJ, take this as an example–allow the bonds of fellowship and mutual respect to work their magic…the world just needs some people…

    Gary McVey (12601f)

  148. I think Patterico was a friend of Cathy Seipp so we old Cathy’s Worlders may be permitted a little water cooler hello inside a DRJ thread. Bet she would have loved DRJ.

    Side note: I let Charlotte know that some CW remnants haunt the halls of Patterico.

    allan (b67dba)

  149. …when I say: I’m an average blogger who won’t be missed much.

    Oh, that’s where you’re wrong, m’lady.

    I do believe that’s the first time I’ve ever said such a thing to you. And I’m not one who holds such thoughts back. :)

    All the best to you, DRJ, and I sincerely hope to see you around these parts again as circumstances permit.

    Pablo (99243e)

  150. when I say: I’m an average blogger who won’t be missed much.

    Lies! Foul lies! HERESY!!!

    We’re all gonna miss you bunches, Boss Lady…

    Scott Jacobs (who wants DRJ to come back) (90ff96)

  151. allan,
    Ah yes, the CW disapora still remembers, in joy and sadness, its halcyon days with its irrepressible proprietor.

    Thank you for letting Charlotte know. She’s also very welcome at A Brief History. I have her email somewhere.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., who wishes DRJ well, here and everywhere else! (0ea407)

  152. allan, fyi, cassandra, Nancy, Lisa, Vivian Louise and myself still continually email round-robin throughout the week, always cc’ing Charlotte, who of course responds on Saturdays when she goes to town. It’s still golden.

    Dana (137151)

  153. Ha, then Charlotte must have her fingers flying like crazy on Saturdays in that Capetown internet cafe. The golden girls…good descriptor.

    allan (b67dba)

  154. DRJ, I will miss you. Very much.

    Thank you.

    EW1(SG) (e27928)

  155. DRJ, thank you for YOUR gift to all of us….may we all find a way to honor and return that gift to you…


    reff (ea7aa1)

  156. It may surprise you to learn that Patterico and I have never met in person, which is why he says he “sort of” knows me. But I know all I need to know about him:
    Ah-ha! I was right! But still doesn’t help with the pain, DRJ. :(
    Come back!

    Emperor7 who wants DRJ back! (1b037c)

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