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Californians Leaving, Population Still Increasing

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So, you’re a Californian who is worried that more people are leaving California than coming in, eh?

Fear not. “[I]n fact, the state’s population continues to increase overall because of births and immigration, legal and illegal.”


39 Responses to “Californians Leaving, Population Still Increasing”

  1. I think we should put some signs up that say: Welcome to California now go home!

    Maybe that would help, or we could spell it
    “C-A-L-E-E-F-O-R-N-E-E-A” just like our Governor pronounces it and that may confuse some people.

    ML (14488c)

  2. So, all the taxpayers are leaving, and the people who are most dependent on more spending are coming in.

    How could that go wrong.

    PS I left 4 years ago

    JayC (4f22c4)

  3. Judge it by the budget deficit.

    Icy Texan (b7d162)

  4. The jobs are leaving too. I just got back from San Francisco in December where we’re moving jobs from the downtown and consolidating them in the Midwest US. Facilities costs, salaries, benefits, taxes, utilities, etc. are all 40% to 60% of what we pay in SFO. Hell, I had to pay $80/day to park my damn rental car in the hotel garage. A night at Denver’s Courtyard by Mariott is $105…

    Indeed, it looks like Mexico will see California returned to its administration, if only by default.

    HatlessHessian (9e1983)

  5. Want a glimpse of CA in ten years? Take a trip down to Tijuana.

    al (a9c65b)

  6. Seems only fitting that if America jumped the shark on November 4, 2008, and stepped onto the road that will lead it to becoming the world’s biggest Banana Republic, that the country’s largest state, California, should be well on its way to becoming Baja Mexico.

    Mark (411533)

  7. Well, ya gotta admit that the California Republic is kinda shaped like a banana. At least as close to the shape of a banana as as Chile is to a chile.

    Me, I’m really relieved to know that California’s population isn’t dying without me. Every illegal alien who comes to the Golden State is an illegal alien who doesn’t come to the Tarheel State (which does have its share, as all I-40 states apparently do).

    Xrlq (62cad4)

  8. Way, way, back in the day, California was the promised land.

    For good reason. It is a beautiful state with a lot of resources, but it, ultimately, is no better or no worse than the flyover country.

    Los Angeles and San Francisco are becoming crime pits and no one asks why. It’s the same in my home state. Why?

    Ag80 (69524e)

  9. Don’t go bashing Cali too much.

    We have the 8 largest economy at about 1.8 trillion dollars in the world and that includes the US, we are one of a few states that pays more to the federal government then we receive, so the US would be really hurting without C-A-L-E-E-F-O-R-N-E-E-A.

    Don’t mess with with us.

    ML (14488c)

  10. The article essentially states that legal migration is OUT of California. So, the reason that the population is increasing is due to births and illegal immigration. The reporter is either dishonest, stupid or both.

    Doctor Hook (d06835)

  11. Comment by ML — 1/12/2009 @ 10:24 pm

    Prior to the Gray Davis/Arnold Schwarzenegger fiasco, CA had the World’s 6th-largest economy.

    AD (17695a)

  12. what legal immigration?

    redc1c4 (27fd3e)

  13. Comment by redc1c4 — 1/12/2009 @ 11:25 pm

    There must have been a couple dozen people, at least, from South Korea, China, and the P.I.?

    AD (17695a)

  14. The problem with the people leaving California is that they are too damn dumb to realize the root cause of their being forced to leave is the damn democrats they voted for to begin with. Instead they vote for the same type clowns wherever they move to. Just smart enough to make a bit of money but to dumb too keep it. They never get the connection that the socialist will always pick your pocket if left to their devices. So don’t vote for them, but since they are incapable of learning the obvious, they keep voting for the political types that made them feel they had/have to leave California.

    bob (409ac2)

  15. Time to go ruin another state, next!

    Mossberg500 (9fd170)

  16. #15: Precisely. The process is called Californication.


    Ric Locke (7d83f4)

  17. Fear not. “[I]n fact, the state’s population continues to increase overall because of births and immigration, legal and illegal.”

    Huzzah! You’re saved, I tell you!!

    Scott Jacobs (a1c284)

  18. Illegal immigration has great benefits for the illegal immigrant. My grandson is the only child in his kindergarten class who in not in English as a Second Language class. This is 15 years after our last serious attempt to stop illegal immigration. Nancy Pelosi’s Culture of Corruption has forced us to take more people than we can provide for, and our hospital emergency rooms are overcrowded beyond their capacity. Our schools are overcrowded beyond their capacity and our jails are overcrowded beyond their capacity. It’s all our fault, we trusted our politicians to enforce the law.

    tyree (fab058)

  19. We in California welcome a new generation of Spanish-speaking immigrants, especially the ones with landscaping and gardening skills, as well as foreigners from throughout the globe, including a Governor from Austria, and a President from either Kenya, Indonesia, or Canada, or ________.

    By the way, the phrase “Tarheel State” is just a nickname for North Carolina, although it’s still not clear why we need two Carolinas. One is more than enough.

    Offcial Internet Data Office (6180d5)

  20. Bob,
    The problem with the people leaving California is that they are too damn dumb to realize the root cause of their being forced to leave is the damn democrats they voted for to begin with.

    While that may be the case for some, you’re painting with a pretty broad brush there. I’d say the ones who left over the last few years were actually pretty smart. I know from my own experience of wanting to get out of here years ago but basically being held hostage by an ex-wife (kids in the picture).

    Chris (ce5d67)

  21. What #15 and #16 said. I’m stuck here in Northern California for another year, but we’re counting the days until we escape.

    Old Coot (f036b5)

  22. since they are incapable of learning the obvious, they keep voting for the political types that made them feel they had/have to leave California.

    Comment by bob

    This has happened to New Hampshire as the southern part of the state filled up with tax refugees from Taxachusetts. The trouble is that they still vote for Democrats and that will be their undoing. I wonder if they have an income tax yet. It’s only a matter of time.

    Mike K (ee3203)

  23. They can’t run forever. The problems destroying California will follow them wherever they go. In some cases they themselves are the problem of course.

    Build a high wall along the (US) border with California and try to contain the damage.

    Subotai (f079ed)

  24. We left once, came back for family reasons, can’t wait to leave again, this time for good. The place is a Third-world shithole.

    ginsocal (e79c16)

  25. Me and my business just left and will not be coming back. Unfortunately, the Marxist impostor and his useful idiots in congress will nationalize California’s financial criminal incompetence by bailing the state out and thus turn all US citizens into California taxpayers. Next stop, offshore incorporation.

    Morowbie Jukes (e3305f)

  26. I made my escape from California in 1993. Got all the way down here to Texas where things are relatively sane and people still value things like initiative and independence. If you can be a law abiding citizen, come on down. We have room for lots more. No more lefty wimps though; we have plenty of those already – we keep them in the Austin area.

    38+P (002f37)

  27. 38+P,

    You like old firearms or dislike .357 magnums?

    PCD (7fe637)

  28. I left California in 1996. I miss being represented by Bob Dornan. He’s more honest and saner than the Democrats in Iowa.

    PCD (7fe637)

  29. “Build a high wall along the (US) border with California and try to contain the damage.”

    Subotai – It won’t help. Enough of them are loony enough to fly out under their own power.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  30. Daley, are you saying Californians drink Red Bull?

    the politically incorrect John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  31. I sure wish that Dana-ism amateur would just shut up.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  32. I sure the condescending smarty pants in the MSM told us those three million illegal immigrants in California were a net benefit.

    Perfect Sense (9d1b08)

  33. #35

    When the truth fails, be smarter than those calling you on it.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  34. I put California in my rear-view mirror in 2005, and am happy as can be. The only thing I missed was Trader Joe’s, but we got one about 2 months ago, so that finishes that.

    About every 6 months or so I go out to the desert to visit my mother. I am there 3 days and by then am desperate to get back on the plane and return to my little home. Mom, I love yah, but your place of residence drives me nuts.

    the friendly grizzly (77fb0e)

  35. I’m in Florida and now we are inundated with these shit heads from the northeast who left their respective shit holes to get away from taxes muttering that FL needs to have an income tax. Please go, go, get the hell out of here and just GO AWAY!

    bob (409ac2)

  36. This past 40 years of special interest rules, versus mob rules, is the root. What happened to the common sense pricipals that used to guide the direction and progress of our entire country regardless of state? You know, things like Libery, personal responsibility, the rule of law, limited taxation, limited governmental intrusion (don’t tread on me), freedom of religion, freedom of speech, gold and silver backed dollar with conservative sound money policies, free market economy based on free and fair trade with those countries with like minded pricipals, equality for all, workers safety rights, child labor protection, environmental protections, all backed by the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from ALL Governments foreign or DOMESTIC – Seems to me that as our dollar has declined, so has our sovernty, and freedoms. The number one cause of communism is the United States and the Western Countries, because we employ them. The sole reason our manufacturing and job base has, and continues to go east, is to get around running their companies in lign with the lessons learned by skinning our knees growing up as a nation. A nation that used to lead like no other – because no other country has ever cared more for human rights, freedom, and liberty in history. We have compromised whats right, in favor of globalism and corporate profits. SHAME ON US ALL FOR ALLOWING our Government, and Global Corporations, to sell out on ourselves, our principals, and our Constitution. No one ever thought at the time that the Roman Empire, or the Modern Soviet Union could ever fail – but they did. Ironically, the reason they failed and colapsed will be the same reasons ours will if we don’t immediately get back to fundimental traditional American Values and Principals.

    God Bless Us All,
    God Bless America

    Consider putting your Government(s) back in their place this next tax season and vote with your pocketbook or wallet. This may get their attention real quick. Forced Change for the Government does not have to be bad a thing – I assure you all they will adjust to your will if they have no choice. The only way to get through to our government(s) is through their “belly”. They have a huge appitite for money and need a crash diet!

    What say you?

    swatty (9ad814)

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