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Terrorists Decapitate Nine Men and Dump Bodies

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Officials suspect that the victims were soldiers. It’s not the first set of mass decapitations this year.

The death toll in the country is 5300 for the year.

And the country is right on our border.

UPDATE: The story has been revised. Make that twelve decapitated heads.

27 Responses to “Terrorists Decapitate Nine Men and Dump Bodies”

  1. My guess is that they are undocumented nontraditional responders to authoritarianism. Anything else would be racist.

    Besides, our policies made them cut off people’s heads.

    Eric Blair (e906af)

  2. Until they can find a way to blame Bush, the media has no significant interest in this story.

    JayC (3cfe5f)

  3. Hmm..interesting analysis. I think there might be a Harvard degree and a cushy gig at Think Progress waiting for you.

    Jack Klompus (b0e238)

  4. Cult suicide!

    Mossberg500 (9fd170)

  5. Jack, I don’t ask what my country can do for me, but what I can do for my country.

    And to line my pockets with graft.

    Eric Blair (e906af)

  6. It only seems to get worse, and worse!

    Another Drew (0403d0)

  7. is describing Mexico as an impending failed state, similar to Pakistan. This is going to be a major headache for us for the next decade. The Mexican government is unable to control the northern part of the country. About 30 years ago, there was a movement to annex Baja California that petered out. I wonder if there might be a revival of that movement if things really get bad.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  8. They were all just peaceful goatherders until Chimpy McHitlerBurton stole the 2000 election.

    JD (7f8e8c)

  9. Resuscitate President Polk, stat!

    Jack Klompus (b0e238)

  10. So when those troops leave Iraq – will they be going to Mexico – instead of Afghanistan?

    Michael Giles (bbd2ab)

  11. Can we relocate Hollywood to the border?

    Vermont Neighbor (de46bd)

  12. With the war that is going on in Baja driven by the Ariano Felix gang, why would we want that as our problem?

    Another Drew (0403d0)

  13. Comment by Michael Giles — 12/21/2008 @ 2:02 pm

    That might stretch things a bit…
    Morning paper says CentCom wants to double Afghan troop levels from 30K to 60K!

    But, BHO could always call out the unorganized militia to secure the border.

    Another Drew (0403d0)

  14. Obviously we need to beef up our security on the Canadian border.

    aunursa (e9b1f7)

  15. Oops, wrong border.

    aunursa (e9b1f7)

  16. Our policies there have obviously failed. It’s time we redeploy our jobs back home from that quagmire.

    Ray (8cfb7a)

  17. Mr Klompus, just how cushy can a job at ThinkProgress actually be?

    Some Dana, somewhere (556f76)

  18. Maybe Obama could send the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords from Chicago to do a stint on the border as a public service commitment. I’m not sure sending the Latin Kings would help.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  19. 3rd world hell-hole, just across the border. Wonder how long before the rest of the USA looks like that, as I understand, it’s slowly creeping northward.

    Dandapani (7aefb0)

  20. “Hmm..interesting analysis. I think there might be a Harvard degree and a cushy gig at Think Progress waiting for you.” No Harvard or Yale degree forthcoming. He spelled too many words correct. No job at Think Progress unless he can explain what the word ‘is’ is.

    Scrapiron (dda662)

  21. Now that his series has had its run, perhaps Vic Mackey could take on the cucarachas south of the Rio Grande? I thought some latino gangbangers were into severing feet a la Rwanda-Burundi?

    So some of us like to enable the drug warlords by buying their product? Nobody lives forever. Pity innocents have to be butchered also.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  22. “…drug-trafficking organizations, which battle for the most coveted routes for smuggling into the United States.

    OMG. This is so not rocket science. Unfortunately for us in Southern California, our Senators are far more concerned with the touchy-feely matters of our state – and not the more immediate life and death ones creeping our way,

    “I strongly believe that the residents of both Southern California and Mexico deserve a good corporate citizen…to install the best technology available to mitigate emissions and protect public health”.

    But if we the public end up caught in the crossfire of warring traffickers for the best route into Cali, it really won’t matter if the air is clean, will it, Senator Feinstein?

    Dana (79a78b)

  23. We need a 2,000 mile wall on that border, and we need it now. Not going to happen, of course. It might cost politicians a few votes from those who have no respect for either the U.S. or its borders. Sad.

    Tom Carter (b086c0)

  24. The people of Mexico have only themselves to blame for the disaster that their country has become. They’ve favored a bigger version of urban-America politics and politicians for decades. That is, they’ve upheld or catered to Mexican variations of Rod Blagojevich, combined with equally or more screwball versions of Al Sharpton interwoven with Bill-Hillary Clinton, all tossed together with personages like Evita Peron and Hugo Chavez.

    Mark (411533)

  25. It stopped being a crime wave long ago, Mexico is in the middle of a civil war. Either she starts treating it as a war, of Mexico is going to collapse and an American intervention will be necessary.

    madmax, #21

    We legalized drugs what makes you think the dealers would benefit from it, when there are big drug companies ready to move in and take over?

    Alan Kellogg (e4d258)

  26. I would think that the military will react to this.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  27. But on which side?
    Or, which parts of the military will be on which side?

    Another Drew (83402d)

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