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JRM Poses Another Hypothetical

Filed under: Crime,General — Patterico @ 6:27 pm

Over at my new reader-written blog The Jury Talks Back, California Deputy District Attorney JRM has a third set of criminal law hypotheticals.

He also gives his answers to his second set of hypotheticals, having to do with felony murder and self-defense.

It’s an excellent series that I hope he will continue. Go answer his most recent hypotheticals, here.

2 Responses to “JRM Poses Another Hypothetical”

  1. my new reader-written blog

    I always knew you were a Secret Capitalist Exploitator of Other People’s Labor! Now I have proof! (Just like a Republican to preach self-reliance whilst stealing from the writing-class.)

    SEK (072055)

  2. first (or third) link is wrong

    Josh (f6ffef)

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