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Obama Toking Up

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TIME just now found some college pictures of Obama, including this one of him smoking . . . something:

Above: Duuuude!

Via Vanderleun via Insty. Vanderleun has an amusing narrative to fit the series of pictures.

UPDATE: iowahawk explains why he will not be gloating about embarrassing pictures from Obama’s youth, by posting an embarrassing picture from his own youth. Pretty funny, and I appreciate the sentiment expressed in his photo.

59 Responses to “Obama Toking Up”

  1. With the timely revelation of this pix,
    what will be the over/under on the LAT’s release of the Khalidi tape?

    Another Drew (efe318)

  2. Racists. This ain’t putting any fruit on Michelle’s kitchen table.

    JD (7f8e8c)

  3. With still pictures, it’s hard to tell if he’s inhaling or not…

    Adriane (497622)

  4. Hey, until Jan 20th, it doesn’t look like she even has a kitchen table.

    Another Drew (efe318)

  5. This should come as the least surprising thing in the history of politics. The only potential surprise is that they did not wait until he had his hand on the Bible/Quran/Torah prior to running them.

    JD (7f8e8c)

  6. Thank heavens these didn’t come out before the election – might have made some people view Obama as less than Presidential material.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  7. Even though I am no Obama fan, I cringe at my own college and high school photos. Maybe the folks who post the stories here at Patterico should embed their own photos from college or high school!

    As for me, clothing of colors, textures, and materials not found in nature do not flatter.

    Eric Blair (e906af)

  8. Looks like a Pimp to me.

    Da'Shiznit (089453)

  9. But frankly I thin they released the photos as if to say “look smoking pot is so cool even Obama did it!”

    Be nice if they ever released pictures of someone at Church or something wholesome.

    Da'Shiznit (089453)

  10. Does anyone have any mug shots of G.W. getting busted for a D.U.I back in his wild days? (40 years old).

    Oiram (d0da95)

  11. It looks like a regular cigarette to me, being smoked by an effeminate sissy. I need some video of him lighting up to be sure. Does he bend down to the match or does he bring the match up to the cigarette? That’s a dead giveaway.

    nk (20403f)

  12. “Maybe the folks who post the stories here at Patterico should embed their own photos from college or high school!”

    LOL. I look about the same. Long hair, jeans, tie-dye tee-shirt. Course, I got a few more wrinkles than I had in the 60’s.

    Dave Surls (57bb37)

  13. Hmm, from the larger pictures at Time it just looks like a regular cigarette. There’s no way to know for sure, but that’s my take.

    Nels (3e56d7)

  14. I’m 100% aligned with the “what they were doing or looked like in early 80’s college photos is completely irrelevant” camp, for reasons I refuse to get into unless pictures of me in college somehow surface, and then I guess I will have to come up with all sorts of reasons.

    Aplomb (b6fba6)

  15. Proof of how successful the war on drugs has been.

    LE and et all should take a bow, that spending a Billion to alter the outcome of a hundred billion should be commended! Of course it should be.

    This revelation in pictures comes as a surprise to to whom?

    By this time next year, many will be looking for a job. Cuz some, most, LE depts, will find themselves eviscerated to a point that they will actually have to carry themselves as something “NEEDED: as opposed to something perceived as needed.

    KISS yer drug money, bye bye. You can keep the trains planes and automobiles. just send us the cash!

    Sincerely, J edgar, ( not a queer), hover!

    TC (0b9ca4)

  16. 10

    Does anyone have any mug shots of G.W. getting busted for a D.U.I back in his wild days? (40 years old).

    I doubt Bush would have been proud enough to pose willingly, like limp wristed Obama junkie.

    jcurtis (2a6c5c)

  17. In that picture Obama looks like Kid Creole, but without any coconuts.

    Official Internet Data Office (8aa339)

  18. He’s going to need a few more of those spliffs over the next year, I would wager.

    Dmac (e30284)

  19. There was a study in the late seventies that reported 67% of high school seniors had smoked pot at least once. I’d just like to meet the 30% who hadn’t!

    voiceofreason2 (414069)

  20. Thank heavens these didn’t come out before the election – might have made some people view Obama as less than Presidential material.

    Comment by Apogee — 12/19/2008 @ 7:59 pm

    Nah, I think the two presidents preceeding Obama have participated in the same activities. From what I saw in Dubya’s biographical movie, ‘Blow’, he been quite a… wait… getting a call… let me answer it here… No, ‘Blow’ isn’t Dubya’s biographical movie? Hmm, weird.

    truthnjustice (c313be)

  21. Security! Alleged university student has entered the blog grounds. Release the Dobermans!

    Official Internet Data Office (8aa339)

  22. How nice that Oiram chimed in just to say “Look over there!”

    Anderson Cooper said that these photos were a revelation because they show Obama being “cool”.

    Icy Texan (b7d162)

  23. Chihuahua’s should be sufficient.

    Another Drew (4dc1ef)

  24. Awww, come on, guys. You have to give me some credit for that ‘Blow’ quip… that was funny.

    truthnjustice (c313be)

  25. While other people may have been smoking pot in those days, nobody was wearing hats like that unless they worked at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor.

    MayBee (9614ff)

  26. Nicely done, OIDO. And you are correct, AD. A toothless one at that, and with only three legs.

    Eric Blair (e906af)

  27. Eric…You have a mean streak in you that requires professional help.
    At a suitable time, take a dose of “medicine” on me.

    Another Drew (4dc1ef)

  28. Hey! I was smoking pot in those days. However, I: 1) am not running for POTUS; and, 2) never posed for a photo while doing the dirty deed.

    But then, that’s just how I roll it.

    Icy Texan (b7d162)

  29. Well, at least our upcoming president’s judgment and discernment have greatly improved since his youth. For instance, the reassuring way he more recently has perceived, critiqued and dealt with people like Jeremiah Wright. With Bill Ayers. With Rashid Khalidi.

    All signs of growing maturity.

    Mark (411533)

  30. …and a growing wardrobe.
    Before, he was just an empty hat;
    now, he’s an empty suit.

    Another Drew (4dc1ef)

  31. Well, this is much better than the empty head we had for 8 years.

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  32. I’d just like to meet the 30% who hadn’t!

    Waves hand.

    1972 high school grad — I was even a theatre geek and cast parties had tons of pot, but I really didn’t like the way many of my friends acted while ‘high’ so I just nursed a beer. I also never smoked tobacco cigarettes (tried once, hated the taste and burning sensation) there was that, too.

    But yeah, I’ve got some 1970’s pics that I thought were quite cook at the time. I always cringe when someone tries reviving some of the fashion of the era by labeling it “retro”. Argh.

    Darleen (187edc)

  33. “quite cool at the time”


    Darleen (187edc)

  34. Time Magazine has the entire series of these photos on their website. It is clear within the series of photos (as opposed to this one particular photo) that Obama is smoking a manufactured, filtered cigarette.

    Brian Chamberlain (4a3eca)

  35. Sorry – I forgot to include the link:,29307,1866765,00.html

    Brian Chamberlain (4a3eca)

  36. The question isn’t so much WHAT he is smoking as it is the MANNER in which he is smoking it. And since he has already admitted to being a pot-smoker at that time in his life . . .

    Icy Texan (b7d162)

  37. He was just trying to preserve his political viability.

    Another Drew (4dc1ef)

  38. Icy Texan: Now that we have established that it is probably tobacco he is smoking we now have to change the argument so that he is guilty of… something?

    Nice transition.

    truthnjustice (d99227)

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    Room to talk - yutes edition [Darleen Click] (7a2640)

  40. The High School Student Troll Who Claims To Be A Teacher writes:

    “..Well, this is much better than the empty head we had for 8 years…”

    Yet another example of its monomania regarding …projection!

    Calling GW Bush stupid is just so…passe. As the press prepares to look at Obama’s transcripts from college.

    It’ll be fun to learn that grades “don’t matter” suddenly.

    Eric Blair (e906af)

  41. Bush? He was talking about Bush?
    I thought he was talking about the other guy, the one who had had his brains sucked out!

    Another Drew (4dc1ef)

  42. Remember, no feeding the…you know.

    Dmac (e30284)

  43. Dmac, you are right. “My bad,” as the saying goes.

    Eric Blair (e906af)

  44. Careful, Eric – or else it will call you something completely devastating, such as past witticisms as “stupid” and “learn a new word.” It makes Oscar Wilde look like Gomer Pyle by comparison.

    Dmac (e30284)

  45. Well, I didn’t go to Yale and get an MBA from Harvard.

    I like the Jim Nabors reference. Speaking of hidden identities.

    Eric Blair (e906af)

  46. Who said that he was guilty of anything?

    All I did was report that Anderson Cooper said Obama was “cool” in those photos.

    Icy Texan (b7d162)

  47. Darleen,

    LOL nice to meet one of you.

    Blue Suede Stacks with blue bell bottoms and white pin stripes is my most embarassing combination.

    voiceofreason2 (414069)

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    SEO (f8d302)

  49. Russian SPAM tastes rank!

    Icy Texan (b7d162)

  50. Well, maybe it takes an ex-smoker, but that’s pretty obviously a manufactured tobacco item from the great state of North Carolina, right down to the Camel logo under the finger…

    Tim McGarry (9fe080)

  51. Hey, is that really Obama? Where is Joe Biden?

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  52. In a secure, undisclosed location.
    It’s so undisclosed, it hasn’t even been revealed to Joe.

    Another Drew (0403d0)

  53. Comment by Another Drew — 12/21/2008 @ 11:28 am

    Following your logic, if it has not been revealed to Joe, then how do you know where it is?

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  54. I have a higher security clearance than does Mr. Biden – and a greater need-to-know.

    Another Drew (0403d0)

  55. And my guess is that Biden would have less of a problem getting a good security clearance than BO.

    So AD for Secretary for Defense!

    Eric Blair (e906af)

  56. So AD for Secretary for Defense!

    Comment by Eric Blair — 12/21/2008 @ 12:15 pm
    What a nightmare that would be for the President-elect. Knowing the true intentions and motives of AD. :)

    love2008 (1b037c)

  57. Well, some folks feel the same way about Hillary Clinton at State.

    But I am surprised you seem so pleased by Robert Gates’ appointment by President-Elect Obama. Most of the Left seems to be deeply disturbed by this graduate of the Iran-Contra scandal, as well as CIA and corporate board involvement. Not to mention being a Republican.

    But looking at all the Chicago connections and level of scandal and obfuscation involved with President-Elect Obama, maybe Gates will fit right in.

    At least he is qualified for the job (see HRC comment, above).

    Eric Blair (e906af)

  58. Comment by Eric Blair — 12/21/2008 @ 12:44 pm

    Robert Gates is a sensible choice. Don’t mind those deranged leftists. He is the right man for the job of the largest government institution of this country. Who better? I trust his judgment and experience.

    love2008 (1b037c)

  59. Comment by Eric Blair — 12/21/2008 @ 12:15 pm

    Thanks EB, but I’m negotiating for DNI!
    That way I’ll know where the skeletons are, and get to hang a few, too.

    Another Drew (0403d0)

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