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JRM Answers Past Criminal Law Hypos and Poses Some New Ones

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Over at The Jury Talks Back, JRM gives his views on his sentencing hypotheticals.

His answers and mine line up pretty well.

On the first, I said that a 25-to-life sentence was the correct legal answer, but that I’d be OK with a sentence of 5-10 years if it weren’t for the Three Strikes law. JRM says he’d give the guy nine.

On the second, I said I’d give 5-6 years, depending on the defendant’s sincerity in renouncing criminal activity. He said he could see a court giving 4-7 years, and would opt for the low end of 4 years if the guy flipped on his cohorts.

I’m summarizing his answers; read the whole thing for his more complete and very interesting views.

JRM also has a new hypothetical that gives you two fact patterns, and asks you what crime each defendant has committed, and what the punishment (if any) should be. Go answer that one now.

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