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Pictures from Our 2008 Vacations, 2: The Bear

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Black bear, Sequoia National Park, August 31, 2008

8 Responses to “Pictures from Our 2008 Vacations, 2: The Bear”

  1. Nice capture.

    We’ve had many a campsite in Sequoia infiltrated by black bears over the years. My husband was up late one night reading by lantern and sensed something behind him. Sure enough, a full grown bear sauntered up to him, sniffed, walked past and began to inspect our picnic table and tent where myself and the kids were sleeping. He was fairly disinterested as we never failed to use the metal food lockers. Soon he meandered away from our camp in search a more appetizing site but the experience certainly made my hub’s heart skip a few beats.

    Dana (79a78b)

  2. I was going to post something snarky, i.e. “I think I’m in love!!1!” from Andrew Sullivan or such.

    But seriously Patterico, nice pics. (And I see you did the same thing our family used to, packaging up Yosemite and Sequoia in one vacation.)

    qdpsteve (1c8fe7)

  3. You’re gonna kill your server with these. This one is 5 megabytes!

    Steven Den Beste (99cfa1)

  4. Sweet! I can’t believe how close you got. When I was a kid, I spent time every summer in Yellowstone, but never saw a bear until I was about 30. Anyway, cool picture.

    Nancy (7163e4)

  5. Were you able to determine if bears really poop in the woods?

    Perfect Sense (9d1b08)

  6. Good picture; telephoto, or did you really get that close to your ursine interloper?

    Bear season just closed in my neck of the woods — not that I hunt.

    The Dana who has driven past the PeTA building but is not a member (556f76)

  7. OK, OK, I’ll downsize them later tonight.

    It was taken with a 200mm lens. I’m not getting that close to a bear.


    Patterico (b647d3)

  8. We get those in our yards.

    rightwingprof (fbb932)

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