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Greg Packer: “We are all one people.”

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Greg Packer’s latest victim is a Times Beacon Record reporter, to whom Packer waxed philosophical at a memorial for Jewish victims of terrorism in Mumbai:

Another audience member, Greg Packer, of Huntington, had a different take.

“This is not just a Jewish thing,” Packer said. “The terrorists didn’t just kill Jews in Mumbai. Many people were targeted and killed. Yes, the Jews have always been targets. We have to continue to be vigilant and watch our backs. But when something like this happens, we are all one people.”

Mickey Kaus once said: “Greg Packer will not be not quoted.” You know, if everyone else is going to quote this guy, I want to as well.

Greg, I know you must be reading this. E-mail me, babe. Let’s talk.

9 Responses to “Greg Packer: “We are all one people.””

  1. Glenn Reynolds should write a sequel: “An Army of Greg Packers.”

    DRJ (b4db3a)

  2. An Army of One, is one too many.

    Another Drew (821fe5)

  3. In real life, Greg Packer is a highway maintenance worker. In other words, five days a week he really is a “man on the street.”

    Official Internet Data Office (244abe)

  4. If I were ever interviewed, I would be sorely tempted to give my name as Greg Packer of Huntington.

    MayBee (4a9480)

  5. Today we are all Greg Packer.

    fat tony (c66133)

  6. Any “journalist” who quotes Greg Packer should be fired. Any news organization that cites Greg Packer should be forced into bankruptcy.

    Rob Crawford (04f50f)

  7. Why not have him post at the Jury Talks Back? He could do one to two bland, pithy lines on the news of the day – latest iPod, Super Bowl Champs rally, etc.

    carlitos (e40f11)

  8. It’s really depressing that there are apparently so many in the media who still don’t know who this guy is.

    CTD (7054d2)

  9. So, not so much “we are all one people” as “we are all that same guy who gets quoted by the press”.

    PCachu (e072b7)

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